Monday, April 6, 2015

In Which I'm At AWP This Week

Hey pals!

I'll be at AWP for most of this week, which means no real blog posts (outside of this one) just because I won't be around to check it and stuff.

I'm super excited for AWP, but also already overwhelmed just because it's SO BIG. We're talking like 10 panels every hour for three days big. I don't even know how I'll go about picking what I want to see.

Anyway, I hope you have a great week!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Fun

Woo!! First Friday Fun in April, Ape-friends!

I know we were already technically in spring, but it never really feels like spring until we reach April.
I mean, I know we could still get snow, or even a snow storm up here. But that doesn't matter. It's April, which means the warm weather is likely to stay.

Hello Sun. Let's get reacquainted

Onto the fun!









Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group

First Wednesday of the month means it's IWSG.

Co-hosts for the April 1 posting of the IWSG will be Suzanne Furness, Tonja Drecker, Toi Thomas, Rachna Chhabria, Fundy Blue, and Donna Hole!
And because this is the first day of April, it means a ton of people are taking their first steps on the A to Z blogging challenge. Not me, though. I'm way too busy right now to deal with that. But good luck to everyone jumping in. The month will be over before you know it.

Things have been pretty much same 'ole same 'ole for me lately. Just tying to keep my head down and get as much writing and work done as possible.

It's been really hard trying to juggle writing two books at once, Book 2 for ASSASSIN'S HEART and my MG fantasy for school. I thought I'd be able to work on one in the morning, and one in the afternoon, but that only worked once.

The problem with switching between stories is, it gives me an opportunity to stop writing for the day, which I almost always take. And then throw in other work that needs to be done (revising my critical thesis, revising my picture book) and it's just too easy for me to say "well, I'll work on that story tomorrow because right now I'll revise stuff because that needs to be done too"

Things went a lot better for me when I hit my page goal for the MG fantasy and then was able to completely set it aside and work on Book 2 alone for a week.

So I don't quite know what the solution is yet. I'm hoping things will go better once the thesis is officially done, but I guess we'll see.

How about you? Ever write two novels at the same time, both with deadlines? Have any tips for me?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Fun

And we've made it through winter, ape-friends, and come through the other side into spring.

And I am delighted!

Yes, I DO have a necklace of flowers. Jealous?

Which means time to spread that delight to you with some things to make you laugh.









Monday, March 23, 2015

In Which I Read BONE GAP And I Think Maybe You Should Too

So, we're half way into March and I'm fairly certain I just read the best book I'm going to read all year.

Yeah. BONE GAP by Laura Ruby* is just that good. You know how you can tell I really mean it? Because I never review books. If you look through my five years of blogging, you'll find maybe one or two book reviews. If you check my Goodreads page, you'll find the same.

Mostly that's because I'm not really good at reviewing books. I'm not good at critical reading, and I'm also not really good at expressing why I like certain things (you can take a look at my end of year best books I read posts and see this is true. They're mostly paragraphs of "this book was great and I lurved it!" without much else).

But I loved BONE GAP so much, that I knew I needed to try to do a review justice. Because I think so many of you would love it too.

When beautiful Roza goes missing, no one believes Finn when he says a man took her, because Finn can't remember what the man looked like.

Roza is beautiful, a fact she's lived with all her life. And she's well aware of how some men treat beautiful women. So when a man takes her and gives her everything she could want as long as she loves him, she tells him no. And continues to tell him no.

But Roza's disappearance haunts Finn, and since he's the only one who believes she's been taken, it's up to him to find her.

BONE GAP was one of those books where I stayed up late reading it, because I couldn't put it down. Finally though, finally, I had to go to bed (you know, because stupid adulthood means responsibilities and junk. That's one thing they never tell you as a kid, that as an adult, you feel like you get even less sleep and you want it even more).

So I went to bed, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I woke up early, sat in my living room with my dogs, and finished it that morning. I read it in one day, guys. And, I mean, I do that pretty regularly because if you set aside 4-5 hours a day to read, you can read a whole book. But this wasn't even that. This was taking away from precious sleep because I needed to know what was going to happen. I was that invested in the book.

BONE GAP has so many wonderful things. It has corn that's kind of creepy. It has a man that's more than just kind of creepy. It has cats and kittens, giant dogs and black horses, bees and goats and lambs. And some of these animals are magical, and some of them aren't.

It has beautiful girls and boys and ugly girls and boys. It has girls and boys that need rescuing and girls and boys who rescue themselves.

And, finally it has magic and mystery and people broken by love and people saved by love.

I wish it had been 1,000 pages. I was super sad when it was done. I didn't want to even pick up another book (even though I have a full TBR pile which I'm excited to dive into).

I honestly can't wait until I can read it again.

*Full disclosure - Laura Ruby was my second semester advisor for my MFA. She's just as awesome as her books.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Fun

Friday, Friday, Friday!

We've made it through another week, and the weather keeps getting warmer and soon the grass will be greener which is exactly what my delicate dog feet are looking forward to.

Grass is always better than snow and ice

Let's get this weekend started!









Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Weird: Reincarnated Boy

Today we're talking about a fun murder. A fun murder you say? How can that be a thing?
Read on, and find out!

Dr. Eli Lasch was best known for developing a medical system in Gaza as part of an Israeli government operation in the 60s. He died in 2009 (no, he's not the victim) but before that, he related a story he personally witnessed to a therapist.

In Golan Heights, a region near the border of Syria and Israel, a boy was born with a long red birthmark on his skull.

He was part of the Druze ethnic group, which accepts the idea of reincarnation. Because of this, they often believe that birthmarks can be related to trauma in a past life, and so when the boy was old enough to talk and told his parents that he had been killed by a blow to the head from an axe, no one was surprised or frightened.

When children are three, it's customary to take them to the home in their previous life if they remember it. After they arrived in his village, the boy was able to remember details of his home as well as who he was in his previous life.

A village local said the man the boy purported to be in a past life had disappeared years earlier, and his family had assumed he had wandered into nearby hostile territory.

The boy disagreed. He said he'd been murdered, and knew the name of the man who had killed him.
They confronted the man, who denied everything, but the boy wasn't done.

He said he knew where his body was buried. In the spot where he indicated, the villagers found a skeleton, with a wound in the skull that corresponded to the boy's birthmark. They also found the murder weapon, an axe, buried nearby.

The man accused admitted to the crime after being faced with this evidence.

See? A fun murder? (okay, I mean, the murder was probably horrible and terrifying. But look at this fun story, with outside witnesses--one of which was a doctor! Fun, right?)

Thoughts or theories?

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