Monday, June 1, 2015

In Which We're Forced To Remodel

So here we are, in June. Once again the year kind of sneaks up on us and then zooms past when we're not looking. The good thing about June, though, is it's kind of officially summer, which is great. We've had a few nice days so far this year, but we've only had to turn on the air conditioner once, which is kind of nice in a money sense, but also just goes to show that we've had plenty of rainy, cold days too.

Anyway, had my week staycayation. It was supposed to be awesome, filled with a few days of house fixing and then a bunch of days of doing fun stuff like hitting the zoo or whatever.
But instead it was 8 days of home fixing. Sighs for 15 minutes

We were going to do a quick update on our bathroom. Put in a new vanity, a new light fixture, paint and then done!
But when we pulled up the old vanity we found the previous owners decided not to tile under it, and since our new vanity had legs, and was smaller than the old one, we couldn't leave it the way it was.

thanks a lot, jerky previous owners

Which mean we had to do a new floor. Which meant pulling up the toilet and all that jazz.
We tried to get some simple, constructed flooring that just snaps in, but SURPRISE, any of the ones that looked good aren't sold in store and you have to order them and they take 10 days to show up. Well, we needed the flooring in less than one day, so new tile it was.

We've never tiled before. It wasn't hard or anything, but I'd rather not do it again in the future. And our bathroom is small, too. Tiling just involves so much waiting and not using the space (which mean no showers for us because it's our only full bathroom)

But finally things were finally (mostly) complete. So our vacation was used up, but the bathroom does look a lot nicer.

Before (the bright light was a reading light we'd had to move into the bathroom since the old light fixture broke. Which is why we needed this update in the first place)

Old vanity and broken light fixture

New vanity

New light fixture


New tile

We still have a few finishing touches and, like, new towels to buy, but at the least it's way better than it was before.

So, that was my vacation (sighs again). What have you been doing while I was away? Fill me in!

Monday, May 11, 2015

In Which I'm On Hiatus

Hey pals!

I'm deep into some deadlines, which means no posts this week.

And next week I'm on a much needed staycation to do fun things like fix my house, which means no posts next week either.

Have a great couple of weeks and I'll see you on the flip side!


Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Fun

Well, well, well. What's today ape-friends? What's that? It's Friday?


WOOOOO!! Well then you know what that means? Time for some fun!!

We're all gonna die







Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group

First Wednesday of the month which means it's time for IWSG

co-hosts this month are:  Eva Solar, Melanie Schulz, Lisa-Buie Collard, and Stephen Tremp

First off, congrats to everyone who made it through the A to Z challenge. You guys are bamfs.

On to insecurity. I'm both so happy and so terrified that we've made it into May. Happy because the end of May marks the end of this semester (which is bittersweet, because that means I'm closer to school being done forever (sad) but also, this semester was super, super busy) and also I have a good, long, well-deserved vacay in May.

But also, I'm still working towards a deadline on Book 2 for ASSASSIN'S HEART and I know that vacay will interfere with my progress.

Which means that I can't slow down at all, and probably I should pick up the pace some. I'm already putting in 1400-2000 words a day (4x a week) on book 2, so probably it means that I need at least 2K a day, and I should probably start trying to get some writing in on Sundays too (which is hard, though, because I tend to do a lot of stuff on Sundays, including meeting up with different writer pals)

So, yeah. May. More than anything I wish I was further into Book 2. The first 80 pages slowed  me a down a lot because they were not good. At all. But then I finally sat down and fixed things and it's ben going a lot better now, but I know I need to go back and redo those first 80 pages.

Also, writing two books at a time (Book 2 and my MG fantasy for school) is not something I would willingly choose for myself again in the future.

But, on the plus side, May means we're closer to fun things with ASSASSIN'S HEART. Like arcs, and cover reveals (tee hee! Maaaaaaybe I've already seen the cover and maaaaaaybe I kind of love it hardcore) and all that fun stuff that just makes all of this seem more real.

Anyway, May is here to stay and I know, as always, the best way out is through, so back to work I go.

How are things going for you?

Monday, May 4, 2015

In Which We Feast Like Hobbits

I've been planning to write this post for months, now, and I just kept forgetting or getting sidetracked by other, more timely, posts.

But, here were are, finally, where I got to talk about the wonderful terribleness that is a HOBBIT FEAST.

What's a Hobbit Feast, you ask?

A Hobbit Feast is where you eat all the typical meals of a hobbit (First Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, Supper, Dessert)(period appropriate food, too, of course) while watching a marathon of the extended LoTR movies.

My brave family and I decided to give this a try, and what better time and place to do so than winter, up at our cabin!

We split up the meals, so no one had to do too much cooking. The recipes all came from a middle earth database of middle earth dishes. And here is photo documentation of all of the food that was consumed.

FIRST BREAKFAST: Beorn's Honeynut Cake--made by Twin

The cake was okay. We felt with Twin's baking skills, she could have made something better

SECOND BREAKFAST: Strawberry French toast, Bangers and Bacon--made by my dad

Delicious. Also of note, the banger sausages were made by myself, Twin and Brother, since we have a killer banger recipe

ELEVENSES: Lembas Bread and Merry's Mulled Cider--made by Twin

The Lembas bread really had no flavor, though the texture was good. Another one we thought we could do better ourselves

LUNCHEON: Po-tay-to Soup--made by my mom

Really frickin good. One of the best courses

AFTERNOON TEA: Bilbo's Tea Cake, Lemon Muffin, Tea--made by Twin and myself

Another disappointment of baked goods. Especially since we have a killer lemon muffin recipe

DINNER: Balin's Spiced Beef--Made by my brother

Delicious. You can't really go wrong with a roast beef

SUPPER: Mrs. Maggot's Cottage Pie--made by me

Also delicious. Like the roast beef, you can't really go wrong with a shepherd's pie

DESSERT: Ten Cup Ranger Cookies--made by my brother.

Not bad, but again, we have better cookie recipes we could have gone with

Pretty much every two hours you eat another meal. They're really just tasting portions, so you're not eating a lot with each meal.

Honestly, the hardest part was sitting there, watching the movies all day long. It's a long marathon. By then end we were exhausted and we decided that if we would do the feast again, that we would allow activities while the movies are playing (i.e., board games or something). Overall, the entire feast and movies lasted 11 hours and 45 minutes.

The meals themselves were hit and miss. Any sort of baked goods were pretty much a failure and if we were to go it again in the future we would follow our own, much better, recipes. But the other meals were good.

Now, whether or not we'll do this again this winter, I don't know. I'm sure distance will make us grow fond again, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Fun

It's Friday, Friday, Friday!!!

Time to get off the rug and have some fun!

Ape-friends, we've made it through another, entire week! Which means it's time now for some fun!








Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday Weird: The Codex Gigas

The largest known ancient manuscript is the Codex Gigas, more famously called “the Devil’s Bible” due to a full-page illustration of the Devil himself and the legends that swirl around the book.

The book is made of more than 160 animal skins and is so huge that it takes 2 people to lift it. It was written in the 13th century A.D., and it currently resides in the National Library in Stockholm, Sweden.

Legend has it that the Codex Gigas was written by a monk. The monk supposedly made a deal with the Devil after being sentenced to death by being walled in alive. The monk wrote the book in a single night (and, of course, the portrait was painted by the Devil himself).

In actuality, though, it would take five years of nonstop labor to write so much and most scholars think it took closer to 30 years.

The contents of the book are as strange as the book itself. It has a full Latin Vulgate Bible, interspaced with several other books, including Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius Josephus, a collection of medical works by Hippocrates and Theophilus, The Chronicle of Bohemia by Cosmas of Prague, the Encyclopedia Etymologiae by Isidore of Seville, and other, smaller texts. It also has a text on exorcism, magical formulas, and an illustration of the heavenly city.

No one really knows who wrote the book, or where it came from.

Thoughts or theories?
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