Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Fun

Weekends in the summer are the most important weekends of all, ape-friends!

That's right. I'm just walking on some summer grass

So let's make sure we start them off with some fun!









Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group

First Wednesday of the month (first day of the month, actual) which means it's time for IWSG.

Co-hosts this week are Charity Bradford, S.A. Larsen, AJ, Tamara Narayan, Allison Gammons, and Tanya Miranda!

I feel a bit like a broken record. I think my last 3-5 IWSG posts have been pretty much the same. I'm worried about time.

I think this is the busiest I've ever been in my life. I'm working on book 2, I'm preparing to go into my last semester for my MFA, and I have to give a presentation on my Critical Thesis in two weeks.

A lot of this stuff has and end date of course. But, of course, then more things will crop up. Like, in a few weeks, I'm done with the presentation, but after that I'll have to start working on my Creative Thesis, which is my MG fantasy. Which, of course, is great! I love it and I'm excited to work on it.
But I still need to finish the draft of book 2, and that obviously has to take priority.

Still, though, once we're into fall, things should hopefully slow down a bit.

But then, of course, come winter I'll have the BOOK LAUNCH (eee!) for ASSASSIN'S HEART.

So I guess that means it's time to put my head down and get back to work. The only way out, as usual, is through.

Monday, June 29, 2015

In Which Summer Is A Busy Time

We're into summer now, and man, am I busy. I think I pretty much have something going on every weekend for the next two months. I mean, it's good, and filled with fun things like cabin trips and residency and baby showers and friends visiting, but still. It's going to be a while before I can catch my breath.

If you missed it last week, my cover was revealed on Epic Reads, which was awesome and wonderful and crazy! And I'm so glad its out in the world now.

Soon there will be things like arcs, and pre-orders and all that crazy stuff that really cements how real all of this is. Because there are plenty of times where it still doesn't feel real. But I'm betting once I'm holding the arc or book in my hands, it will really hit me. That I wrote a book, and it sold and someday soon people I don't even know will be reading it.
Someday soon, really.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Today is the day! THE DAY!


But, as I mentioned yesterday, it is not here, here, but instead at the awesome, wonderful Epic Reads Blog!

So please, click that little button and head on over to see my cover! Because I love it and I hope you will too.

you know you want to

Monday, June 22, 2015

In Which My Cover Will Be Revealed . . .

Guys. GUYS!!!

It's happening. We've reached a point of awesomeness, a point many authors dream about (I know I did and still do)

The cover reveal. THE COVER REVEAL!!!!

I, of course, have seen the cover (Spoiler: I love it) but now, now we are alllllmost to the point where I get to share it to the world.

And no, I'm not going to make you wait long.

Because my cover will be revealed TOMORROW!!!!


And where will this cover reveal take place?



I'm so, so SO excited that they're going to be revealing my cover tomorrow. I hope you see it and love it as much as I do.

So please stop by Epic Reads tomorrow, (or stop by here, where I will have a link to the cover reveal) and check out my cover. I'm so excited and I hope you'll be there to be excited with me. Because we're pals.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Fun

Woooo! Friday! Friday is here, ape-friends! Which means it's time to start the fun!

Wrestles for everyone!!

Let's do this.







Monday, June 15, 2015

In Which I Got A New, Fancy (Standing) Desk

I love my desk. It has three drawers which holds a ton, and a lot of surface space for all my junk. It's fantastic.

So shiny. So chrome. (also, I love Mad Max Fury Road, in case that's not clear)

But I spend a lot of time sitting.

So much time, guys. All day, pretty much. Especially on days where it's raining so there's no dog walk in the morning, or on days where I miss my morning workout for whatever reason.

And then I was like "What id I bought a standing desk?"

But I didn't want to stand all the time. I knew that would just frustrate me. I'd have to do some research.

And as soon as I had that thought, I saw a Lifehacker article listing the top standing desks.

There were some cheap options, which mostly consisted of buying a little stand to put on your existing desk. That wouldn't work for me. I wasn't using a laptop (well, actually I am. But it's a laptop plugged into a docking station and attached to a stand so my monitor sits on top. It would be a PITA to move my existing stand onto another stand anytime I wanted to stand. Also, I wanted the desktop to be at standing height. I take a lot of notes in notebooks)

So I knew the cheaper options were out. Enter the Uplift Desk, which was great because the starting price was literally just for the legs. Then you could buy a top if you wanted or get one yourself. And they offered so many customization options.
Since my goal was to try and recreate my existing desk but also make it so I could stand, Uplift Desks it was!

Last week it finally arrived. I put it together, gave my old desk to Twin and we moved my new desk into the office.

And it's awesome.

normal desk

Standing desk!!

I've only used it for a short time, but I love how, when I'm feeling sleepy after lunch, I just press a button and it raises up so I can stand. And when I need to sit down for some brainstorming, I just press another button and it drops right down to my preset height.

How about you? Do you use a standing desk? Ever considered one?
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