Monday, July 22, 2013

In Which I Rent Books

So, as I stated last week, I gots tons of books I need to read over the next year and a half. And since I didn't want to buy all of them, I had to do something I haven't done in forever.

I had to go to the library.

Yes, yes. I know what you're thinking. But I was a bookseller for 5 years, so my default during and since that time has just been to buy books.

I haven't had a library card since I was a kid.

So I got a card, got my list of books, and hit up the closest library that was open on Sunday.

And it was AWESOME!

It was like a shopping spree. I could pick out any book I wanted, and as many as I wanted! It was so fun!
I got 7 books on my first trip and read 4 of them in as many days. Then I went back again and got 6 more. And I'm looking forward to when I can go again. It looks like I'll be hitting it up on Sundays, at least while I'm trying to get ahead on this reading. I'm sure things will slow down once it stops being a novelty.

Good times.

How about you? Are you a book buyer or a book renter? Or both?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You're a speed reader!
I haven't been to our library in years, so have to say I'm a buyer.

Matthew MacNish said...

I'm lucky to read a book a week.

Maria Zannini said...

I love libraries because you can find books no longer in print.

Carrie Mesrobian said...

I am a big fan of renting! In fact, buying books is the exception, not the rule, for me. I think of it as 'auditioning' books - do I want them in my own house, permanently? (I live in a tiny house). Also, would I want to be able to loan the book - then I buy multiple copies!

I am just finishing up my grad school experience, but I managed to get through it only buying 2 books. The rest came from the library, which saved tons in costs.

Welcome to the club!

Southpaw said...

Libraries are awesome. I love that you can rent digitally now too!

mshatch said...

I used to be more of a buyer (when I was employed) now I go to the library. Hey, they need love, too :)

Catherine Stine said...

Your post brought back very fine memories! I do still love libraries, and yes, how amazing to be able to read and exchange tons of books with no $.

Rena said...

I love libraries. When I was a kid I didn't have enough money to buy books, so I read the ones my library had. Unfortunately, growing up in a small town meant that I read all the books with a horse on the binding. That's when I picked up my first book with a rocket on the binding. I've never looked back (so western in space would be my next step!)

Jamie Gibbs said...

I love getting a stack of graphic novels from the library ... sometimes I'll go there in my lunch hour just to read a graphic novel for a bit. I love the peace and quiet you get there :)

Anne Gallagher said...

I miss my library back home. It was an old Victorian brick building and had nooks and crannies for reading and huge windows overlooking the sound. Set high on a hill, you could see for miles up and down the coast. it was quiet and lovely, and the librarian knew my name.

I don't go to the library here. They have nothing that interests me. Truly. And if I wanted something from another library I have to pay for it. They don't have inter-library loan for free.

Teebore said...

I go to the library fairly regularly (I wrote big swathes of Crimson Masquerade there, and my home association meetings are there), but it's been awhile since I checked out any books (my "to read" pile of books I already own is huge, thanks to all those years at B&N) but I do check out CDs quite regularly, mainly of soundtracks and junk I don't want to otherwise buy.

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