Monday, February 17, 2014

In Which I Hodge-Podge

Bit of a mix post today. Mostly because I'm just so frickin' busy.

I spent the last two weeks doing revisions on ATR for the agent (tee hee). I tried to pump them out as fast as possible, for multiple reasons, but I also didn't want to do them so fast that the quality suffered, you know? But I think I did a good job. I definitely felt accomplished when I sent them back to Mollie.

And now I have two weeks to finish up my MFA assignments for my first packet, which is due on the 4th. I've already written my 40 pages, which is great, but I haven't revised them at all yet. Which is not great. I was also hoping I'd have another 40 or more pages done, so I'd be prepared for the next packet, but no such luck. I'm hoping that the next few weeks will be a little less hectic so I can start putting out some daily pages for it. I haven't yet reached the "I love this story" phase yet, which makes writing pages not as fun as I know it could be. But hopefully that will happen soon.

I also need to write a 5 page paper for my packet. I've read the book and I know my topic and some of the thoughts I want to tackle etc., but I still need to do it, and even though I wrote a paper to get accepted into the MFA, I'm still out of practice with paper writing, so I'm a biiiiiit worried. Not too much, but I'll feel a lot better once it's done.

And I have to write a process letter, which shouldn't be that difficult.

And, of course, at some point I need to get back to my reading list. I was burned out on reading a bit, so I took a break to read some NF, but once that's done, I need to get back into the saddle and start plowing through that MFA list.

Yesterday, I visited my good friend T.L. Conway's writing group. I'm a people person, so I always like meeting other local writers. It was honestly a big reason for why I wanted to do the MFA.

So I visited their writing group and we worked on queries and it was a lot of fun!

Tonight I have my own writing group. My goal was to start bringing my WIP for critiques, but since I haven't revised them yet, I decided to hold off until the next meeting. I just didn't want to rush it and feel even more stressed.

Lastly, I've got some news on the blogging front. I was invited to be a contributing blogger for YA Confidential! 

True story, I was always a bit jealous of peeps who were part of group blogs, so I was so flattered to be asked and I jumped at the opportunity. I haven't written a blog post for it yet, because of the aforementioned "business" of my current life, but I hope I do soon. But in the mean time, my operative profile has been posted and I've participated in a roundtable and the From the Vault questions and it's been a lot of fun, so maybe check it out!

So, what's up with you? Are you busy busy busy? Or are things a bit more sedate? Fill me in!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm just working on one project - can't imagine working on all of those writing projects. Finishing the revisions for your agent is awesome though!

Maria Zannini said...

Be sure to remind us when you're on at YA Confidential.

Tricia Conway said...

Whoop whoop! You came, you educated, you motivated. You were quite a hit with our writing group. :)

Thanks again for coming!

Matthew MacNish said...

We are so happy (and lucky) to have you at YAC! There are so many great things about being a part of a group blog.

Rena said...

How cool is that to get invited to a Group Blog (I'm always a little jealous, too... until I remember that I don't even have time to put my own blog together!)

I need to find a writing group out here in the boondocks. I haven't had one with people who actually meet and talk in a long time.

Josh said...

I had the stupid critical paper gnawing at me too. Once I just wrote it, I felt a lot better. I don't particularly enjoy writing those. That's why I like writing fiction - you can just make shit up. Certainly there are rules and such, but still, you usually don't have to cite anything.

As for the progress, I'm 50 pages in, though I think I still need to do some more revising. I kind of hit a wall with the story, but like you, I'd like to get ahead just in case I am asked to do MAJOR revisions when my packet is returned.

I finished my autobiography yesterday. I've read 5 of the 10 books I need for the annotated bibliography. I still have to do the process letter.

I've wanted to have a group blog too. Because that way, you don't have to come up with content by yourself every day. Plus I get tired of reading my own blog posts - I like to read other people's stuff. I wouldn't mind starting one up, but I have to think of what it would even be about.

Wow, this turned into a really long comment.

Josh said...

The Operatives page is clever. Que Sera Sarah as a code name made me laugh out loud.

Okay, I'm done crashing your comments section.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Hey man, crash away! That's what they're here for.
I'm lucky in that Anne didn't give me a set number of books to read. I'm sure it's bound to change, but for my first packet she gave me a lot of free range

mshatch said...

Congrats on the new gig - I'll look forward to your posts :)

Alison Miller said...

yay! We're so glad to have you at YA Confidential! Also, WHEW. I just read all the stuff you're doing and I'm tired. I hope you have a wonderful and productive week!

Jamie Gibbs said...

Wow, you're hella busy! Kudos to you though, you seem to be blazing one heck of a trail :)

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