Monday, April 21, 2014

In Which I Hit A Stride

Here we are, Monday again. I hope everyone had a good weekend, and a good Easter if it's a holiday you celebrate.

I had a good writing week last week. I put out 21 pages in three days, which is great. It helped that I hit a scene or a point in the MS that makes writing fun. One of my characters suffered an injury and I frickin love writing injuries and recoveries. So, yeah. I hit that point and the pages just flew out of me. I mean, heck, I even put out 4 pages on Friday, and I rarely write on Fridays.

I also like writing romance scenes. I almost always have romance in my novels because I think romance inherently adds conflict and tension. But also because it's fun and frequently cathartic and yay kissing or something.

From my WIP Inspiration Pinterest Board

And sometimes action scenes fly out of me too, but sometimes it's like pulling teeth, it does so slowly. There's no rhyme or reason as to whether an action scene is going to be easy, or hard either.
I want them to be exciting and fun. I expect them to be fun to write, so then, when sometimes they're not, it's an extra pain in the ass because I'm all like "really? Shouldn't this scene be flying out of me easier?" Frustrating.

So anyway, I'm super excited to get back to my MS tomorrow (still dealing with the injury) and I'm hoping that pace and excitement carries through the rest of it. Because that would be awesome.

I'd love to hear from you. What type of scenes are always easy and fun for you to write? And what type of scenes are a pain?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You like writing injuries? That amuses me!
Glad you had a good flow of words. I'm hoping to get back to that soon.
And space battles. Think I like those best.

Mia Hayson said...

Congrats on the 21 pages!! I think I enjoy dialogue a lot. You get to create these opposing opinions and puns and things and it's great.


Rena said...

I am so very the opposite. I LOVE writing the action. I'm really lousy at writing the romance stuff. (Hmmm, maybe we should collab on a Die Hard crossed with Pride and Prejudice...)

AW Exley said...

I like killing people and always tend to write murder scenes first. Then hubby pointed out I have to go back and write the bits in between. *rats*

That's normal, right? lol

Leandra Wallace said...

Good for you, here's to the momentum continuing! And that pic is so yummy. Where can I find my hubby a military uniform...hmm... ;)

Ninja Girl said...

21 pages? Heck, yeah!! Great job, and I'm glad you're hitting your stride :).
Ninja Girl

BlackRoseofLight94 said...

I have found that the super intense scenes where I want to curl up and sob are the scenes that are easiest to write. The ones that really explore characters. Then the rest of the stuff that I guess is important but part of me doesn't care about because no one is being adorable and I myself am not learning much are much harder (unless it's the very strange, slightly shallow characters I have).

Anne Gallagher said...

I don't know if it's specific scenes or not that get me going, but when I hit a stride, it's like the hand of God is in my fingers. I love that.

And yes, I hear you on writing injuries and junk. Isn't that fun?

The love scenes are a little trickier. I want everything just so right from the beginning (as its playing out in my head) and if it's not, then I get frustrated.

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