Monday, July 28, 2014

In Which I Deal With The "To Be Read" Pile

So my little local library closed.

I actually don't use it that often. I do most of my library visits on Sundays (Sunday is my day o' errands) and the White Bear Lake library was closed on Sundays, so instead I'd hit the bigger one the next town over.

So yes, the WBL library closed down a few weeks ago. But for good reasons! They're rebuilding it, zazzing it up, making it awesome. Yay!

But because that will take some time, they sold everything in the old library. Everything.
Books. Movies. Book shelves. Chairs. Tables. Desks.

Library carts.

As soon as we realized they would have library carts, Twin and I were all up over that.

We both had huge stacks of books "to be read" on our end tables. If we could snag a library cart, we could move our piles onto that!

So off we went!

They had different sizes at different prices, so we snagged a mid size one.

Three shelves meant one shelf for my TBR pile, one for Twin's and one for books that either need to be shelved or sold or lent out.

It wasn't much to look at. So we decided to spruce it up with some spray paint.

Yvie says, stop dealing with that cart and start throwing the Frisby

Tula says, if I won't throw that toy for her, she's going to nap in the yard.

So there we go! Now our end tables are cleaner and our piles better organized. Will it help? Who knows. But at least it looks nice.


Rena said...

It's so purdy! And I love the idea of it, though my TBR pile is so big it wouldn't all fit on one shelf... I might have a problem in that regard. Maybe I'll read instead of write today.

Matthew MacNish said...

This is the best thing ever.

jenny said...

Looks great! I am super jealous! I don't, in any way, wish for my library to close but if it did I would stock up too!

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Your blog posts are always entertaining.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Your new cart looks snazzy. Glad they're closing down the library just to remodel. So many close for good.

Rebecca T. said...

I love the paint job! What a great idea.

Catherine Stine said...

What fun to have a real little library cart and decorate it! I bet someone could make some $ manufacturing those things.

Jamie Gibbs said...

You bought a library cart? That's the most awesome thing I've heard all day! An excellent way of shelving your TBR tower!

Leandra Wallace said...

I love it! Those two colors together are awesome. But me and spray paint- we just don't click. Every one else's projects always look amazing. Mine turn out either drippy or not very well coated. So I love spray paint projects in theory. ;)

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