Monday, December 14, 2015

In Which I Talk ASSASSIN'S HEART Holidays

'Tis the season and all that Jazz!

This time of year blogs are full of Christmas and other holiday posts. And I've certainly done so in the past.

But, since ASSASSIN'S HEART will be out in the world in less than 2 months (eeeee!!!) I think I'll do something a bit fun and talk about a holiday in the world of ASSASSIN'S HEART.

Of course, there are many different countries and kingdoms in ASSASSIN'S HEART but today I'm going to focus on the kingdom of Lovero and their main holiday Susten Day.

Lovero has a patron goddess names Safraella who is the god of death, murder and resurrection. She's a real happy and lighthearted god, if you can't tell (kidding! One day, one day we will have a sarcasm font and everyone will rejoice)

In Lovero, disciples of Safraella are clippers (assassins) and they murder people in Her name. And the clippers wear bone masks when they work.

Susten Day takes place the ninth night after the midsummer new moon and the festival lasts for three days.

People wear Susten Day masks, masks made of feathers and gems.

And there's pretty much a constant party, with street vendors serving food, fire breathers, stilt walkers, puppet shows, pretty much anything and everything.

Because Lovero is on the sea, much of the food is fish or sea related. Want some deep fried fish served on a skewer? Sure thing! Honey and seed stuffed dough balls? Why not! (I love to write about food (probably because I love to eat food) and so I try to make sure I go into detail about foodstuffs)

Yay for Susten Day!

What's your favorite fictional holiday? Or is there a holiday in one of your books you've written? Share in the comments!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Fish on a stick and an assassination! What could be better?
I had a festival in my second book but really haven't thought to add any others.

Rena said...

I always leave out the food unless it ties in later. It's definitely a flaw of mine! My question about Susren day: are there typically more asassassinations during the festival? Like, are parents worried about letting there kids go to it?

Leandra Wallace said...

Lol to Alex's comment! And I love holidays in books, especially if it is festival-like and there is food. I am always down for some food talk. =)

Anne Gallagher said...

This sounds like a blast! Wish it were real. And yes, deep fried fish on a stick!

Hart Johnson said...

Totally had never occurred to me that the world building end would include particular holidays--this is awesome.

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