Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Insecure Writer's Support Group

Well, it's the first Wednesday of the month which means it's time for IWSG.

co-hosts this month are L.G. Keltner, Denise Covey, Sheri Larsen, J.Q. Rose, Chemist Ken, and Michelle Wallace! 
It's also the first Wednesday of 2016. I don't know how that happened.

And, honestly, I have plenty of things to be insecure about.

In a week I'll be doing my grad reading and a few days after that I'll be actually graduating from my MFA program.

And a few weeks after that, ASSASSIN'S HEART will finally be out in the world. I'm sure some people won't like it (no one likes everything), but I know some people will like and some may even love it and that's great, because those are the people I wrote it for.

And with the book launch comes a launch party and all that jazz.

So, yeah, lots of things to be worried about.

But, honestly, I'm not feeling very worried or insecure right at the moment. I know that could easily change (it could change as soon as I'm done with this parenthetical)(it didn't)
but right now I'm feeling fine. Probably I'm just too busy to worry about anything right now.

The worries will come back, but I'm not about to go looking for them, if you know what I mean.

Happy 2016 everyone. Let's kick some butt.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

With all that going you, too busy to worry is probably the answer. But that's a good thing!

Crystal Collier said...

Wahoo! It's going to be an epic 2016...and why didn't I know your release date before now? I totally have a Writerly Wednesday open for you in February. Shoot me an email and we'll work out the details, eh?

Rena said...

I'm going with the hope that 2016 is going to be epic to the extreme. So far so good, but it's hard to really eff up a year in six days.

And your release is going to be so awesome! It will be the release the other releases talk about when they're doing their makeup. (Also, I cannot wait for you book to get here!)

Nicola said...

Sounds like a really exciting time for you Sarah. I'm sure Assassin's Heart will please a lot of readers worldwide. I'm looking forward to reading it. Wishing you lots of continued fun. Tell us all about your launch party and your upcoming graduation!! All the best!!

Trisha F said...

Enjoy your lack of worries! :) Best of luck with your book release, etc - I look forward to reading it!

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