Monday, March 21, 2016

In Which I Bought A New Car

It's the end of an era for me.

I've had my 2003 Sebring for 13 years. I loved it. Loved it so much.

Lots of good road trips

But lately, there have been a lot of repairs. One or two, okay. But new breaks, new bearings, 3 oil leaks. It just starts to add up. And had I known 6 months ago I'd have all these repairs, well, that could have been money I put towards a down payment.

So it was time for a new car.

(and this was super sad. I really, truly loved my car. It was really sad trading it in. I know it's not a real thing with emotions and feelings, but still. I felt guilty. And I get emotionally attached to inanimate things)

Did a lot of test driving. Only had one terribly experience at a Subaru dealership (bad enough that Twin wrote an email to that employee's supervisor and I wrote a review on their FB page (we got apologies on both fronts)) and finally made my decision.

Introducing my new car Bindi!

It's a 2016 Honda Accord. I put in some extra money for a moon roof and leather, heated seats (something that's really, really awesome in cold MN winters) and even though I'm sad about my old car, I already love my new one.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Dig the color. You'll like those heated seats.

Maria Zannini said...

Congrats! Even in Texas I use my heated seats in the winter. Keeps my tushy nice and toasty. :)

Rena said...

I loved the heated seat option when I was in Vermont. So very wonderful!

Leandra Wallace said...

Very nice! My husband works for Honda in one of their factories, making...Hondas, lol! And heated seats are amazing! His car has them (and remote start too, no fair) and they're the best in winter. Enjoy!

Cedrick said...

I really associate with your story on numerous levels. I too owned a Sebring, but eventually it started falling apart. I made the switch over to Honda as well, for they have seemed to hold up far better over the years in my experience. You picked a pretty slick looking Accord by the way. Love the color you chose to go with!

Cedrick @ Viva Chrysler Dodge Jeep

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