Monday, April 18, 2016

In Which I Did An Awesome Reading

Man, it's finally getting warm here and that is so awesome. Put all the plants outside, got the patio furniture out, set up the fountain and might have to think about mowing the lawn next weekend.

Good Times.

Last Sunday I did a reading for Second Story.

Second Story is this great series held at a local writing center here in the Twin Cities called The Loft (it's an awesome place and I'll be teaching a teen class there this summer and I'm SO EXCITED.)

Second Story takes an established author and a newbie author (me this time) and pairs them up. They do a reading, then there's a Q&A and then themed snacks and a signing.

The best part is, it's offered free of charge. And when I started attending the Second Story readings a few years ago, I desperately wanted to be invited to be a reader one day.

And then that day arrived!

I was paired up with author S.A. Bodeen who writes great books about survival situations (being trapped in a compound, being trapped on a raft at sea, getting kidnapped. Check her out, her books are great!)


I even got my own reserved parking space! (I was going to get a pic of that, but forgot)

The reading was fun. I tried something new and read an action scene and that went well. Then I signed books, and after everything I hung out with some friends to do some writing, then we went to a bar across the street for some snacks.

One more check off the bucket list!

How have you awesome peeps been?


Maria Zannini said...

That is so cool. Your name on a marquee. I'm glad you took a picture of it. That's definitely scrapbook material.

PS Glad it's getting warmer by you. I thought I had heard your area had gotten snow, but obviously that was somewhere else. Crazy weather we're having.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Awesome! Look at your name up there on the marquee. That is too cool.

Leandra Wallace said...

Your own marquee! How cool is that? Glad it went well. And I'm curious, what ended up being the themed snacks? =) (me and food, you know...)

Nicola said...

Your own parking place? That's great! So pleased you enjoyed the experience and congrats on living your dream. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

It is always awesome when you can check something off of the bucket list :)

Unknown said...

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