Monday, May 16, 2011

In Which I Return

Yay! I'm back from my week long hiatus! I'm excited to take some time today to catch up on everyone's blog. Here are the things Twin and I accomplished this week with no work and very little internets (even though it rained every day but 2. Sigh)

Went to the hardware store like 15 times. Serial.

Planted the veggie garden (veggies include: carrots, spinach, eggplants, tomatoes, bell peppers, white onions, green onions, cantaloupe, peas, cukes and zucchini. Also included (though we didn't plant them this year) is asparagus and garlic)

Installed some pavers on a high traffic area of our yard

Repotted house plants

Got the composter started

Stained our bay window which was installed before Christmas

Played board games

Saw Thor and Priest. Watched Tron and Easy A (omg, LOVED Easy A!)

Read 2 books and started a third

Played discgolf

Hit the dentist (boo) No cavities (yay!)

Entertained some guests

Celebrated mother's day (since Mom was out of town on the actual day)

Oh also I called 911 for the first time ever when the neighbor's house caught fire. Again. (2 times in 3 days is more than just a little suspicious, so says the arson investigator)

We still have a few more things to finish up, like spraying the weeds in our yard, fixing the lawn mower, installing edgers around a tree and adding even more extra boards to the fence, but all in all I'm quite pleased with all we got done.

It's kind of a bummer to have to go back to work, but I'm also looking forward to getting back to my schedule of things. Like querying. Haven't messed with that for almost a whole week.

So tell me, was there anything exciting I missed in the blogoverse?


aspiring_x said...

wow! that's a LOT!!! good job!!!
seriously, those neighbors?!?!!? either the worst luck ever or ohman.

Anne Gallagher said...

Wow, you have been busy. And hey, the hardware store 15 times is nothing. And I so seriously have to get my houseplants done. Thanks for the reminder. Did you make the spinach pies?

Glad to have you back. Missed you.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

All that from being offline - wow! Although I'm sure you could've done without your neighbor's pyro inclinations.

Maria Zannini said...

I'll bet you're proud. That's a lot to accomplish.

This week, I had a *little* book come out. I've hardly been busy at all---Ha!

Glad you're back. :)

Summer Frey said...

You've missed nothing from me. All I accomplished last week was beating Assassins' Creed 2 (weird ending), starting Brotherhood, packing up all my books (only 8 boxes, yay), and buying a fancy new desk chair with my birthday money. Unfortunately, I have to wait until we're moved into the new house before I can use it. :(

Your garden sounds very awesome! We're not going to plant all that, but I'm still excited about having space to try if I were so inclined!

She Ra Princess of Milk said...

15times eh?! sounds like my life... ever noticed how an alarmingly high proportion of Charlie pictures are seated in a red trolly?? lol!! Im so jealous of how much you got done! I think you need to come and organise us! Glad to have your blog back :) lots of love me xxxx

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

aspiring - no kidding! It's all very suspicious

Anne - we did indeed and they were nummo!

Alex - yeah we could have. Didn't get to sleep until after 3 am that night

Maria - Hah! Yay for the new book!

Summer - yay for new desk chair! Having a nice desk chair is always underated. i love my chair

She Ra - well, to be fair, we had to take a week off from work to do all that

Hart Johnson said...

Sounds wonderfully productive! Can you GROW eggplant and cantaloupe in Minnesota? I'd think if you can grow them THERE, I might be able to grow them HERE... I'd like to... erm... other than the maintaining the garden part, but never mind... I just thought the only big stuff we could manage was squash.

Welcome back!

Kristin Rae said...

You've been busy!!

Easy A was HILARIOUS! I loved the parents--priceless.

Shirley Wells said...

Wow, you've been busy. I often wonder how much I could accomplish if I had no internet...

Talli Roland said...

Welcome back! You certainly got a lot done.

Missed you.

Sara McClung ♥ said...

Welcome back :) Sounds like you had a fabulous week! Also, I LOVE that you play disc golf! I suck at it, but my husband and my father play every weekend around here (when weather permits)

You didn't miss much, other than blogger crashing...

Holly Ruggiero said...

Wow you were productive. That's awesome. I hope your neighbor had a fire clearing around his or her house. --Yikes.

I missed it, but blogger had major issues late last week. It deleted thousands of post and comments and changes. They tried to restore everything but think some things were just lost.

Teebore said...

We did our spring planting this weekend too (just pots and junk cuz of our stupid townhouse).

What did you think of Thor. I was pleasantly surprised, with just a few minor quibbles.

2 times in 3 days is more than just a little suspicious, so says the arson investigator

You know what they say about arson: if at first you don't succeed...

All you really missed was Blogger shitting all over itself last Thursday and Friday, but thankfully I've gotten used to it being dumb and backed up the post I was writing when it crapped out.

yokohamamama said...

What Teebore said-- you pretty much just missed out on intense frustration with Blogger. Which means...hey! You missed out on intense frustration! *lucky*...much better to be planting cucumbers in the garden than shaking with impotent rage before the monolithic Thing that is Goggle/Blogger... You got *lots* done instead! Good girl! Wanna come to my house;-)?

Matthew MacNish said...

Wow, you accomplished so much! Good for you Sarah! But now your neighbor's probably pissed.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Hart - heck yeah you can! Just got to make sure you get it in early enough

Kristin - OMG so did we! We mentioned that we could have watched a whole movie just on her family life

Shirley - i bet it's a lot! I know it's always tons for me when i stay away

Talli - aww thanks! It's nice to feel productive

Sara - fun! We are not great either, since we just took it up to replace our winter racquetball playing. I hope i get better as the summer progresses, but i suppose time will tell

Holly - yeah i saw the hullabaloo on facebook. And luckily the only thing burned was his house and deck but it was still scary when that propane tank went off and woke us up

Teebore - yeah it does seem like that's actually the case regarding the arson. But who knows. We still have to plant some herbs in pots and one more bush, but otherwise that's pretty much it

Yokohama - heck yeah i want to come to your house! It would be totally radical to hang out with you and your fam in japan!

Matt - well he's something for sure. But who knows, maybe it wasn't actually him that did it. All i know is i'm just all fired out now

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