Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fun

Hi pals! Yvie's back, to start your weekend off with some blog and interwebz fun!

First, a story for you, filled with danger, daring, snacks, and spiders. Look away, small children. Look away.

Mom was in the bathroom, so I barged in like I usually do. In case you didn't know this, I just recently learned how to open doors. In case you also didn't know this, I don't like it when people shut me out of the bathroom. I mean, what are they doing in there that's so damn private?
So I went in the bathroom, and then on my way out I saw this big black dot on the wall.
So I did what any self respecting dog would do. I ate it.
Mom told me to spit it out right away, and I did, because I'm actually a pretty good listener when I want to be.
Turns out it was a spider, and Mom says I'm not allowed to eat those. She spewed off a lot of reasons, but the only one I can really remember is that spiders in the house eat bugs in the house so we want to keep them around.
I wasn't sure about that and eyed that arachnid suspiciously. I was pleased to see two of his back legs weren't working very well, courtesy of moi.
But, it turns out, spiders are pretty resilient. Mom saw him again a few days later in the bathroom, legs working fine.
All I know is, if I see that spider again (and Mom's not around) he's goin' in mah belly!

Onto the fun!

funny pictures - Prof. McGonagal changes into something  more comfortable to read the morning paper.

Funny Pictures - Kitten Wants to Marry Food

funny pictures - ARE YOU IN A GOOD MOOD

funny pictures - and in other news is time to rub kitteh's tummy



Matthew MacNish said...

OMG I love that the computer is on a BSOD in that one pic. Great story Yvie!

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, Yvie-I have a better reason not to eat spiders--they sometimes will bite you inside your mouth! Or maybe that is ants... I've had pets get bit by things they tried to eat...

Love the selections of kitteh pics!

Anne Gallagher said...

Yvie, are you sleeping sitting up? That's a way cool trick. And please don't eat the spiders. Mommy's right. Unless they have red diamonds on their bellies, or brown furry bodies. Then you have to smash'em.

Love the kitties this morning. Super duper cute. I can't decide on a favorite.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Matt - Hah! Nerd alert!

Hart - that is the other reason i told her. Especially since her face blew up once after some sort of supposed insect bite

Anne - she's a dog of many talents. And luckily we don't really have venemous spiders here and this was just a typical house spider but yeah, don't want to encourage her

Summer Frey said...

My kitties don't eat the spiders, but they often either chase them into dark nooks, or smash them with their clumsy paws.

They also don't like being locked out of bathrooms.

Kristin Rae said...

ha! this was so cute. and I'm still SUPER jealous you have a french bulldog!!

both of my dogs can't stand being shut out of any room one of us are in. and they love being outside, but if i shut the doggie door, bark bark bark let us in bark bark!

Maria Zannini said...

Ref: I was pleased to see two of his back legs weren't working very well, courtesy of moi.

A six-legged spider. Now you're going to have to get him crutches--or therapy.

Kittie Howard said...

Yvie, I've so with you! *sends Tabasco sauce to spice up said spider* Thanks to mom for the kitty photos. Think I have a crush on Dr. Tiny Cat.

You guys have a great weekend!

Janel said...

I think bugs are like a box of mixed bon bons for dogs. You never know what that creamy center will taste like!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I love when my cat finds herself on the wrong side of a closed door and stretches a black paw as far as it'll reach under the door. Cracks me up!

Love your Friday posts!!! Have a great weekend :))

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The middle one is great!
And while I don't want spiders in my house, we do practice catch and release.

Anonymous said...

Ah the juicy spider. I am an absolute weenie when it comes to spiders. I tried studying them to help with being less scared of them. It has taken the OMG! Run away, far far away! reaction down to, "Okay. You stay in your space, I'll stay in mine." Knowledge it POWER!

I can handle snakes, catch 'em with my girls and play with them, no problem, bugs, ehh. Praying Mantis, ehh not so much either. Those things can bite.

I replied to your comment on my blog, :) but figured I drop in here on you too. What has your solution been for a replacement of OWW?

aspiring_x said...

ohmygoodness! i can't pick a favorite today!!! i've started turning one of yvie's lolcats into my desktop background each week to spread the hilarity for my hubby! i picked the tummy one- because i think he'll enjoy that one most- but ohmygoodness!! they were all great!!!
and yech! spiders! yech bugs! i let my dogs and cat eat them- good hunting practice! :)

Teebore said...

My cats spend yesterday afternoon trying to catch a fly in the house. They finally grounded it, then proceeded to stare at it like, "what the hell am I supposed to do now?"

Stupid cats...

LisaAnn said...

Love this! Especially your puppy story. My two pups have superhero voices, and sometimes we have roundtable discussions...

Lindsay said...

Hehe. I love the second cat picture about marrying food. LOL.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Summer - Yvie will eat spiders, but refuses to mess with June bugs. Whereas George loves to battle with beatles, the bigger the better

Kristin - i actually have 2 through lucky circumstances. I'm not going to lie, they're effing adorable 99% of the time

Maria - hah! Spider crutches! But then he'd have to use two more legs to work the crutches...

Kittie - Dr Tiny Cat is a reoccuring theme on lolcats and he's usually hilarious!

Janel - if i was a dog, i'd totes eat bugs

Nicole - that would be hilarious!! Man i wish i could have a cat

Alex - i'm pretty much a "as long as the spider is not on me, i'm ok"

Joy Ann - And knowing is half the battle! I'll pop back over to your blog

Aspiring - hah! That's awesome! a suprise LOL every week

Teebore - hah! Tula will hunt flies, as will Yvie, but they're not very good at it...

LisaAnn - oh there's huge conversations with our dogs in our house. I mean, they're 50% of the household

Lindsay - it's a serious question that i'd also like the answer to

yokohamamama said...

Oh, Yvie-- you iz so funneh:-)) Don't et teh spidrs! Dey et teh skeeterz n othr bugz. Dey gud. K?

How come every time I see a photo of Yvie, I want to give her big huggies?;-)
*Awesome* LOLcats this week! Could *not* pick a favorite. Thanks, Yvie!

Siv Maria said...

Now I made a big mistake! Figures I just had to look even though you warned me. I have been fighting invasion of the spiders for about a week now. I will be sitting at my computer in my bedroom, and zoom a giant spider runs by, this has happened so many times now and I can't find where they are coming from. oooooooooo!

Tundiel said...

Ha! Don't know what I enjoyed most - the doggy tail or the kitteh pics!!

Rebecca T. said...

ewwww.... spiders.

Also, I love the Prof. McGonagal one :D

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