Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In Which I Heart QueryTracker Pt. 2

All right (Alright? GAH! I hate that word! I never know which one to use!), here I am with part 2 about why I'm obsessed with I love QueryTracker.

The Forum.

I've given plenty of writing forums a try before. I used to be a member of The Next Big Writer (quite a few years ago) and that extensive forum. I also gave AbsoluteWrite a try (I'm still a member there, in case I need to lurk for some info)

A quick off topic segue - does it ever freak anyone else out, when reading like a 40 page long post in AW that was started in, oh let's say, 2002, when you see now successfully published authors bemoaning their lack of luck? Cuz it does me, and not necessarily in a bad way but more like in a "Once, they were just like me" sort of way.
Anyway, segue officially OVER!

Most of those other forums I just couldn't bring myself to frequent. In the case of AW, it was absolutely (hah!) too massive for me to a) ever find anything b) get to know people. Also I find that AW frequently has a lot of negativity. People fight all the time there and while sometimes that leads me to being like this:

Most often I try to keep negativity out of my life. Cuz it just brings me down, dude.

So anyway, I was a bit skeptical when I first signed up for the QT forum, sure it would just be like all the other forums I'd tried out.

But it's not!

First off, it's on the smaller side, so it's completely manageable.
Second, the navigation is easy peasey, and it has handy dandy easy to find options to let you find any responses to your posts and all new content. Not that other forums don't have these perks, but in QT it's right at the top, to make navigation super quick.

Also, the attitude of the people on the QT forum is friendly, helpful, upbeat and rarely negative.
I've already made quite a few friends (hi guys!) who now visit my blog, and had a few discussions about exchanging work.

So if you're looking for a laid-back place to chat (or get your query, first 5 pages or synopsis critiqued) give it a try. I'm there at least a few times each day.

What about you? Do you hang out on any writing forums?


Summer Frey said...

Dude, that MJ picture is freaky!
And, no. No forums for me. My hermitude extends online, I suppose... :)

K. Turley (Clutzattack) said...

I'm just glad I stumbled into QT first and not AW. If I had been met with intimidation I might be going through this process alone and ignorant instead of with friends.

aspiring_x said...

good to know qt is so wonderful!

i like to frequent nathan bransford's forums (not too often lately though). the people there are gems! :)

Mary Aalgaard said...

No, but I like hearing your review. Glad you found a place where you like to "hang" and interact with other writers.

L.G.Smith said...

AW is too big for me too. I've been on Nathan's forums, and I've lurked around the QT forum a bit. I jump in if I feel I have something to add, but mostly I just skim. It's all good, though. Writers need to connect with other writers to stay sane and commiserate. It's much too lonely otherwise. :)

Teebore said...

I'm not a huge Forums guy, writing or otherwise. I find they get a bit unwieldy, and I have a hard enough time keeping up with blog comments (and I much prefer the comment format to the standard Forum format).

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Summer - oh, don't get me wrong. I do a lot of lurking too...

Clutz - i really don't like AW at all and it's mostly because of the attitude. Though they are super knowledgable

aspiring - i've only done a very minor bit of poking around nathan's forum. I always forget about it

Mary - mostly it's just one more thing to distract me from working on the WIP

LG - i definitely have stretches of lurking. It all really depends on my mood

Teebore - QT is the first forum i've been in that i feel doesn't have that unweildy feeling, which is why i like it

Patti said...

I found AW way too daunting and haven't gone back to any forums, maye I'll give QT a try.

Ninja Girl said...

I definitely feel more comfortable posting on the QT forum rather than AW (though I don't do either regularly :/). But I really like both; they're just two great places to find and communicate w/other writers trying to get their stuff out there :)
Nice post

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No, but maybe I need to.

Rebecca T. said...

First, that picture totally cracked me up.

Second, Yeah for good forums! Most of the time I find myself completely overwhelmed by them, so it's nice to hear that it's manageable :D

Yeah for finding new writer friends!

the cautionary tale said...

I <3 QT as well! It's nothing like other forums. I think the AW is down right frightening.
Waving!!!And hey!! It's AlisonBeightol from QT!

julie fedderson said...

I love QT, it's like having all the amenities of a city but with a small town feel. Met some great people there, including the most awesome crit partner ever.

Nikki Stuckwisch said...

I agree with ClutzAttack-- I'm so glad I found QT first. I've spent a little time at AW and it is BRUTAL. I didn't need hand holding, but a little tact goes a long way.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Patti - you and me both about AW

Ninja - I like AW for the massive amount of information you can find on specific agents

Alex - though you have a pretty large blog following, so that's almost like your own forum

Rebecca - Yay! yeah being overwhelmed means i don't come back

Cautionary - Yay! *waves back*

Julie - that is the perfect metaphor for QT!

Nikki - exactly. I mean, sometimes it's entertaining, but mostly it's just irritating

Lola Sharp said...

Nope, I haven't ever done any forums. No time.
(but I've heard the AW forums can get nasty. That would hurt my feelings and upset me terribly.)

I hope your query process is going well.

I'm sorry I haven't been around much. I miss you.


TL Conway said...

I looked at AW and realized it was so massive that it was simply overwhelming to me. I play on our regions NaNo forums come Oct-Nov, but I mainly hang out over at Nathan Bransford's forums.

Kalen O'Donnell said...

Here here! The QT forums are AMAZING! Don't know what I'd do without them.

And I have to agree on AW...I've tried it there, but unfortunately have gotten sucked into the drama/fights myself, mostly due to the attitude you're talking about. Too many people there too quick to gripe about other writers and it just seems very contrary to what a writing community should be.

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