Monday, October 24, 2011

In Which I Shout Out

Shout out time!

Maria Zannini's newest book Chain of Souls is now available for purchase!

Isn't this cover amazing?!

If you want to help give it a proper birthday launch, please check out either Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Smashwords to get yourself a copy.

Also, the amazing and cool TL Conway is hosting a NaNo extravaganza for the next two weeks on her blog. It will be filled with awesome guest posts (including one by moi) so check her out! (I believe my guest post will be on Thursday. I'll post a blog reminder on that day).

So, anyway, how are things? I'm OK. Not really ready for NaNo yet, but hoping to make a lot of headway this week. BUT, I also have some sort of crazy sore throat going on that I'll probably have to have a doctor check out here soon, cuz it's driving me CRAY CRAY!

Also, for some unknown reason, my Internet Explorer has stopped working. I wrote this whole post using safari (which I've never used before) which is fine, except that all my favorites are saved under IE so I'm super frustrated. Sigh.

How are things going for you?

Ready for NaNo yet? How about Halloween?

I've created a rage comic in relation to my sore throat experience:


Anne Gallagher said...

Great cover. I'm sorry about your IE issues.

And get that throat checked out. Mine laid me out for almost two weeks on two different antibiotics. Nasty nasty.

Glad you're back.

Matthew MacNish said...

Have you tried Chrome? You should be able to import your faves.

Maria Zannini said...

You remembered my birthday! Thank you!!

Ref: browser
I use Firefox which has been less trouble than Chrome and IE.

Slamdunk said...

Sorry to hear about your Internet Explorer probs, and I'll take a look at Maria's book.

Hart Johnson said...

Download Firefox--All my favorites from IE at work are still there on FF. At least I don't think I performed any voodoo to make that happen. And it's free. And it has a memory if you want it to. And spellcheck.

I don't feel ready for NaNo yet, either... I'm been writing something ELSE... NEED. TO. MOTIVATE.

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

i'm with matt, i recently went chrome and i'm loving it (as much as one can love such a thing.)

also- medicine good. sickness bad.

and!!! i'm getting so excited, nervous, scared, happy, worried, hungry about nano!

DL Hammons said...

I'm not a NaNo participant and somebody questioned my starting up WRiTE CLUB during NaNo. *scratching head*

TL Conway said...

Awesome and cool? *blushes*

The book cover is beautiful--thanks for the heads up!

And sorry your throat hurts. Major bummer. Get thee to a dr STAT and load up on antis! Feel better soon!

Hannah Kincade said...

I use Firefox. Loves. Boo on sore throats.

I lurve your rage comic. I want one about work. Make it so.

Michael Offutt said...

I use google chrome. Google products work well with blogger.

julie fedderson said...

Maria's book looks great! And get that throat checked out. You need chicken soup and zinc lozenges, STAT.

Lola Sharp said...

Oh, love, I hope you feel better soon. If it is strep, you need to see the dr., because it can move to your kidneys and such. It ain't no joke.

But, it did make for a funny comic! :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm doing a guest post as well. We'll rock TL's site, Sarah!

Rain Laaman said...

Thanks for asking! I'm doing great, although I also have some kind of sickness. It's mostly in my sinuses though, and I'm sure you wanted to know that. Good luck getting ready for NaNo.

Rain Laaman said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot I was going to say, "= Intriguing cover!"

Jamie (Mithril Wisdom) said...

Love the rage comic :)

I don't think I'll do NaNo this year, but what I will do it use the month to catch up on my reading - NaNoReaMo :P

Southpaw said...

Thanks for the intro to a new blogger and book.

I've gone back and for between browsers too - and I hate not having my favorite available.

Teebore said...

Yeah, I use Firefox too. You should be able to export all your favorites and settings and whatnot out of IE and into your (better) browser of choice, too.

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