Monday, February 1, 2016

In Which I Tally Quiz Results

Being as that ASSASSIN'S HEART is out in the world tomorrow (EEEEE!!!) it seems like today is a good day to look at some ASSASSIN'S HEART Quiz results.

Do not worry. The quiz is still live and kicking so if you haven't taken it yet, or want to take it again, have at it! (Here's the original blog post with the link)

So, results.

To date there have been 249 quiz takers. Which is awesome. I mean, I know I'm in there a few times for testing purposes, but still. I'm not in there 249 times, so that means it had a lot of use, which is super exciting and fun and mostly means that the time I spent putting it together was not wasted.

There are Nine Families in ASSASSIN'S HEART: The Saldanas, Da Vias, Accursos, Bartolomeos, Caffarellis, Maiettas, Addamos, Zarella's and Gallos.

The most populated Family per the quiz is The Gallo Family! With 46 members. That seems about right since they're the lowest Family and also the most easy going.

Second most popular was the Zarella Family, which also seems about right since they are the second lowest and also pretty easy-going, like the Gallos.

So at this point I'm super pleased by the results. The quiz seems to have mostly worked in a logical fashion.

The least populated was the Bartolomeo Family, with only twelve people, which is kind of surprising to me. It makes me wonder what about their mottos or pictures didn't attract more people to them.

Close to them, too, with 13 people is the Maietta Family, which is also surprising and a little sad because I have a soft spot in my heart for them.

The other Families were all in the middle, somewhere.

I'm hoping that I'll get even more quiz takers once the book is out. I purposely made the quiz hard to game, so even if you've read the book, there are few questions that you can specifically answer to try and get a specific Family (say the Saldanas for instance) but I'm still intrigued to see if the numbers change at all.

Anyway, this is a lot of data that maybe only I care about, but there you go.

Tomorrow my book is out in the world. It seems like it's been a long journey, and it has, but it also seems like it was just yesterday when I was drafting it. Time flies strangely, I guess.

Today, my blog tour continues, too, on Cover2Cover with an ASSASSIN'S HEART review so maybe stop on by!
I'm also at Literary Rambles today with an interview and a giveaway!

Otherwise I'll be back here tomorrow for, *gulp* MY BOOK BIRTHDAY!!!!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's a lot who took the quiz. Think I was part of the Gallo Family. I'd have to go back and look.

Tasslyn said...

I just got notification from amazon my order has shipped!!! :)

CourtneyC said...

All congrats and wishes for success to you Sarah! You've put in the hard work, and your dedication and persistence is well known on QT and everyone on QT has benefitted from your kind heart and good advice. �� P.S. Your quiz was amazing.

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