Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Which We Discuss NaNo

So I had originally set a goal for myself to be done revising Foxfire by November, so I could set it aside during NaNo and concentrate on a new project.

Yeah, I don't think I'm going to quite make it.

Now wait, don't get me wrong. I'm much further along than the above makes it seem. It's just the line editing is taking much longer than anticipated. Mostly because I tried something new when writing Foxfire, and that was not editing as I wrote.

Normally when I write, I look over what I wrote the day before and do a quick line edit. When I wrote the first draft of Foxfire, I didn't do that. I just kept pressing forward. And now I have a rough draft that needs a lot of line work.

I did some math and calculated that if I line edited every day (M-F, not on the weekends) then I would have to do about 4.5 pages a day to be done by November. Totally do-able.

Of course, that doesn't take into consideration that I line edit on paper and therefore also have to make the changes on the digital copy. So technically it's about 10 pages a day. Still, I think I can handle that.

Then, once the line edits are done, I can work on the few scenes that need overhauls and start checking off all the things I need to do in each chapter (raising the conflict and action, weaving in themes, all that junk). So really, when I finish this line edit, I'll be well on my way.

And then it will be time for NaNoWriMo 2010!! wOOt!

I'm really excited for this year because I suspect I'll have a lot more writing pals to buddy with. And since I've got a competitive streak in me, I'll be motivated to write all the faster when I see everyone else's meters filling up.

Looking for a NaNo buddy? Look no further! My username is Falen1
I'd love to be NaNo pals with you.


Erica Mitchell-Spickard said...

Look at you go with all those line edits! I edit as I much that I just seem to circle around the same thing. Ugh, it's annoying to have an internal editor that is so very...demanding.
I have gone back and forth on this years NaNo. I need that kick that says "no editing just write" and a NaNo will do that BUT I also know that I have a TON of stuff happening in Nov. We'll see. Good luck to ya and I love Foxfire! If I join Nano I will totally friend you ;)

Hannah Kincade said...

WOHOO! I will for sure win NaNo this year! FOR SURE!...well, maybe. I'm going to try my best. My brother is going to try again too. I think if I push him, it will help me and vice versa. I should be done with my first draft of Jeyne Doe by then. If I'm not, I'm not allowing myself to participate. So now I'm really motivated! Okay, not really but I have a reason to finish.

Dominique said...

Good luck with the line edits. I'm sure you can make it. I'll definitely be following your NaNo progress, because I'll be giving it a shot for the first time this year. Happy editing. :)

Clarissa Draper said...

I'm thinking of NANO too so I'll look you up if I join.


Jamie Gibbs said...

Good luck getting Foxfire done in time :D I'm gonna do my first NaNoWriMo ths year! I'm under the name of 'james.gryste'. I'm glad there's someone else on here who's doing it too :D

Summer said...

Well dammit, blogger ate my comment. Suffice to say, I am definitely doing NaNo, whether or not I'm done revising my novel. I buddied you! My username is summerbp.


Lola Sharp said...

Blogger has been a buggy, evil bastard the last couple of days...or is it just me?

Anyway, let me try again...YES! I do NaNo! Lovs me some Nano action. You can buddy me at:

(wait, did we already become buddies? I know I am with Hannah and Summer.)

Can't wait! *rubs hands together in evil anticpation*

Michelle said...

This will be my first year doing NaNo and I'm nervous and giddy rolled into one. :)
I LOVE that teeshirt. I edit as I go as well. Good luck!!

Piedmont Writer said...

I want to be you so badly right now. I want to be in revisions too. I want to do NaNo. I want I want I want. *okay, I'm done whining*

Best of luck with the revisions I know you can do it. I'm going to try Nano again but not in the proper way. I can't be held accountable for deadlines. I suck at deadlines.

DL Hammons said...

I wonder how many "plotters" do Nano? Is it cheating to outline ahead of the actual writing?

KarenG said...

I'm excited for it too. I've got an idea that keeps coming together.

Falen (Sarah) said...

Erica - it never hurts to just give it a try. And then if Nov ends up being too much, well no one will fault you if you don't finish. It happens to everyone

Hannah - you can totally win it! If you want, i can totes get on your ass about it regularly, be a bitch and all that. But it will bit a bitch full of Loooooove

Dominique - YAY! It will be so much fun!

Clarissa - do it! What can it hurt, right? You certainly won't be any worse off by giving it a shot

Jamie - Yay! I wil friend you post-haste!

Summer - i friended you last week. Or maybe a few weeks ago, i'm not sure anymore. Either way we are NaNo Pals! WOO HOO!

Lola - i think, when i friended Summer, i checked out her friends and saw your username and of course concluded it could only be the most awesome Lola Sharp! And so i friended you. Sneaky like.

Michelle - Yay! The first year is so exciting, cuz you're not sure how difficult it will be or if you can even succeed. But you can!

Piedmont - do it! I would love to be nano pals with you

DL - they do allow outlines! (cuz i don't like to work without one). They just look down upon starting with anything already written. But i'll be outlining, and creating a query and figuring out goals and conflicts like a crazy woman in the next two months. You should come along for the ride

Karen - Yay! I always get so excited for it whenever i think of my idea. It's gonna be fun!

Hart Johnson said...

I think your editing plan sounds FABULOUS (and yes, totally doable.) I am doing the basic edit, to be followed with the bigger fixes (which I am currently taking notes on) too... ALSO to be followed with a WriMO--so I am in. I will look for you when I get with the program and sign up for the year.

Laura Marcella said...

Yay for NaNo!!! I'm super excited for this year, too, because I'll have a lot of blog buddies on the journey with me. I'll friend you! My name is Sunshine21.

Falen (Sarah) said...

Hart - Yay! Excitement! I'm excited to be pals with you when you join

Laura - it's gonna be so fun! I'm off to friend you

Talli Roland said...

Good luck! NaNo sounds amazing - I wish I could do it, but I'll likely be working on a new travel guide then and won't have the time to dedicate to it. :( I'll send you positive vibes, though!

KodasTotems said...

I want to do this EVERY year, without fail, yet have never participated. Always the un-cool kid, standing on the outside, lookin' in. And this year, I'm writing SO damn much for my Masters program that it won't be happening again. (sigh...) Some day. In the meanwhile, I'll try to live vicariously through your forward, amazing progress. You really are an inspiration to me. You don't just talk about doing something- to jump right in. That's the stuff of legends. You're my hero Falen!

Teebore said...

You're so much more structured and diligent than I am.

I'm hoping to be done line editing Onwards and Upwards before November-on the hard the copy. It's just not gonna happen as far as making those changes digitially. And adding/re-working whole scenes? Yeah, not so much.

Maybe I'll do that in the month or two that the next NaNo book is simmering.

Falen (Sarah) said...

Talli - oh you and your "real" books. ;)

Kodas - aww shucks. I know you'll be able to do it one year. And also i think you're one of the coolest people i "know" and talk about you quite frequently with my friends and fam, so right back at ya!

Teebore - well i'm structured to combat my extreme laziness. Without the structure, nothing would get done. And i had a bit of an epiphany over a year ago that the only way i'm going to accomplish my dreams is if i actually, you know, try. Nothing's stopping me except for myself

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Man, I haven't given much thought to Nano this year. But thanks for the reminder. I have to decide what I will work on. Perhaps I'll start a new project! Good luck on yours!!

RaShelle said...

Hey Sarah - Editing plan? Excellent!!!

Nano - I'm so excited for it too. I'll be a NaNo buddy with you too. Can hardly wait.

Falen (Sarah) said...

Carolina - DO IT! New project FTW!

RaShelle - it will be so much fun!

Jo Thornley said...

I'd greatly admire you for being able to set a schedule and stick to it! That is one thing about writing I have never been able to do. Of course, I can just use the fact I'm in school as an excuse :)

All your talk of editing is making me wish I was at that stage in my trilogy!! Or is editing the not-so-fun part? I could see it going either way...

Also, that is the MOST AWESOME t-shirt ever- totally agree with it.

Anonymous said...

I've never participated in NaNoWriMo. Is it terrible that I'm a writer and I don't know exactly how it works . . .?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I bet you can do it!
And I'm still thinking about it. Might take NaNo to get me to finish writing my sequel.

Lynda Young said...

I have the same problem as you. I need to finish my editing before Novemeber. I've never done NaNo before. This will be my first year so I'm super excited :)
W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

Alexandra Crocodile said...

I am SO adding you as a buddy!

Falen (Sarah) said...

Jo - i didn't start schedules that i stuck to until i was out of school. Well not counting school writing assignments.
And editing is both the fun and not fun part. Mostly it's just different

Kelly - no it's not terrible at all! I was a noob last year and spent a lot of time researching cuz i wasn't sure either. Mostly it's just a website you sign up on where you can enter your daily wordcount.

Alex - do it! It might just be that final motivating push you need

Lynda - YAY! I hope your editing goes well. So far for me, it's been working great!

Alexandra - YAY! Nano buddies FTW!

February Grace said...

If my eyes and the rest of my body would just cooperate, this will be my third NaNo! I'd love to buddy with you- will look you up there and hope I'll be able to write along with you in November!


Falen (Sarah) said...

February - YAY! Another NaNo buddy! This nano is going to be awesome

Holly Ruggiero, Southpaw said...

No Nano for me this time around. Good luck to you.

AchingHope said...

Wow. Line edits scare me. Still. *shudders*

But yay about Nano! I will totes be your pal! I'll have to run over and find you. My name over there is Jedenbry I think.

I hope line edits go well and you're able to meet your goal! :D

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