Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fun

Hiya Ape-Friends! Yvie's back, to provide some fun in your otherwise gloomy hooman lives.

Sad news from me, though, this week. I went to the vet on Monday and they confirmed something Mommy and Anne suspected.

I...have a broken tooth.

Sigh. It's going to have to come out, which isn't as easy for dogs as it is for people. So please wish me luck! (stoopid toofers)

Onto some fun!

See you next week pals!


Janel said...

Oh Yvie! Good luck with that tooth, baby. Darned, rock-hard dog bones. :)

Mary Vaughn said...

Hope all goes well with Yvie.
Have a great weekend.

Anne said...

i really like the snail and the murderous black cat

Summer Frey said...

Ha! I put a moose hat on the kitties at Christmas. It was hilarious.

Sorry about Yvie's tooth! I know anesthesia can be tricky for bulldog types, so hope all goes well.

Justine Dell said...

Poor Yvie!!! I hope it all goes well for both of you! (I know it will be just a bad for mom to have to watch Yvie)


Tony Benson said...

Ha! The little black cat doesn't look too happy. Great pics.

Sorry to hear about Yvie's tooth. Good luck at the vet's.

Teebore said...

Good luck Yvie!

Hey, I never did hear; did Mrs. Teebore see you on Monday?

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Janel - thanks! She doesn't even get bones, so who knows what happened

Mary - thanks!

Anne - yeah me too. I think i'm going to use "kill you till you die from it" more often

Summer - yeah, that's what i'm worried about. Even though my vet is AWESOME, it's still hard not to have anxiety over it

Justine - thanks!

Tony - thanks! And no he does not

Teebore - she did not. Apparently when i called for an apt and said "Monday" whoever made the appt had march open, so they scheduled us for March 7th by mistake. So they squeezed us in, but i only saw the Mrs. from behind when she was on the phone

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Bummer Yvie!
And I'd seen the Justin one - that is priceless.

Jules said...

Poor Yvie :( I'd kill them in their sleep too!

Love the funnies, thanks for the laughs :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Hart Johnson said...

Yvie-I'm so sorry about your tooth!

LOVE these funnies! All of them!

Linda Leszczuk said...

Dogs can sometimes break a tooth chewing on sticks or even rocks.

Great funnies.

Have a good weekend.

Anne Gallagher said...

I'm sorry about your tooth Yvie. I hope it doesn't affect your awesome smile.

Thanks for the funnies. Loved them all. How DO you get snails to kiss?

aspiring_x said...

i totally thought the snow cat was the loch ness monster! man i see nessie everywhere!!!
feel better yvie!!!

roxy said...

So funny! I love the dressed-up cats. I know my dog plans my 9-year-olds demise on a daily basis. Have an awesome weekend!

yokohamamama said...

Yvie-- O-Daiji ni, ne!! (take care!) You're so sweet, Yvie, to give us all such funneh funnies even though you have a broken tooth:-)) I laughed out loud at *every single one*! We'll all be thinking about you!

yokohamamama said...

@ Summer-- Moose hats on your kitties?? Did you take pictures of that? And, more importantly, did you post them?! (and if you did post them... how did I miss something *that good*?)

Hannah Kincade said...

This post would've been brilliant but you had to post Bieber.

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