Monday, October 14, 2013

In Which I Say No To NaNoWriMo

Here we are, almost half way through October, which means we have just about 3 weeks until November 1st, which is, of course, the beginning of NaNoWriMo.

I've participated (and won) the last 4 NaNos, but this year it's looking more and more likely that I won't be able to participate.

One of the main reasons is that I'm gearing up for the MFA which starts in Jan. They want you to work on something new, and I know what I'm going to work on. And though I don't have an issue with starting that something new a little early, say, for NaNo, I don't think I'll be ready to go by then.
And I don't want to force it, and have something weird and effed up before I even start the MFA, you know?

I've been brainstorming some the last few weeks, but I know I won't be able to reaaaally start the brainstorming session until I've started to query All That Remains. And while I'm just about ready to go (could really go any day now, actually) it's still puts a bit of delay on things.

(briefly OT - I hit a MN SCBWI conference this weekend and it went awesome. Let's just say that maybe I had a MS review with an editor for a well recognized house and that maaaaybe they liked it. A lot. We'll leave it at that)

So. I just don't relish the thought of rushing things right now, which means NaNo will be taking a back seat this year for me.

Of course, who knows, maybe the brainstorming will suddenly all come together in the next two weeks and i'll be ready to go! I doubt it, because I have a vacation in there, but you  never know. I could always change my mind.

What about you? Are you NaNoing this year?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Then don't rush! Your piece for the MFA is too important.
No NaNo for me this year either.

Maria Zannini said...

I don't blame you. You have a full plate already.

I have a friend who attends now and again and she cannot say enough good things about them. Crossing my fingers for you.

Jessica Bell said...

I've never participated and never will. I just can't write under that sort of pressure. I think my heart literally cracks when I try ...

Teebore said...

I'm skipping NaNo this year as well. We're still working on Crimson Masquerade and haven't really discussed the sequel in enough detail to start seriously outlining and writing it. Plus, I don't really want to do too much work on it until the first one is in better shape.

I am, though, going to make a concerted effort to polish up Onwards and Upwards in November, do a kind of RevisMo sort of thing. We'll see how that goes.

Matthew MacNish said...

I've never done it, and I'm not sure I ever will.

Anonymous said...

I'm taking this year off. We'll see if I do it again ever.

Rena said...

Holy Krakatoa, I think I'm the only response on your feed who is going to go all NaNo on November.

Usually, I have other things I"m supposed to be doing in November (not that that's ever stopped me!), but this year, it's all clear sailing--and with a might fine breeze I might add.

I love NaNo. I don't love the novels that come out of it, but I love the shut up and write that comes with it.

It gives credence to Maureen Johnson's Dare to Suck And seriously, if you haven't seen that video, seriously, go watch it. Better than 5/8ths of writing is revision, so NaNo isn't the whole story (ha, see, punny), but it's a helluva start. And seriously, who couldn't use a couple of crappy rough drafts clogging up their hard drive. It lets you really pick and choose from the drafts that have major staying power and the ones that are the guilty pleasure of writing a mary sue on the USS Enterprise (why am I the only one who has that dream?).

Still, I'm sorry you won't be joining us, but I'll be stinking it up in the trenches with my Action News Reporter and the super villains she hunts. FOR NaNo!!! (which is my battle cry in real life, too)

(and congrats making logline crit round 2!)

Elise Fallson said...

I've never participated in NaNo but I'd like to try this year. I often work better under pressure. That said, I told myself I wouldn't sign up unless I had a complete outline finished . . . it's not looking good so far, lol. But I guess I still have a little bit more time to brainstorm.... only time will tell.

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