Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Weird: The Sunken Skulls

In 2009 archaeologists were excavating the dry bed of a prehistoric lake in Motala, Sweden. And because this is Wednesday Weird you know that had to find something. And they did. The foundation of a mysterious stone structure.

Okay, so not too crazy. They are archaeologists, after all. They had to be digging for something.
So they kept digging and began to unearth even more finds: stone tools and animal bones.

Oh, also, the skulls of 10 people.

Ranging in age from small children to the elderly, the 8,000 year old skulls were an anomaly.

Oh, and did I say 10 skulls? I actually meant 11, because they found another one buried deep in the mud. And buried in that skull was pieces of one of the other skulls, deliberately embedded inside the head of the 11th skull.

So, either someone put pieces of a head inside another head, or someone used a head to bash in someone else's head. Neither option sounds, you know, great.

But that wasn't all. Some of the skulls had had stakes driven through them before they were set on fire. Two of the skulls were actually found with the stakes still embedded in (or in one case, melted to) the bone.

There are multiple theories for this find, from war trophies to strange funerary practices, and each one holds as much weight as the next because no one really knows what the structure was, or what the deal is with the skulls.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sounds like battle trophies to me. Viciously killed and then put on spikes and burned.
Might make for an interesting scene in a book or movie!

Maria Zannini said...


Man, that's cold.

Jessica Bell said...

Wow, interesting stuff! You should google, "Meteora Skulls". Check out the images and history of it. Very cool. I've been there. Amazing.

Bryan Russell said...


Jay Noel said...

Swedish vampires, I'm telling you.

Rena said...

Wow, um, just wow.

That's got to be some sort of mob gone crazy thing, because only crazy people act like that (burning the heads after they're on spikes? How dead does it have to be??)

Anne Gallagher said...

Just makes me grateful I wasn't alive 8000 years ago. I mean, what were they thinking?

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