Monday, October 7, 2013

In Which Sex & Violence Is Launched!

Saturday night was the book launch party for Carrie Mesrobian's Sex & Violence which I blogged about Here.

The party was at Addendum Books which is a little hole in the wall YA bookstore set inside another bookstore. True story, I've been to three book launch parties over the years and all 3 have been here. Crazy.

The bookstore was packed. I went with Twin and we met up with Hannah there. Twin and I did a quick headcount and there were about 80 people there for Carrie's party, so it definitely reached standing room only.

Carrie and guest of honor Norman Reedus. The fairy crown is also related to the book

There were Elmo cupcakes and red vines and strawberry milk and other decorations and foodstuffs from the book. And there was Cherry Lick! Which is a made up liquor the kids in the book drink. Cherry Lick was passed out to everyone because there was a drinking game during the reading.

Both Twin and I had already read the book, since I was lucky enough to win a copy a few months ago. Hannah had gotten her book and started reading it, but hadn't finished.

It's a great book, and it's even more fun hearing Carrie read a chapter aloud. The funny parts are even funnier when everyone's laughing.

Carrie Mesrobian, Normarn Reedus and editor for Carolrhoda Labs Andrew Karre

It was a fun way to spend a Saturday night.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Very cool! And a drinking game? Nice.

Maria Zannini said...

I love it when it's standing room only.

And every author should have a tiara--LOL--whether it relates to the book or not.

Wish I had thought of that. :)

Matthew MacNish said...

So jealous.

Rena said...

So if you've only been to three launches and they've all been in the same place, then you know where to throw your party when you launch! Why break tradition?

Jay Noel said...

80 people? That's a success! Elmo cupcakes? Seriously? That sounds so awesome.

Lol...a drinking game during a reading sounds pretty fun too.

Southpaw said...

Sounds like fun.

Leandra Wallace said...

It sounded like a very interactive book launch party, fun!

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