Monday, June 9, 2014

In Which I Hodge-Podge

Here we are, another Monday. Yay?

On the plus side, I've turned in my final assignments for my first semester of my MFA, which is awesome. Now I have a month off until semester two starts. Which is good because I'll be working on revisions and edits for ALL THAT REMAINS.

Also it will give me some time to try and get ahead on my required reading list. I'm reaching the end of the books I can find at my county library system. Soon I'll need to start asking about interlibrary loans.

June for me is the first month that starts to feel like summer. It's been warm and sunny enough that I've resumed eating my lunches outside while reading whatever I'm reading at the time. At least until the sun makes me too hot and I have to go inside. And unless it's raining, of course.

And June means one of my favorite local conferences: 4TH STREET FANTASY. It's small, it's single panel, and it attracts some big names in the fantasy and sci-fi community. It's also completely affordable (I think I paid $60 for my early registration, and that wasn't even the earliest price).
So I'm definitely looking forward to that next weekend.

Also, I've officially taken over the From the Vault posts at YA Confidential.

Every Monday the bloggers answer a question and anyone who comments on the Vault posts for the month have a chance of winning a free book at the end of the month. I'm not kidding here. Every month we give out a free book (winner's choice), and it could easily be you and all it takes is a comment.

So that's it! What's up with you?


Matthew MacNish said...

Oh good timing, because I have a MS almost ready for you. ;P

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Cool you're doing those posts for YA Confidential. Hope you can find all the books you need. Most libraries are good at interloaning.

mshatch said...

June has been pretty nice here, too; it's so nice to have some sunshine back in my life!

Rena said...

I love that you're working on YA confidential. As for me, just licking my wounds and prepping to get back in there and fight (a quote from one of my favorite arcade games of all time: T-Mek, how I miss you and your gladitorial tank matches!)

Catherine Stine said...

Nice to take a short break from the madness, eh? The scifi conference sounds fun.

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