Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In Which I Repost

Hi pals - I'm still on vacay, and since I'm having such an awesome time, I thought I'd try and share some of the sauce.

This is a repost from
January 6th, 2010


H/T to Teebore over at Gentlemen of Leisure Blog for passing on this great idea.

What idea, you ask? Why the idea of the ABCs OF AWESOME that's what! (and yes, it needs to be all caps...)

I tried to keep mine writing or book related, but you'll see I was only semi-successful (though I can make an argument about a lot of them that they're what I like to write about... )

A is for Assassins

B is for Books

C is for Cartoons

D is for Daydreaming

E is for Editing

F is for Falen! Nah I'm just kidding - can you imagine?! F is for Foodstuff

G is for Games

H is for Horror

I is for illustrations

J is for Journals

K is for Karin Lowachee

L is for Lolcats

M is for Mists of Avalon

N is for Ninjas!

O is for Onomatopoeia

P is for Pens

Q is for Queries

R is for Reading

S is for Sirius Black

T is for Trees

U is for Undead

V is for Vampires

W is for Writing (dur!)

X is for XBox 360

Y is for Yarn (as in telling one)

Z is for Zeppelins

There were some hard letters and letters that had just too many great ones (it nearly broke my heart to leave out apocalypse) but overall I'm mostly pleased with my list.


Summer Frey said...

LOL, I love the Horror and Yarn pictures!!! SO FUNNY!!!

Matthew MacNish said...

Lot's of awesome here!

Hannah said...

Awww, remember when we first posted these?! Good times.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I like this list. Might do one of my own.

Maria Zannini said...

Love the "editing" poster.

And YAY for Karin Lowachee. She is all kinds of awesome.

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