Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Fun Words

Yvie's back! To provide you with your usual fun words to enhance your human vocab.

Unfortunately, once again words were scarce this week. So I'll have to throw some other fun things your way.

But first, guess what we found on out walk on Wednesday?


We heard him crying outside, so we went to go take a look, since maybe he was just asking for his owners to let him in. But once he saw, he came running across the street to us!

George and Tula wanted to eat him, but I was a lady and said "Do not worry, small furry mammal. I shall not eat you."

Mom and Anne named him Tidus, after one of Mom's character's in her NaNo project.
I wish we could have kept him, but there are people with cat allergies in the fam, so it was a no go.

Anne brought him into her work where he'll be on stray hold for five days and then he'll be adopted. Just like me!

I hope he gets a great home.

Onto some fun things!

See you next week Ape-Friends!


yokohamamama said...

Awww!! Too, too bad about kitteh allergies:(( Sending good vibes your way, Tidus--find a good home! You're way too cute not to find a home:))

Basement Cat--OMG, my mother has to see Basement Cat! (Laughing, laughing...bump, ow!)

Maria Zannini said...

That kitty is adorable. Too bad you couldn't keep him.

Ref: video
Oh, now that's just not right.

Summer said...

He's so cute! I could tell he was a boy just from his demeanor. :)

I LOVE the "News Flash: I ate him!" cat!! Hahaha!

Basement kitty is funny too; both our cats like to drag themselves sideways along the floor like that. It's always amusing.

Teebore said...

Aww, stray cats! My kryptonite...

I hope he finds a good home. If my home wasn't filled to the brim with animals already, I'd take him.

I love his big kitten ears.

Holly Ruggiero said...

What a cute little kitty and good for you wanting to make friends and not have dinner!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

So Yvie, will you share the spotlight and let Tidus do a post now and then?

Matthew Rush said...

Oh goodness, LOL, thank you Yvie!

Hart Johnson said...

Oh--I love that kitty! He reminds me of Max, a neighborhood stray--she's been around for YEARS (literally) and is SUPER friendly--runs over any time she sees people out. I hope he finds a great home. Loved the cartoons, too--great job, Yvie!

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

Yokohama - yeah i wish there were no allergies because I WANT A CAT

Maria - yeah i wish we could have kept him

Summer - the newsflash cat cracks me the eff up. And yeah, he was a very masculine looking kitten

Teebore - no worries, kittens always go quick (and Anne's trying to get her coworker to take him)

Holly - not like gerbils. Yvie would kill to get at a gerbil

Alex - pshaa. She may not want to eat him, but she's not sharing her space

Matthew - you're welcome ;)

Hart - yeah us too!

The Words Crafter said...

It's a kitteh!!!! Both of mine are rescues....right off the street. I hope a good home takes him quickly!

Great nano stat!

She Ra Princess of Milk said...

I looooove Tidus!!!!!! Glad you guys found him I know he'll find a new home quickly! And thanks for the lolz that is officially my fave site ever... Matt says we should start one with babies called I can haz boobie? But I told him that could open a can of worms so we left it!!!


I just dropped by to say Im playing blog tag and I tagged you, so hopefull you should get some extra visitors (like you need my help?!)!!! Play if you like and link back to me!

Clara said...

OMGDACUTENEEESSS! Ohw, Im sorry you didnt keep him, but he'll find a nice home, Im sure!

PS: "Do not worry small furry mammal.I shall not eat you". Best.line.ever lol

Boonie S said...

I’m the same. They irritate my cat-aracts. It's some kind of cataraction. Even so he looks like an adorable creature.
Love the cat jokes.
Great post. Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonie

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

Words - i'm sure he'll get snatched up super quick cuz he's a purring machine

She Ra - Hah! that would be hilarious

Clara - Hah! yeah i wish we could have kept him

Boonie - darn you cat allergies!

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