Monday, November 15, 2010

In Which It Snowed

How was everyone's weekend? Did you do anything fun?

We had a mini snowstorm here. It didn't stop Hannah, Teebore and I (along with Twin and Brother) from hitting a NaNo write in on Saturday at the libary, but it did prevent us from having lights in our conference room due to power issues.

Also I've come to the conclusion that I need new winter boots. I stepped in many a puddle and my shoes were soaked. Also Brother and I helped a group push their car out of the libary parking lot, which made my pants super wet.

Still, it looks pretty. I'm just crossing my fingers it will melt for a few days, so we can clean out our gutters, get up our leaves and winterize the asparagus and garlic.

Twin, myself and our Mom hit up Target for space heaters, but ended up buying some Christmas decorations, so that, combined with the snow, gets me all excited.

What about you? Are you excited for the holidays, or is it still too early?


yokohamamama said...

You already have snow? Lucky! At least, my kids would say "lucky!" (as the adult with the driver's license, I know better:)) A little bit of Christmas stuff out here--but it's never as overwhelming as the US. Today was 7-5-3, so there were lots of adorable little ones running around in kimono. Cutest. Holiday. Ever!

Still--I can totally see how you could go to buy a space heater and come home with Christmas ornaments... I would!:-))

All you NaNoWriMo writers--Gambare!!

Maria Zannini said...

I love the holidays and I am itching to decorate.

We normally don't get snow except maybe once or twice in January or February. It's pretty--and luckily it melts the next day. :)

Anne Gallagher said...

It's still too early for me for the holidays. I'd love some snow, the good kind, that sticks around and you can play in it. Well, I want it for Monster Baby, not me.

Summer said...

Geez, snow. It was in the 70's all weekend again. I think it's dipping back into the upper 50's for the week, then climbing back toward the 60's for Thanksgiving week. Last winter it was really cold for us. We even got a few days of snow, which is outlandish. But I'm ready for some chilly stuff that sticks around.

I went to Target this weekend too! Their Christmas stuff is so tempting. I'm not sure what I'll be able to decorate this year, considering the kitties, but I'm going to try!

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

Yokohama - awww! Did you take pictures of the adorableness?

Maria - i especially want to decorate because we didn't get around to decorating for Halloween

Anne - then you would have been happy with our snow. It was the heavy wet kind, perfect for snowmen and snowballs

Summer - We bought some decorations for outside, but now that i know we'll be having some people over in December, we'll have to buy some indoor decorations

Matthew Rush said...

How can you live in MN and not own a pair of Sorels?

Erica Mitchell-Spickard said...

Living in the south prevents me from seeing snow all that often. I've seen it once for about two hours in the five years I've been here and although I was excited to see it I was even more excited to see it melt by daylight. However, I do love the holidays more when it is snowing...I guess that's the kid in me. It never feels like the holidays when palm tree's are around and it's in the 60's.

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

Matthew - you'd be amazed at how i live in MN and don't own a lot of winter things. Like a hat. And i just bought a winter coat a few years ago

Erica - very true. Once it starts to snow, i get super excited for presents and good food and fun times

Teebore said...

Yeah, the snow is totally making me anxious for the holiday season, but I try not to dive into it fully until Thanksgiving. But I wanted to start decorating and stuff this weekend.

I'm also hoping it melts so I can get the chairs and stuff off the deck and into the garage. I was going to do that Saturday morning. And then I woke up to six inches of snow...

I had to push some ladies car in the parking lot too, when I was leaving. She had a SUV and it made me nervous about my car, until I started it up and just drove away. I have no idea why those people were having such issues.

Anne said...

yeah- we waited to make sure you could get out of your spot, and then you just zipped right through


you forgot to mention the stroopwaffles. also, that it was a place for QUIET STUDY

Holly Ruggiero said...

You know I am excited but not for the usually reasons. People around here are super crabby. I’m hoping once all the festive lights and decorations go up people will relax and be happy.

Lola Sharp said...

Whoa. Dude, SNOW?!?

I wore shorts all weekend. It was well into the 70s, sunny and even a bit muggy. It's been very warm here (you know I'm in NJ) since...well, since freaking April. This is the warmest fall I've ever experienced since living here.

Weird that you already have snow. Crazay.

Did y'al take pictures at you write-in?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Excited about the holidays - and jealous you had snow!

Elana Johnson said...

It snowed here, too, reminding me how ill-prepared I am for such things.

And I'm excited for the holidays, but not winter.

Talli Roland said...

Snow?! What?

It's been coolish here, but more rain than snow, sadly. I'd love to see a few flakes.

Shannon Whitney Messenger said...

Ooo, how neat to live somewhere with snow. I'm sure it's kind of a pain to live in, but it is beautiful. *wistful sigh from the Cali girl* ;)

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

Teebore - we still have our lawn mower on the patio. le sigh

Anne - yes i did forget all those things

Holly - boo on crabby people. they just bring everyone down

Lola - i thought about taking pictures, but it was snowy and wet and i was lazy and we were running late, so long story short, i didn't bring my camera

Alex - Yay holidays! And it's still sticking around if you feel like visiting and bringing some back to your home

Elana - ill-prepared is a good term. We were doing pretty good, but still needed like another week

Talli - yay for snow lovers! And boo on cold rain

Shannon - the snow itself if typically kind of awesome. It's just the snow combined with cold which isn't fun

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Yay snow. I'm getting excited, but I hate the cold. So it seems strange to me that I love snow. :)

Shannon said...

SNOW!!! I love snow!! Growing up in California, we had to *drive* to get to the snow (i.e. Lake Tahoe). I lived in Maryland for 7 yeas (where it snows) and now Maine for 4 years and I still love love love it!

Lucky you!!!!

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

Lindsay - oh i hear you. Snow is a win. Horrible cold, however, is not

Shannon - Yay Maine! Snow is so awesome. Every year it makes me excited all over again

Hart Johnson said...

A snow might do it for me. We are cold (though it's been a GORGEOUS fall) but no snow yet. MOSTLY Michigan has ruined Christmas hype for me. I used to LOVE all the wintry anticipation and an early snow got me all excited, but winter here is too long and summer too short--mostly I just think 'Geez, ALREADY?' because I know it won't stop until late April.

DEZMOND said...

ah, I kinda envy you know since I love snow and cold winter and it's been 75*F here in Central Europe for a whole month which is totally unnatural for this part of the year :( I'm walking around my yard in a T-shirt.

Al said...

We had 90 F
last week so heaters aren't really called for down here at the moment.

Naomi Ruth said...

We had an almost snow over here, but then I made it stop.

It is still too early for me. After This weekend is over and Thanksgiving has had its turn, I'll be a little more jolly, though I do tend to be scrooge-like when it comes to Holidays. I'm not sure. Why.

And did you really push someone's car around? That sounds highly amusing, as long as whoever owned the car was alright.

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