Monday, January 31, 2011

In Which I Search For Some Betas

Well, the time has come. I'm allllllmost done with my most recent line edit on Glimpse (just finishing up the whole "read backwards" edit. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great way to edit each sentence on it's own merit)

The novel has been read by Twin, and by the sparkling (but not in a vampire sort of way) Hannah and is in the hands of my other Crit Partner Teebore. It's also been sent to a few non-writers (Brother and some fabulous friends) So, now it's time to reach out to the rest of my awesome blog pals.

I am looking for a few Beta Readers for my YA Fantasy Glimpse of Another Shore.

logline = A boy rescues an orphaned sea serpent and discovers a way to save his home from war.

My sea serpent is not this scary

Things I would require in a beta reader:

  • I'm looking for someone who reads YA. I really need someone who has a good feel for the YA audience.

  • You have to be willing to read the entire manuscript. I'll email the whole thing to you.

  • You have to be willing to read the entire manuscript in a month or less. I want to give people time to read it, but I also want people who will be willing to commit.

  • You have to be willing to answer a questionnaire sent with the manuscript. It's not a huge list of questions, but it'll be included with the email.

In return, I can beta read for you if you would like me to.

If you are interested and fit the criteria, either comment on this post or shoot me an email at sarah.ahiers (at) I'm looking for 2-3 peeps and I hope to hear from you.

Otherwise, how are you doing? Are you working with betas for your novel?


Hannah Kincade said...

I wll be bringing my questionaire tonight for us to discuss. I will probably do something similar once I'm done adding scenes and filling holes and generally weeding out the crap. I love being a beta and to imagine I am a very slow moving black fish...which is not unlike my real identity.

Justine Dell said...

Oh!! ME!! ME!!!

I've just recently started to read YA and I've written a YA horror of my own that is currently in the hands of my beta! ;-)

Also, my grammar police post today tackled your "that vs which" question for last week! :-)


Mara Nash said...

I'm in exactly the same boat, in need of competent betas, but I write paranormal romance, so we're probably not a good match. I do read YA (reading The Marbury Lens right now), but not sure if you want to trade a YA for a paranormal romance.

Let me know.

Christine Danek said...

I would be interested.
Email Christine(dot)danek(at)verizon(dot)net
Sounds interesting. :)
Hope you had a great weekend!

Teebore said...

I was hoping to be done by tonight, but alas, I'm not. Soon though (probably the end of the week).

I was going to take it to Boston with me, then forgot it... :(

aspiring_x said...

ohman! i'd really like to read this! but there's no way i could fit it in right now! maybe if you need another round in a few months. aw man!

Rebecca T. said...

I would absolutely adore to do this. but with my schedule right now I am seriously doubtful that I could finish it in a month :( So excited that you're to this point though!

Anne Gallagher said...

I know I don't read or write YA but I would love to take a look at this if you want. I've got a quick turn around time. You know where to find me.

Anne said...

My month is pretty hectic but best of luck finding a match! It sounds like a great premise.

Maria Zannini said...

And while I've only read three chapters, I can assure you, Sarah's characters rock.

You will not be disappointed.

Lindsay said...

Looks like you've had some great offers of help. I'd love to have helped, but I can't at the moment. :(

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Since I don't read or write that genre, I wouldn't be of much help. I can locate a pet store for you though...

Dan said...

I'd be happy to be your beta. I'm not an expert on YA, but I've been reading more, and I just finished one YA project and I've just started on another.

Let me know.


Linda Leszczuk said...

I'd be happy to read this but I will admit I don't read a lot of YA. However, would you be interested in a true YA reader, i.e. my grandson? He reads nothing but YA. I'm not sure about the quality of his feedback but it could give you a different perspective.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Hannah - LMFAO! i also think of fish whenever the term "beta" crops up

Justine - i saw the post and i commented - it was frickin perfect!

Mara - yeah, i don't really read any romance, so i probably can't help you there

Christine - i did have a good weekend, thanks. But as always, it was too short

Teebore - ohh, i see how it is. Forgotten while you're drinking in boston. J/K. GASP! My B-day is on Monday, will you have it done by then?!

Aspiring - no worries. I will definitely keep you in mind if i need another round (and i might, you never know)

Rebecca - i understand. You're one of the busiest people i know, so no worries

Anne - LOL, i DO know where to find you and i may hit you up on that

Anne - thanks!

Maria - awwwww! Thanks so much! You are awesome!

Lindsay - no problem! There's always next time

Alex - LMAO! Win.

Dan - thanks!

Linda - ooooooh, i may hit you up on that! I'll send you an email

Lola Sharp said...

I don't have time right now to do an entire novel this month, and it sounds like you've got plenty of people to help out. But if you're ever in a bind, you know I'll lose sleep to make time for you. :)

Holly Ruggiero said...

I don’t too much YA so I’m not familiar with the techniques. I do know they are different. I do remember that. But it looks like you’ve got a lot of volunteers already. That’s great!

Al said...

Looks like you have some fabulous volunteers.
I don't read YA generally otherwise I'd put my hand up.
But if anyone pulls out on you I'm there if you need an extra pair of eyes.

Nate Wilson said...

Although I recently finished beta reading a YA novel, that was as a favor to a friend with few writerly contacts. I don't read YA enough to offer up my services, but I don't feel as bad about passing since you've already landed a bunch of help. Best of luck with your revisions!

Hart Johnson said...

Fabulous that you've gotten takers this way! I am sketchy on how much YA I've read too--I've covered a few popular series, but other than that, not much fantasy. Give me a shout though, if you can't find someone with more YA experience--or maybe keep me in mind on a later round.

Colene Murphy said...

Congrats on SO many volunteers! I Would love to help if I could(too much on my plate right at this moment in time)! Maybe if you need a second round of readers sometime in the near future!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Lola - awww thanks! And right back at ya!

Holly - no problem! And thanks for stopping by!

Al - thanks for offering to be backup, that's awesome!

Hart - will do!

Colene - thanks! I will keep you in mind if i need a second round!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Nate - thanks anyway! And no worries, i got a lot more offers than i expected

Jen Daiker said...

Good luck finding your awesome BETA's! I'm sure people will be fawning over the chance!!!

Erin said...

I wanna do it! You are looking at a real, live YA. I could totally read it in less than a month and everything. :D If you want the thoughts of a teenager who reads too much, email me at alissnotinwonderland at gmail dot com.

Shannon said...

I wish I had the time. You're one of my favorite bloggers and I would love to offer this service to you, but I can't. =( I've got too many balls in the air right now.

I'll cross my fingers you find some kick ass betas!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Jen - thanks!

Erin - i'll probably take you up on that offer!

Shannon - aww thanks! And no worries, this is a busy time of year for a lot of us

Laura Marcella said...

This is super exciting that you're at this point with your novel, Sarah! Good luck finding your betas!

KodasTotems said...

Sarah, I'm sure that you will have 100 volunteers so I won't bother to raise my hand for this venture. I have too many plates in the air right now anyways, but I needed to say that I honestly cannot wait to read this book at some point. And I really am in awe of your skilled precision in getting through the writing/publishing process. I just know this will be published. You just have that aura about you...

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Laura - thanks! It is pretty exciting

Kodas - awwww thanks! Coming from you that means a lot!

Naomi Ruth said...

I would love to volunteer as a back-up, if you should need one. I don't think I'll be too awful busy this month or next so I would actually be able to read it within a month and everything. :) And you know I read way too much YA and know the market reasonably well.

Have a wonderful week! So excited about your book! :)

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