Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In Which We're Into 2011 And There's Still No Zombpoc*

* Zombpoc = zombie apocalypse

Well here we are, my first real post in 2011 (not counting the blogfests I participated in the last few days).

Also, you know what else happened with the passing of the year? We also passed my Blogoversary! That's right, I've been blogging for over 1 whole year. Yay! I blogged 215 times in 2010, which is not too shabby, if I say so myself.

Also with the new year comes new resolutions!

Let's take a look at my resolutions from last year:

2010 Resolutions

1. Start a Blog (Check. Also an extra check for not abandoning said blog)
2. Finish novel (double check. I finished 2 in 2010)
3. Eat healthier (ummm check? I mean there were certainly times where I ate healthy...)
4. Lose weight (no check. I don't remember what my weight was, but I'm probably more now)
5. Submit a query (no check. Though I tacked this one on there on the off chance I would do it)

Not so bad. Certainly the Finish Novel resolution had been on my plate for a few years. Only when I allowed myself to start a new novel did I finally complete it.

So, onto 2011 resolutions:

1. Query Glimpse of Another Shore
2. Finish another novel
3. Get Hole-Ridden published
4. Lose Weight
5. Read 55 books

1. 2011 is going to be my year of the query. This I vow. Not only am I going to query it, I want to start querying hopefully in the next 3-4 months or so. I am excited.

2. NaNo will help with this one

3. I think this is doable - I've been sitting on it a bit since I've been working on Glimpse. I need to send it out again and work on some edits for a mag that said they'd take a second look at it if I made it longer. *Crosses Fingers* (update: I've sent it out again. Already off to a good start!)

4. This is pretty much a constant goal in my life.
5. In 2010 I read 43 books. So I figured adding 12 more as a goal for 2011 would be a nice challenge, but hopefully not ridiculously tough. Then next year, I can adjust the number accordingly

Hmm, I think that may be all I have. Unless I can think of another one or two.
What are your Resolutions/Goals for 2011?


Anne said...

omg that last poster is so spot on!

where did you send out Hole Ridden? Did you update and send out, or just send elsewhere?

Anne said...

also, next year this time get ready to be celebrating a successful #4. because I AM GOING TO FORCE IT TO HAPPEN

Tony Benson said...

Well, you've had quite a busy year! Well done with your achievements in 2010 and a big 'good luck' for your plans for 2011. I hope it's a good year for you.

The Show Me Yours blogfest was my first ever as a participant, so a big thanks to you for hosting it. It's been a pleasure making new online writing friends and I hope to count you among them.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Anne - to cutting block press's horror anthology. And just as is since i haven't had time to make the changes.
And you're going to force me? Or both of us?

Tony - i'm glad you had fun! The writing blog community is awesome and I promise you will make awesome friends along the way. Everyone does

Lola Sharp said...

Mwahahaha!! That last! *chokes on laughter* SO freaking hi-lar-i-ous!!

Yeah. Well. With the crazy dead birds falling from the sky and stuff, maybe the zompoc is closer than we think. Dude. Some freaky sh1t, no?

Well done with the goals met and goals to come! :)

'11 is going to be my year of the query, too. I'm such a perfectionist, I have yet to query any of my novels. I swear, I'm not afraid of rejection. I'm afraid of the opposite...that they'll publish it and I'll read it and die of shame at all the things I want to tweak, improve.
Yeah. I'm disturbed. *sigh*

HUZZAH! Happy 2011, my sweet friend!
Here's to the year of the query. Cheers! *clink*


Rebecca T. said...

Yeah for completed goals! I hope you do well in the query process. You know we're all pulling for you :D

My main goal for this year is to re-write my NaNo novel. I was doing brainstorming last night to fix some of my holes and got so excited over it again which makes me really happy :D

Here's to a successful year to all!

Hannah Kincade said...

There is no try. Just do! It's a philosophy that works. I love that last poster and am now stealing it for my background...done.

As for resolutions, I don't do em. I will be covering my to-do list once finished, probably after my blogiversary on Sunday.

As for the working out bit, P90X yourself. It'll hurt. It'll hurt a lot but everyone I know who's done it, swears by it. I may borrow the discs from a coworker and P90x myself but it's not really on my to do list.

Yoga is on my list. Also reading more than I did last year and finishing a lot of books that I started but put down for one reason or another.

I WILL be writing another book before NaNo and then of course, there will be NaNo.

Summer Frey said...

I have some pretty hardcore writing goals this year, and since I'm starting nursing school come August, I'm aiming for them to all be accomplished in 8 months... crazy, yes. Doable? We'll see.

I love that last poster so much. I actually had a zombie dream last night. I was with my tactical team in a big Target, taking out zombies, except the only weapons I had were a broken 2x4 (which was really heavy in the dream) and a man's class ring that I was using to sucker punch zombies in the temple. And they wouldn't die like they do in L4D--they would just be stunned for a few minutes, just long enough to run into the next area. It was pretty wild...

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Yay! great goals. I'm with you on reading more books. I have a huge TBR pile. I'm also aiming to write 2 books this year. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting goal number three off to a great start! Being just five days into the year, that is definitely enviable.

Good luck with all of them!

Maria Zannini said...

Love the posters!!

And you've set good goals. I'm especially inspired by your reading goal.

yokohamamama said...

Happy New Year--and here's to putting big fat checks next to *all* your goals! I'd say you did pretty great in 2010 looking at that list of goals :-)) (...waiting for Glimpse of Another card is ready....a 500 word snippet was *not* enough!)

Justine Dell said...

Wait, you've never queried? Ever? Well, it's a journey, so I wish you the best of luck!

Your resolutions are great, and mine are similiar. ;-)


Anne Gallagher said...

2010 was good to you. You met me. hahahhahahahhhahah

2011 is definitely the Year of the Query! You go. I think Glimpse will go very far, and I only read two scenes.

All the best to you Sarah. You totally deserve it.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Lola - we are going to kick 2011's ass!

Rebecca - it's awesome that you still have excitement over it. That's one of the first things that goes for me

Hannah - i have been tempted by the p90x, but right now we're watching supernatural while working out and that's much cooler

Summer - that dream sounds awesome! I love dreams like that. Also, i think 8 months is totes doable.

Lindsay - my TBR pile is actually quite minimal right now. Under 6 i think, not counting the odd stephen king i've borrowed from my mom

Kelly - thanks! I got a response from them letting me know they got it and their reading time is under 6 months, and then i was sad cuz that's half a year

Maria - we'll see how the reading goal goes. I've already done one book, so so far, so good

Yokohama - aww thanks! And cross your fingers for it, because i still totally love that novel

Justine - nope. I've submitted short stories, and i've written queries, but nothing was ever to that point where it was ready to be sent off. I'm looking forward to it

Anne - Hah! Very true - i think 2011 is going to be a great year for all of us! I mean, we can't really go backwards in our writing dreams, so forewards is the only way to go!

aspiring_x said...

ooohhh!!!! your posters are so awesome!!!
let's hear it for the year of the query!!!! (and subsequently landing of an agent!!!))
*crosses fingers for you*

Jamie Gibbs (Mithril Wisdom) said...

Happy bloggiversary!
That first zombie apocalypse image is EPIC, by the way :)

My current goals are to get into a proper blogging schedule and to read a book every 10 days at least. I also want to network more; go to more signings, get some author interviews etc.

Matthew Rush said...

I've always called it a Zapolypse, but Zompoc is SO much cooler. Great goals! I'm looking forward to getting to watch you achieve success.

Shannon said...

Funny that we both posted about this today! We share similar goals. I'll hold you to yours if you hold me to mine! <3

KodasTotems said...

You mean I actually have to pick some solid, tangible goals...?

Okay, then

1.) Get into the habit of regular Yoga for an entire year (and beyond- or at least until the Zombpoc comes...)


2.) Finish my novel.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You can do it!
And I really dig that last image. That is so true. Especially at Walmart.

Cheree said...

Those are great posters. Good luck with your goals for this year. For me, I'm aiming to write a new project and start submitting my current work.

Holly Ruggiero said...

3 out of 5 not bad at all. Here’s to a great year all around the blogoshere.- Oh and happy blogiversary.

yokohamamama said...

Alex said:

" And I really dig that last image. That is so true. Especially at Walmart."

Bwahahahaha! (My kids are staring at me..."what's wrong with mama?")

OMG--I'll never be able to walk into a Walmart with a straight face again...:-))

Charli Mac said...

Stoked to have found your blog. My resolution is to finish the MS that has been finished 20 times already!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Aspiring - that would be awesome But i'll settle for sending a query out. I'm rocking the baby steps

Jamie - yeah, a zombpoc at a playground would be awesome! Networking sounds like fun, but also a lot of work

Matthew - awww thanks pal! Next time you're up here, we gots to hang out!

Shannon - LOL done! That's half the reason i like blogging - it holds me accountable to things

Kodas - Hah! tangible goals are pretty awesome. And yours sound great! I bet yoga really helps when you're escaping from zombies. Also your dogs can help you catch food!

Alex - LOL walmart! And yeah it is. I had to post both images because they were both full of win

Cheree - yay good times! Good luck on both endeavors!

Holly - thanks! And i agree, the blog community is going to rock 2011

Yokahama - So true. I assume they don't have walmarts in Japan, though. Do they?

Charli - 21st time's the charm!

Shelley Sly said...

Great list of goals you have there! I know you can accomplish each one of them, and I wish you the best as you check them off one by one. :) I think I'll be querying a lot this year too. Here's hoping for an agent for both of us.

Happy Blogoversary!

Teebore said...

My resolutions are always the same. Write more. Spend less. Get in shape.

My success in each is told in the fact that I continue to have those resolutions every year.

Congrats on the blogaversary. Amassing approximately 1,526,954 followers in one year is impressive. ;)

Nate Wilson said...

And here I've been saying "zombpocalypse" the whole time. I feel like such a fool!

And I don't make resolutions. I make decrees. I decree I will (finally) finish the first draft of my novel, get back down to my fighting weight (i.e. the weight I was back when I punched that wall), and eat lots and lots of ice cream. You may think #s 2 & 3 contradict each other, but there's nothing you can do about it; it has been decreed!

Ellie said...

No zombie apocalypse? We'll have to do something about that...

Great resolutions. You can do it!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Shelly - Yay! That would indeed be awesome

Teebore - "how can you measure, measure a year?"

Nate - you are possibly one of the coolest people ever. EVER.

Ellie - yeah i really wish it would just start already

Naomi Ruth said...

Zombpoc. I love that term.

Yay for finishing goals! I don't do resolutions, but I do set goals. Mine last year was to edit and query a book. I edited so this year I'm going to query and lang an agent, so that way I know I'll get at least the first half done.

Here's to a New Year and the completion of goals! *raises glass*

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