Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Which I Accomplish Things


A list of things I accomplished on my short hiatus:

1. Finished reading Glimpse out loud
2. Wrote my synopsis
3. Edited my synopsis
4. Judged youth poems for an annual B&N Poetry Contest with Hannah and Teebore. All time favorite poem? "Video Games Rule! (except for educational and baby ones)"
5. Tweaked Glimpse
6. Decided to test the query waters with Glimpse first, before I make any more large changes
7. Began to psych myself up for querying
8. Finished Elana's Possession

I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but hell if I can remember it.
All right! Share with me some of your recent accomplishments - I want to hear all about them so I can cheer you on!


Anne Gallagher said...

If you're missing anything I can't find it.

Yay, you're jumping into the query waters. And that's good, agent feedback is important before you tweak again. But I love that story and I don't think you need to do anything to it.

Good luck.

Anne said...

red. no BLUE!

Talli Roland said...

Wow, you've been busy! Sounds like you've accomplished a lot. Good luck with the query waters!

Summer Frey said...

I have made no accomplishments, except today I might finish my WIP. Might. Maybe.

Jaydee Morgan said...

Congrats on your accomplishments! My recent accomplishment? I'm still working on them ;)

aspiring_x said...

whoohoo! sarah! way to make that synopsis submit! YAY!!!
i've just been working on art stuff.

Patti said...

Looks like to accomplished a lot, congrats.

Teebore said...

I...made it back from Nashville. And judged those poems.

That is all. :(


Matthew MacNish said...

I've done nothing as cool as you lately, hated day job has been getting relentlessly in the way.

Oh, I beat Dead Space 2. Yeah, snore.

Lindsay said...

Yay to achievements. I've done edits and read 7 books, but nothing much more than that. lol.

Kittie Howard said...

Wow, you've accomplished a lot! Congrats! I need some of your energy!

Hope you swim nicely in the query waters.

Holly Ruggiero said...

Oh, that is a lot. Go on in jump, make a big splash, and hopefully an agent will pull you in.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Anne - i'm still just wondering if 3rd POV would suit it better. I guess we'll see what happens

Anne - we need to watch that again like right now

Talli - thanks! Though it was all spread out over a week

Summer - DO IT!!! I know you can!

Jaydee - No worries! It's not a race. To each their own

Aspiring - awww thanks! And art stuff totes counts!!

Patti - thanks! I just wanted to show that my time away from people's blogs actually came to some sort of fruition

Teebore - but now Seasame Street teaches you how to read. Not at all. And judging those poems was a huge accomplishment in and of itself

Matthew - good to know. Portal 2 comes out today, so we're pretty psyched for the science to do

Lindsay - 7 books is a hella lot. My reading has slowed down some, which kinda bums me out

Kittie - i hope it's nice and warm. Like a hottub

Holly - thanks! I'm gonna cannonball the hell out of it!

Al said...

I'm 2/3 of the way through the first draft of my WIP

Nate Wilson said...

Well done! You've gotten far more accomplished than I have lately. Although I did manage to edit a short story last week, all I've really been doing is reading through the alphabet. I've been at it all month, and I'm still only 69% of the way through...

Lola Sharp said...

Well done, Sarah. Well done. *applauds*
I've been a busy bee...but no time to write my list, plus, most of it isn't interesting.

Also, I know you know H told me...and YAY! :) *hugs*
I shall email you my response to her.


Janel said...

Let's see, I managed to change my blog template without scaring the dog and children while cursing . . . and finally joined Twitter - and now love it to death.

yokohamamama said...

You got the hated synopsis done? Well, good on you, girl! *Well* done! And querying Glimpse? Need somebody (who wants to read it real bad!) to...lean on some publishers? (Like I'm such a heavyweight, know what I'm sayin'). Just--wow! You got so much done, you *win*. You got way more done than I did. I got distracted by spiders....

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Al - Woo Hoo! All that train riding is just speeding you along!

Nate - well, to be fair, i purposely didn't join the A to Z fun because i knew i'd have a lot of other stuff i'd need to get done

Lola - Yay! Thanks! 'm still excited

Janel - i'm still holding off on the twitter bug, though now that Hannah has joined, it's siren call is even more beautiful

Yokohama - i did indeed. Parts of it was harder than expected, but most of it wasn't too bad. I'll let you know if i need some hired goons...

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