Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In Which I Change My Schedule

How was the holiday for everyone (and by everyone I mean people who didn't have to work and who live in the states)?

Was the weather nice? Did you do anything fun?

We played a couple hours worth of badminton (because the weather was AWESOME - not even a hint of rain and very little wind), grilled some Mongolian beef skewers and had a good time.

Of course a couple of hours of badminton takes it's toll and by the evening we were exhausted and sore - almost more so than when we played paintball a few weeks ago. So we watched a movie and some River Monsters and then went to bed.

Which is why this post is so late because I totes forgot to write one yesterday. My bad (hmm, do people still say that?)

Anyway I've been toying with the idea of cutting down a bit on my blog postings. It seems to be a bit of a current trend, to cut down to MWF, and I, too, had been pondering this for a few weeks as well. This way I can read and comment on more blogs and get more work done on the WIP. And if I ever feel the need to write an additional post, well then I have room!

So going forward, the new plan will be MWF (this week will be a bit wonky) with an extra post here or there when the urge strikes me. Come winter I may go back to the 5 posts a week, but we'll make the decision once the snow starts to fly again.

Yay summer!

Later this week:

Adorableness x5!!!


Summer said...

How'd you find a picture of my goldfish?

My Memorial Day was good. It rained on and off every half hour here, which was a good backdrop to watching 13 episodes of LOST. :-) We're now 10 episodes into season 4.

MWF is good. Not only does it help out the blogger, but it helps out those who read the blogger when there's not great content every day. :-)

Simon C. Larter said...

Yup. You and everyone else. Cutting back on the ol' blog postage to work on WIPs and other stuff.

It's all good, though. If we can get more fiction written, it'll help in the long run. Good luck, good lady! (And I still say "my bad," fyi.)

Teebore said...

I had a good Memorial Day: slept in, went to the dog park, did some needed housecleaning and watched a history doc (since that seemed appropriately Memorial Day-y).

MWF works for me; makes me seem like less of a slacker. ;)

Falen said...

Summer - Ha! and yay for Lost!

Simon - it will indeed. it just seems more manageable

Teebore - did you eat any good foods?

Teebore said...

did you eat any good foods?

We had fajitas yesterday, utilizing some stew meat we had in the freezer that wasn't going to be made into stew cuz its way too hot for that.

We did the traditional hot dog/hamburger BBQ thing the night before with some friends.

Piedmont Writer said...

M-W-F seems to be the way to go over the summer. I might even do just M-Th. Which leaves more wiggle room.

I cleaned the house this weekend. Super Clean. It rained and and rained and rained so we couldn't even grill.

DEZMOND said...

I've also noticed a lot of people are cutting down on their blog postings. I thought summer is giving energy to most people, but I guess I was wrong :)

Christine Danek said...

I hear ya on cutting back. I'm trying to do the same. Good luck.
That is one heck of a fish.
Happy writing!

Kay said...

Who said fish don't have teeth?

Whatever, a lot of people seem to be cutting back. But -- if most are blogging MWF, would a TThSat schedule work better?

Palindrome said...

I got over a cold while watching movies, recorded TV, and spending time with Sam. It was pretty low key. I wanted to go swimming but that was happening on Saturday and I was feeling really bad that day.

That's pretty much it. Oh and I ate some buffalo burgers.


Falen said...

Teebore - boo on fajitas. But that's just due to my dislike of mexican

Piedmont - one of the best things in the world is having a super clean house

Dezmond - yeah i thought it would be that way too, but i guess not. I forget that summer = busy time

Christine - i would freak out, and maybe die, if i caught that fish. Or even saw it in a lake

Kay - that does make sense except i am awol from the interwebs on the weekend

Palindrome - awww! I want to go swimming! Friday would have been the best day for it too.
Where did you eat your bison? We used to occasionally get it from Festival, but their supplier went out of business. le sigh.

Anonymous said...

I took a huge step back from the blogging world last week and this weekend. I'm posting when I have ideas and when I get the chance but otherwise I'm just kind of here there and everywhere. I hope that your new schedule works out for you!

*Summer happy dance*

Anne said...

haha- i know what the adorableness is, and yet i'm STILL excited

Summer FTW on the goldfish comment

Max Evel said...

Love the River Monsters !

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I'm totally not going into the lake this summer...Thanks Sarah!

My weekly goal is to make three posts, so I get what you are saying. I was posting 5 days a week, but it gets a bit overwhelming...and being brilliant five days a week, let's be real...I'm ummm not that brilliant...

Have a good one!

Lola Sharp said...

River Monsters!!

Glad you had a fun weekend.
(dude, paintball HURTS. I was bruised for DAYS. But uber fun, so worth it.)

zz said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!

So, wow you all post A LOT! That's so great (are you reading the underlying tone of envy??). But seriously, I'm working on increasing how much I post, I've been in a one a week rut for a while...

Falen said...

Elle - yeah i think my small blogging hiatus while i was on vacay really served as a wakeup call

Anne - heck, i'm planning it and am excited!

Max - yeah we loves that show

Sharon - i don't even think i'm that brilliant 3 days a week

Lola - the fun is totally worth any pain!

ZZ - well i'm a bit envious of your one post a week...

Southpaw said...

Boy it’s a good thing my heron wasn’t fishing for that fish!

Our “summer” started with torrential thunderstorms.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It was a good weekend.
And that's one hell of a fish!

Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

I love, love, love River Monsters! I think it's so interesting! Did you see the one with the six foot stingray? So cool and she had her babies right then and there! They were sooooo cute!

xoxo -- Hilary

Falen said...

Southpaw - i think that goliath tigerfish would have no problems eating your heron... sadface

Alex - i freak out when i know there are muskie where i'm swimming. no thanks on the tigerfish

Hilary - yes we did! It was an awesome episode and those baby stingrays needed hugs!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Dude, I did not give you permission to post a picture of me yawning! And I thought we were friends...


Yeah, I suppose a regular schedule for blogging would be a good idea. But I'm so very bad with schedules. I'm pretty sure my toddler was on time to preschool like more than fifteen times this year, possibly seventeen times. Maybe someday I'll get on the ball.

This weekend was mega hot and I was very sweaty. Also I shopped for some yummy clothes, which are totally hot, too, but only because the clerk picked them out. I had to ask if one item was a skirt or a dress. I'm fairly clueless with clothes and only manage by the grace of shop clerks and fashionable friends. But all in all, successful weekend.

Shelley Sly said...

Glad you had a great Memorial Day weekend! We saw "How To Train Your Dragon" at the $3.00 theater in town. It was worth much more than $3.00. Really good movie.

I'd cut back on a MWF schedule too, except I'm on no schedule... I've hardly been posting lately, due to lack of time.

Anonymous said...

My schedule is to post once a week, usually on the weekend, so I have time for my wips.

When I opened your page, I saw the man's head, and then that fish came as a gruesome surprise.

AchingHope said...

Yup. I continued my trend and worked on the Holiday.

Of course, the only holiday I ever think is interesting is Arbor Day, and people don't let you take that day off as a Holiday.

Glad you enjoyed, and that pic seriously creeps me out. I am hiding in my bed now.

Falen said...

Carolina - now that i think about it I am pro schedule. huh. never realized that before.
Yay new clothes! I love clothes shopping

Shelley - oh that is such an awesome movie. I'm going to need to own it on bluray

Medeia - i was super excited when i found a pic of the episode we had just watched

Aching - we pretty much enjoy any holiday where we get to eat good food. Thanksgiving and christmas eve are big ones in my fam

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