Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Which I Share A Squee Update

So the piggies were here for three weeks and then we sent them back to the shelter for adoption. Well all of them except for the one we kept. More on that later.

Last time we hadn't yet named all the babies because we weren't quite sure of their genders. Once we were more sure about those, we finalized names.

Waffles ended up being the only boy. Which is kind of a bummer because it means he can't be adopted out with any of his family. After his first week of exploration he turned into a mama's boy and stuck faithfully by her side. The last few days of his stay he began rumblestrutting (which is a dance boars do to show the ladies how studly they are) which was adorable. His sisters just rolled their eyes since they knew he still lived with him mom.

Update: Waffles was adopted by a man who had adopted another male pig in 2009, so hopefully he'll have a pal at home

Dopple kept her outgoing attitude. She was never overly afraid to be out and about. One day she'll probably be a boss sow in her cage.

Update: Dopple was adopted by a very nice family with children that are very excited to have her

It took us a bit of time to name this little darling. At first she went by Curly Sue. But we really didn't like that name. After a few days of thought we came up with Miggory Sow, which is the name of the pig girl from Despereaux. It's fitting because she's a plump little piggie, much bigger than all her siblings. If there were veggies to eat, you could find Miggory getting in some noms.

This little gal was by far the prettiest of all her sisters (sorry, the pic is kinda crap because she's squirmy). She was incredibly soft and had giant Disney doe eyes. We named her Lacey, since it seemed to fit her delicate nature. She was adorable but difficult to hold and seemed to always feel she was going to get eaten

We named this little girl Blousey after a character from a favorite childhood movie (Bugsey Malone). She's a little plain (with her roman nose and curly whiskers) compared to her sisters. Never too brave, but never too scared either. She'll be an easy keeper pig for whoever is lucky enough to get her.

Update: Lacey and Blousey were adopted out together

Mama pig, who's name is Nixie, was always very demanding of veggies. Whenever she heard any bag rustle anywhere in the house, she assumed it was because you were about to feed her something nommy and she would wheek and wheek. She was an easy pig to hold and a good mother, attentive but not too bossy or smothering.

So after all that you're probably wondering which one we kept. We couldn't keep Waffles because he's a boar. Also Nixie was kind of out because it's much easier to introduce a baby pig than an adult.

The one we adopted was...


It was a difficult choice, but Miggory won us over with her awesome name, her chubby stature and her general cuteness. I mean, check out this smile:

We're really hoping that the rest of the pig family will get adopted out in pairs. Hopefully a set of sisters and mom and a daughter.

So the adventure of baby pigs is over once again. They were a lot of work, but there wasn't a moment that went by where they didn't make you smile with their popcorning, their wheeking and their general adorableness.

Here's hoping they find long and happy homes.


Kristi said...

The pictures of these little guys just MADE my day! How precious! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your newest addition! :-)

Piedmont Writer said...

Aw Crap Sarah, you make me want to rush right out and get one for Monster Baby. I love the name Miggery Sow. (Awesome movie too)

Anne said...

umm...what, no popcorn video?

Falen said...

Kristi - glad i could help!

Piedmont - i remember when our mom brought home our first piggie. We were 7 and brother was in kindegarten. They're great pets

Anne - yeah i was too lazy

Jaydee Morgan said...

Congrats on your new addition :)

Summer said...

I just have to say, rumblestrutting is the best word ever.

I love the baby guineas! So glad they all did well. And what a cute one you kept! :-)

Erica Mitchell-Spickard said...

They're all so cuuuute. I love the name Miggory and agree with Summer the word rumblestrutting has to be one of the best words ever. I'm glad they have good homes and the pics made my morning (after I read my list of comparisons again I saw these so it's a good morning) Thanks for sharing :)

Anne said...


boo on laziness! And this from the person who was soooooo bored yesterday.
i did all the work uploading and saving them. all you had to do was post it

for shame

Janel said...

What a big old bundle of cuteness! My daughter was awww-ing away when I showed her this post.

Matthew Rush said...

That first one looks a little like an S.O.S. pad ... very cute though!

Falen said...

Jaydee - thanks!

Summer - isn't it though? And so fitting too

Erica - those comparisons were AWESOME

Anne - blah blah blah. It would have involved me sitting in the office and i was tired of being in there

Janel - yeah the were pretty cute

Mathew - yeah with all that curly fur. But he was much softer than he looked

j.leigh.bailey said...

Miggory Sow totally does have a sweet smile! That's awesome. Congrats on taking care of them so well. I'm sure they'll love their new families. :)

Palindrome said...

I still want Waffles for to keep and waffles for to eat.

But Miggory Sow is delightful. I'll say hi next time I'm over playing Rock Band!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm sure Miggory Sow will have a great life with you.

Southpaw said...

They are just the cutest little piggies!

Falen said...

J Liegh - yeah i pretty much squealed when i saw how that picture turned out

Palindrome - you know, i don't actually like waffles the food. or pancakes.

Alex - yeah the spoiling she'll get from the veggie garden alone with keep her plump and happy

Southpaw - yeah. I miss them already

Stark Raving Zen said...

So CUTE Sarah!!! I want one!! (Not really, but still, they're SO damn cute.)

Al said...

Cute, dangerously cute.
I am not letting any of the female members of my family see this post!

Watery Tart said...

They are SO CUTE! I'm glad most of them have found good homes!

Falen said...

Zen - i dunno, Arya would thank you forever if you got her a gpig. She could watch it all day. It's like dog TV

Al - hah! dangerously cute is awesome

Tart - yeah we knew they'd get adopted quickly (i mean, the CUTENESS!)

Creepy Query Girl said...

Awe, frickin adorable!

DEZMOND said...

I have an appetite for some cheese now :)

Lisa and Laura said...

Oh, they're adorable! I hope they have very happy lives.

Anonymous said...

Eeee!!! Bebbeh piggehs! Eee!!!

Hi, I just surfed in because I was Googling for photos of Jon Singer. (No, doesn't make any sense to me either.) But, as you can see, GPs kinda catch my eye.


Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

wow! You have so many pigs! I remember when, due to fostering, we had a total of 12 pigs in our house, and that was SO MANY

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