Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Which I Share A SQUEE!


Have you prepared yourself for some ultimate squee-age?

Because I'm not joking. The cute factor here is enough to slug you in the face and knock out a tooth. It's THAT CUTE.

You. Have. Been. Warned.

I think I've mentioned before that Twin is a supervisor at one of our local shelters here. We often open our home for fostering little critters (can't do cats due to Brother's allergies, and we're full up on dogs. Also George hates other dogs)

We've had gerbils, squirrels and guinea pigs. A lot of guinea pigs. Once we had a total of 12 guinea pigs at one time, 7 of them babies.

Last week 2 guinea pigs came into one of the shelters. The family was moving. Also, they suspected the female was pregnant. She was, and had babies almost immediately. Which means fostering for 3 weeks.

You'd better believe we jumped all over that.


They're 3 days old in these pics (now they're 5). It's pretty difficult to sex baby guinea pigs when they're this little (even with Twin's expert (and I'm only exaggerating slightly here) guinea pig knowledge and skills) but we think the black one is probably a boy. He may be the only one.

Once we're more firm about their genders, we'll pick names. Though I've thrown out Waffles for the black one. And the white one with gray ears we've been calling Dopple (short for doppelganger since she looks so much like mom)

"Waffles" and "Dopple" are the only two babies that explore by themselves. The other 3 stay glued to mom.

Also, it's looking very very likely that we will be keeping one. Twin has room in her cage for 3-4 pigs and right now, she has 2.

Godiva. Sweet and in charge

Amelia - don't look too close. She'll bite you if you disrespect her

We had 3 but Godiva's sister Isabeau (Bo-bo for short) died unexpectedly a few months ago.

we still miss her a lot

So far, one of those curly haired pigs are looking like favorites for a permanent home here, but we can't rule out Dopple or any of the other girls...


Summer said...


I love baby guineas!!!! Totally precious!

DL Hammons said...

I used to have a guinea pig when I was 12. When he was KNEW it! He could really squeal!!

Cute pics!

Joan Crawford said...

Ahhh! So cute! Isabeau was so pretty! I have never seen one with those markings; she was like the Siamese cat of the guinea pig world.
Do they neuter guinea pigs? I mean...they're so small.

Piedmont Writer said...

I made the foolish mistake of showing Monster Baby the pics. Stupid stupid Mommy!

Palindrome said...

SQUEE!! You llived up your promise of much cuteness. They fit in your hand! I used to have a guinea pig named Patches because she had brown patches. What? It's not like I want to be a writer or anything.

thanks for the much needed cuteness!!


Anne said...

@Joan- very astute! Yep- she was a Himalayan.

It's amazing how even though Bo Bo was a shy pig, her absence is very obvious- the whole cage dynamic has changed and seems very diminished somehow. sad boosh.

But seriously- if anyone is in the MN- Twin Cities area (or is willing to travel for pick up) and would be interested in adopting one (or better yet, 2- Pigs do best in pairs or more), just let me know. for reals.
*cough* Palindrome *cough*

Anne said...

@ Joan- i forgot the rest of your question.

Yes- you can neuter and spay guinea pigs. However, because the surgery is pretty invasive, most people elect to leave females intact and neuter males. Then the boys can live pleasantly with a harem of female cage mates (intact boys can live successfully together, but it takes a little more work than mixing females- they're generally more easygoing)

@ Falen- thanks for the guinea pig compliment

JustineDell said...

I've never had one, but man, those little guys/gals are too adorable!!

Oh no, I might have to add to my funny farm now. ;-)


Tara said...

SQUEEEE!!! I love guinea pigs. So. Cute. I want them all!

Falen said...

Summer - even after all the babies we've housed, these ones may be the cutest EVAH!

DL - ours always squeal when they hear plastic bags rustling, because they know that's where veggies come from

Joan - i think you can pretty much neuter everything

Piedmont - aww - we had a piggy growing up named Corky. Must have been about 6-7 when we got her. They're great kid pets

Palindrome - awww cute! we had one growing up as well named corky because she was, well brown i guess. OH wait, i remmeber, our mom saw one at our brother's pre-school show and tell. It's name was Porky. She thought it was so cute she went out and got one for us and named it Corky. Our mom was awesome

Anne - well it's pretty true

Justine - they are such awesome little pets!

Tara - i know! It's probably going to be hard to pick one to keep

Mary_not_Martha said...

SQUEEEE!!! My son got a guinea pig about three months ago. I never knew a pet,other than a cat or dog, that would forceably snuggle under your chin! The babies are adorable. I can't wait to show my son!

Lola Sharp said...

SQUEEEEE!!! Cuteness satisfaction complete. :)

Obvs, Dopple and Waffle must be kept. They're named adventurers.

If I didn't live so far away, I'd take one or two off your hands.

Janel said...

Those pics are a week's worth of cuteness all wrapped up into one post! Too cute!!

Jaydee Morgan said...

I'll let everyone else cover the squee's....mine is more like a yelp of terror. I love animals but the rodent-types freak me out.

I think you're doing a great thing though :)

G.~ said...

Oh. My. Gosh. They are soooo cute. I like the black one, Waffle, I think he's my favorite. They look so shiny and clean.

Erica Mitchell-Spickard said...

Super cute! I love the name Dopple. There sooooo small *squeee*

KM said...

Haha awww! One of my friends used to have 2 guinea pigs, and she would talk to them. Like, not TALK talk. She would imitate their little squeak noises, and they would squeak back at her. It was hilarious. Of course, we were also like 12, so it might not be as funny now. lol Cute pics!

DEZMOND said...

oh, rodents are the only animals, beside birds, that I don't really like being around :) even though they can look cute in pictures.

Alexandra Shostak said...

Oh man. That's so cute it hurts.

Excuse me, I have to go squeeze my kitten now.

Shannon said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

They are SO sweet!

j.leigh.bailey said...

I've never seen baby guinea pigs. They are absolutely adorable. Now I want one, but I'm pretty sure my fat monster of a cat would object.

Matthew Rush said...

OMG! If you train them to be secret agents you'll have your own G-Force.


Teebore said...

Ah! The cuteness! It's too much!

@Palindrome: I used to have a guinea pig named Patches because she had brown patches. What? It's not like I want to be a writer or anything.

That's about as bad the Pound Puppy I named...Poundy. Way to go, genius.

Are we in the wrong biz? ;)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Okay, they are cute.

Watery Tart said...

They are SOOOOOO CUTE! You know though... Waffle and Dopple are venturing out because they are secure in their identities... having names and all... I think you should name the others...

Callie Forester said...

These guys are too adorable! I love guineas. we had them for ages, and they were so cute. all full up on pets right now though--my husband put his foot down. (five dogs, five cats)

Our contest at Chimera is over--I was writing everyone to tell them to come vote in our poll for the top three names. :) But, there are still a ton of names in the comments, you should check them out. I'll bet you could come up with some cute names for the remaining guineas! :)

Falen said...

Mary - they sure can be super cuddlebugs

Lola - it's going to be really hard to pick just one

Janel - it's even better living with them! Cuteness abounds at all hours

Jaydee - but they're so soft and squeaky!

G - he was automatically a favorite since he looks so different from his siblings

Erica - i wish i could take credit for Dopple, but that was Twin's idea

KM - no, that story is still cute

Dezmond - then you probably shouldn't visit because we have rodent AND birds!

Alexandra - awww! Give that kitty an extra squish for me!

j.leigh - object? or thank you...?

Mathew - HA! So many people asked Twin if she was going to see that movie. She likes piggies, but she likes good movies more...

Teebore - pshaa. I have a plush rabbit named Bunny...

Alex - of course they are! I wouldn't like about cuteness

Tart - yeah we'll pick names just as soon as we're more sure about their genders. We had an issue like that with our last litter when we had to rename one of the girls "edwin"

Callie - and i thought 3 dogs was a lot of work!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

We had baby guinea pigs once - my kids were beyond excited - and they are OMG cute!!! I love them. Now, I think I want another guinea pig (for my kids, of course). LOL! :-)

DEZMOND said...

"Dezmond - then you probably shouldn't visit because we have rodent AND birds!"

OK, call me for a visit when you buy some elephants or raccoons :)

Falen said...

Shannon - that's right..."for the kids..."

Dezmond - OMG - I LOVE ELEPHANTS!! i even have an elephant tatoo!

Southpaw said...

A big giant AWWWWWWW! They are super cute.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

So so so so cute!! What beautiful little luvies. Thanks for sharing them!!

Christine H said...

Oh my gosh, they are CUTE!

You are the 50th follower on my blog. Thank you for joining! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your comments. It's always good to have other fantasy writers to bounce ideas off of.

Anne said...

@Dezmond- we don't want raccoons in this area- they carry a zoonotic tapeworm that can be fatal to humans.
so even though they're thanks

Falen said...

Southpaw - thanks! They're especially cute when they race around

Carolina - can't keep all that cute bottled up for myself

Christine - i was super excited to find another fantasy blogger. We're surprisingly rare

Anne - pshaa. i'd take a baby racoon. Assuming it wasn't disease ridden

AchingHope said...

Oh my goodness, those are adorable. I've had guinea pigs before, but never babies.


And I had a guinea pig that looked very similar to Amelia, only he was a boy.

Oh, and I had one named Hope once, and we thought it was a girl, and it wasn't. It was, however, allergic to sunlight which was a long, weird story.

Yay for the new babies! :D

AchingHope said...

Okay, I was scrolling down and saw the pics again and I just wanted to leave another


Okay. That's all.

Falen said...

Aching - LOL no worries. i think i've looked at the pictures a dozen times when i could just go in the next room and hold one

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Oh. My. Goodness! Those are the CUTEST things EVAR!

I got an albino guinea pig when I was about 8 and Snowflake lived a long and happy life. If I lived closer I would come and steal one of those from you :)

(P.S. I know I'm Uber late on this, but somehow my life got eaten and I'm not even sure by what, but now I'm trying to catch up on EVERYTHING I missed!)

Falen said...

Sonshine - no worries. we all get busy at some point (and i know you were at BEA...*jealous*)

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