Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Fun Words

Hiya Ape-friends! How have you been? Good I hope.

I was sick over the weekend. I know, bummer, right? First I threw up some, then I drooled a lot, and then in the morning I didn't want ANY breakfast. Shocking, right? I know. I didn't get my girlish figure by skipping meals, no sir.

Then I threw up some more.

Mommy made a vet appointment, and they agreed to squeeze me in, even though they were booked.
Now I know some dogs don't like the vet, but they're crazy. I LOVE THE VET.
First off, I get tons of attention. Which is what I deserve of course. Sometimes I get treats too! And if there's other dogs there, I just tell them to back off, since this is my shining moment.

Anyway, when Mommy took down my leash and collar, well I knew we were going somewhere awesome, so I ran around and teased George and junk.

Mommy then decided I must be feeling better so she cancelled the vet appointment.
Can you BELIEVE that? What a jerk move Mommy, even if I was feeling better.


(the words were a bit sparse this week, so I've thrown in two LOLCats at the bottom to spruce things up a bit)

Dinesses - Duchesses who dine. I want that job. Royalty AND eating? yeah, sign me up

Dacided - when some jerk doesn't know how to pronounce "decided" correctly

Derbyo - When you're "heading out to the Kentucky Derby, Yo". I know, it's a bit of a stretch.

Graut - grateful Krauts

I dunno about you, but I'm not overly grateful for this...

See you next Friday!


Al said...

Watch out for the ninja kitty!
Definitely worse then the vet!

Piedmont Writer said...

Oh Yvie, I'm so sorry you were so sick. Were you eating something you weren't supposed to be??? Like something from Mommy's garden?

I love derbyo this week. I think it's fun.

Hope you feel better.

Holly Ruggiero, Southpaw said...

Poor little Yvie. I'm glad your feeling better.

Maria Zannini said...

Poor baby! How are you feeling now?

Jaydee Morgan said...

Glad to hear that Yvie is feeling better :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Janel said...

I hope Yvie is A-OK now! Tummy troubles aren't fun for doggies or their mommies. BTW, Coop is the same way at the vet. He scared a vet tech co-op the last time. He just wanted to say Hi and she thought he was trying to get her!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yvie, even if you didn't get to go to the vet, glad you feel better.
Like the Ninja kitten!

Falen (Sarah) said...

Al - ninja kittehs think they're so great with their ninja claws

Piedmont - it was a mystery. didn't eat anything weird, just felt oogy. nothing beats a leash cure, though

Holly - thanks! the leash was an immediate cure

maria - back to her normal, sassy self

jaydee - thanks! and i'm so so so glad it's the weekend

Janel - silly vet tech. Can't she tell he just needs love?

Alex - he just blends in so well...

Joan Crawford said...

Look at your adorable rounded little (well, quite large, actually, but it suits you, m'lady) ears!

I love how Yvie can convey doubt mixed with apathy in her little face. She is the only dog I have seen do this. It's as if she says "I almost care about what you have to say to me."

Matthew Rush said...

Okay technically Puffins gotta puff is not a LOLCATZ, but it is awesome. Also Ninja Kitteh is incredible. More also Sauerkraut is only edible in VERY specific situations, which are rare, otherwise it's gross.

As to the WVs this week - thank you. I always look SO forward to your post, thanks Yvie!

Today's guest blogger is Rose Cooper!

Teebore said...

Haha! Tricked by mom.

Sauerkraut rules...

Bossy Betty said...

Hope you feel better soon and you get some high intensity great treatment!

Love the LOL cat!

BlackRoseofLight94 said...

Derbyo - I liked it.

And felt accomplished for knowing what the Kentucky Derby was.

Ninja kitty!

Shelley Sly said...

Aww, I hope you're feeling better, Yvie!

I like "dacided" -- I can so hear the type of people who say that. Haha.

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Hope you're feeling better, Yvie.

Palindrome said...

I'm with Teebore! Give me some Kraut!!

Lola Sharp said...

I liked derbyo too. (spell check is not letting me override the spelling...I'm bitch slapping it into submission.)

Love the ninja kitteh. (more bitch slapping of the spell checker)

And, glad Yvie is feeling spunky and yack-free.

Happy Weekend!
Lola---> out.

Talli Roland said...

Glad Yvie is feeling better! How cruel to cancel her trip. :)

I like derbyo.

Falen (Sarah) said...

thanks everyone - i love that ninja kitteh, and can't stop looking at his crazy camo.

also kraut is gross

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