Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Fun Words

You'll never believe what happened on Sunday!

So Mom was writing out blog posts and I was sitting next to her when we heard a sound we had never heard before.

Fwwwooooshhhiiiissss is more or less what it sounded like.

Well of course George and I started barking. It was an emergency after all, a strange sound can be a dangerous thing...

So Mom got up (we let her go first because, you know, strange sound...) and walked into the dining room.

And what did we find? Tula's dog food bag tipped over and spilled ALL OVER THE FLOOR!

Of course Mom kept us out of there while she cleaned it up. But there was no way she could get every piece of kibble. That was when George and I got to go in and clean up the rest of it.

It was like a second breakfast!

Anyway, I thought I'd just share my bit of luck before we got into the words.

Obsoles - shoes that are no longer required

Pocardot - freckles on the Queen of Spades (this one is a bit of a stretch)

Explo - detonations for those people who are short on time

Liger - this is already a real word

Unwoody - what a beaver eats when they go on a diet (on a side note, in case you didn't know this, one of my many nicknames is Beaver)

Curefad - clearly when a cure is popular (like feeding everything antibiotics!)

Xpert - when someone is no longer vivacious

Bark at ya next week, ape friends!


Sandi Delia said...

Laughing my butt fave is explo.

I can't imagine the chaos of an entire bag of dog food falling over and then trying to keep my dog from scarfing it all up. There would have been an Explo of yelling in our house, that's for sure.

MeganRebekah said...

LOL! What a cute dog :)

And I've definitely had this happen to me too. I frantically order the dogs out (meaning I physically block them with a leg or foot) and clean it up before they overpower me and dig in.

DEZMOND said...

Falen, HOLLYWOOD SPY has put you in his blogroll since he loves whenever you drop buy over there for a bit of movie chat :)
Just wanted to let you know that.

Falen said...

Sandi - it was indeed a moment of utter shock. Good thing we have baby gates.

Megan - thanks! Yours is adorable too! Yeah i think all three of us just stood there in shock, and luckily i got my wits back faster

Dezmond - Thanks! I love your blog, but sometimes have to wait to watch the videos on my laptop (since work comp blocks them. sigh)

Teebore said...

Second breakfasts rule!

I like explo. And still think it's lame that liger is a real word.

Lola Sharp said...

Second breakfasts do indeed rule. I second that motion.
Are you a Frenchie? You're cute.

I too like explo.

Southpaw said...

Oh, happy, happy doggies.

Piedmont Writer said...

Good Morning Yvie, I'm so glad you and George were there to help Mommy figure out the strange noise. You are the BEST dog in the universe. And I love unwoody this week. I've known some beavers that need to diet.

Anne said...

You got your wits back fast enough to snap a photo

Teebore- i like your new avatar, but i'll miss Zoidberg Jesus

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nothing like second breakfast!

Falen said...

Teebore - yeah at first i was excited when Liger showed up. Then i was sad. I wish i had a second breakfast right now...

Lola - frenchie indeed! And we should all go out and eat a second breakfast right now. mmmm

Southpaw - they were pretty frantic at first, trying to get more kibble than the other

Piedmont - i don't know if i know of any beavers that don't need to diet. They're huge!

Anne - i almost didn't. But i was pretty mad at you and then i thought, this is one of those things i should take a picture of to show her HOW MUCH cleaning i had to do

Alex - do you think second breakfast serves the same food as first breakfast? is their bacon and eggs in both? or maybe one is more like a danish breakfast

Teebore said...

@Anne: don't worry; Zoidberg Jesus will be back in due time.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

LOL! I like explo and xpert. The x thing is coincidental, btw. :-)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

I love breakfast & second breakfast is just like dessert for the first breakfast.

Yeah, gotta say I love explo.

AchingHope said...

Liger - this is already a real word

This makes me laugh. So hard.

Nicole Ducleroir said...

I love Fridays! Thanks for another awesome word post!!!

Falen said...

Shannon - indeed - it was hard for me to get around "expert"

Palindrome - mmmmm dessert breakfast...

Achinghope - glad i could help

Nicole - thanks! And, who doesn't love Fridays?!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Much to the dismay of her human mommy, Yvie seems to have a acquired a bit of my lucy vibe. Super!!!

On another note, I have way too many obsoles. Is there, by any chance, a curefad for this disease of mine (keeping shoes way past their expiration), that I have not yet heard of?

Another great round of fun words!!

Falen said...

Carolina - I'm sorry to have to tell you known curefad exists for those stricken with obsolitis. The only treatment is to donate or throw away the shoes.

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