Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In Which We Like To Cook

So in my house, we rotate cooking duties. Brother cooks Monday, I cook Tuesday, Wednesday we go to our parent's house for dinner, Thursday Twin cooks and Friday we rotate.

We allow ourselves to eat out on Saturday and Sunday Twin and I rotate because brother is off doing super ultra nerdy things.

I decided recently to start taking pictures of some of our meals, because, you know, food is good.

Last week Brother made Tempura.

we just stuck with sweet potatoes, shrimp and onions, our favorite tempura options

Not that he wanted to, but Twin and I hounded him into it. Otherwise he makes a lot of soups and Asian dishes.

Tuesday I tried a new recipe: shrimp pot pies. It was so frickin' delicious that Twin and I had it again on Sunday (which was both a genius and terrible idea...)

Then on Thursday Brother and I told Twin that we wanted her baked mac and cheese. This time she wised up and only made a half a recipe so we didn't have so much left over.

it actually reheats pretty well

So how about you? Do you cook in your house, or is it a lot of take out or dining out?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm kinda a homebody, so there's a lot of meals at home.
The tempura looks awesome!

Anne said...

Beat Palindrome!

Now i'm really hungry, but i'm looking forward to sushi on sunday. And i hope this vegan meal works out (it better after all the freaking stores we had to stop at...)

Summer said... Yes, there is MUCH cooking in my house. The husband and I both enjoy it, but of course I end up doing most of it. Which is okay with me for the most part.

We made tempura once and I was surprised how good it turned out. Your bro's looks tasty--I love tempura sweet potatoes!

I have a recipe for shrimp fennel pot pie that I've been eyeing for a while. Maybe your picture will inspire me to take the plunge.

Falen said...

Alex - We try to stick to eating at home unless someone's not feeling well or someone got a promotion or something

Anne - yeah i'm super excited about sushi. NUM. And for the vegan meal, well there's always fourth meal

Summer - Shrimp fennel pot pie sounds awesome. Mine has thyme in it (parsely sage rosemary and thyme - i always have to sing that whenever i use any of those herbs)

Aubrie said...

One of my New Year's resolutions was to be a better cook, and now I cook all the time. I just made baked Mac and cheese for the first time last sunday...yummy. :)

Falen said...

Aubrie - that is an awesome new years resolution! and baked mac and cheese is one of the best things ever invented

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

FTW, Anne.

I only really cook if The Man's coming over. Otherwise, it's just me & I'm not doing all that work every night. Too many dishes may break.
I alwayd cook breakfast on the weekends though. I heart breakfast.

Southpaw said...

Those look so yummy! I do both here.

Teebore said...

We cook a fair amount, usually 4 or 5 nights a week, depending on my work schedule. Tuesdays are poker night, so I usually get fast food then, and we usually eat out once or twice on the weekends. Though we always eat out more when we're busy (I don't think we've cooked dinner in over week now, sadly).

Cooking responsibility usually depends on who gets home first (which is usually me) and we plan out our meals for the week before we got to the grocery store. In the summer, we grill damn near every meal.

Your rotation of the cooking duties has always reminded me of when Bart, Milhouse and Martin are trying to decide who gets to keep Radioactive Man#1 on which days (and I swear, I'm not pimping my blog and it's just coincidence that I posted about that episode the same time you talked about your cooking rotation):

Martin: How about this, guys? Bart can have it Mondays and Thursdays,Milhouse will get it Tuesdays and Fridays, and yours truly will take it Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Bart: Perfect!
Milhouse: Wait a minute! What about Sundays?
Bart: Yeah, what about Sundays?
Martin: Well, Sunday possession will be determined by a random number generator. I will take the digits 1 through 3, Milhouse will have 4 through 6, and Bart will have 7 through 9.
Bart: Perfect!
Milhouse: Wait a minute! What about 0?
Bart: Yeah, what about 0?
Milhouse: Yeah.
Martin: Well, in the unlikely event of a 0, possession will be determined by Rock Scissors Paper competition, best 3 out of 5. How's that?
Bart: Oh, okay.
Milhouse: Yeah, all right.

Summer said...

Teebore, I think that's a good way of determining who gets laundry duty. :-)

AchingHope said...

My mum does most of the cooking, but most of the time I refrain from doing so. I made some soup once that looked like dishwater was splashed over a compost heap. Yup. I have mad skills.

Nicole Ducleroir said...

Yum! Everything looks delicious! At my house, I do most of the cooking. Hubby loves to cook and often makes a meal on weekends (but he makes a horrendous mess of my kitchen! LOL). We almost never eat out, mostly because of our cinched purse strings since the economy took a dive. (*sigh*)

That shrimp pot pie has my mouth watering!

Falen said...

Palidrome - ohhh i heart breakfast too! I wish we cooked it more often, btu we don't. sadface

Southpaw - yeah there's no way we coulnd't not eat out...

Teebore - yeah it does seem like that sometimes. Even worse is sometimes we'll rotate breakfast duties on Saturdays and Anne and I rotate lunches on Friday (but that's usually fast food)
Also i CANNOT wait for spring so we can ditch our old grill for a new propane one so we can grill EVERY NIGHT

Summer - LOL. Everyone's responsible for their own laundry here

Aching - that sounds like the worst soup ever... But we didn't start cooking like this until 4-5 years agao.

Nicole - our laziness beats out our cheapness more often than not, so we eat out more often than we should...

Shannon O'Donnell said...

This is a cruel post, Falen - cruel I say! OMG, I want one of those pot pies! Recipe? Please? And that mac and cheese looks scrumptious.
*drool spreads from chin to shirt unnoticed*

P.S. Did your Amazon card make it okay?

Barbara Ann Wright said...

We dine out almost exclusively. The only thing I can make well is cake, and though we'd be willing to try, I don't think you can live on it. Where did the three of you learn your mad cooking skillz?

Anne said...

mad cooking skills- ha!
mostly we're just really good at following a recipe, and have since learned what types of recipes make good meals for us.

Though i was talking to a friend the other day and the subject came up that she had never had a cooking in class in school (we had ours in Junior High) and because of that she really has no idea of how to cook and can barely follow a recipe.

sarahjayne smythe said...

Wow. That baked mac and cheese looks wicked awesome. Makes me want to go make my own. :)

Stephanie Thornton said...

Yummm... You're making me hungry. I might have to go eat some tiramisu. The hubby and I take turns depending on our work schedule. I love to cook!

Falen said...

Shannon - I will send the recipe to your email. And yes the amazon card arrived all lovely and safe

Barabara - i'm jealous of your cake making abilities. We've been talking about how we want to bake a cake. A fancy one with fruit filling or something

Sarahjayne - Do it! Bask in the nummyness that is mac and cheese!

Stephanie - ohhhhh i LURVE tiramisu! I wish i had some right now...

DEZMOND said...

I'm actually thinking of opening my cooking blog :)

Falen said...

Dezmond - if you do, let me know, because i will definately follow it and be all over the comments

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