Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Which I'm Hungry For Some Games

I finished reading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire (I'm team Peeta, if anyone is wondering).
After so much hype spread their way, I have to say that I was not disappointed.
I took about 2 days to read The Hunger Games and 1 day for Catching Fire. I think Catching Fire was my favorite, just by a smidgen.

I mean, a dystopian series where children fight to the death? Yeah count me in for that book.

Look at this awesome pic! Credit goes to Clio Chiang

The only thing I had a "problem" with (and I use quotes because I'm not quite sure this is a problem) was the pace.

It was so super duper fast.

Which of course led to me reading them both in 3 days. That's not overly a big deal, I have a lot of books to read and I had set aside Manuscript Makeover to take a crack at these, so the fast pace let me get back to that book quickly.

The fast pace gave the books a "can't put this down" quality, which is certainly good for the author. I actually had to debate how late I should stay up and continue reading The Hunger Games - was 11pm too late when I have to get up at 6:20 to work out? No it wasn't, even though I regretted it in the morning.

What I don't like with such a fast pace is that the story is done almost before you get a chance to really get into it. Because I'm reading it so fast, because I just cannot put it down, I feel like it's over too soon. With a good book, I want time to savor it, not be forced to finish it as fast as possible.

Also, because of their fast pace, they really interfered with other things I needed to do. Like editing my WIP.
Who has time to edit while reading the Hunger Games? Not me, apparently.

So is the fast pace a problem? Yes and no. No because it worked successfully in the books and I could not put them down. Yes because I read the books too quickly and they interfered with other things.

Either way, they were very enjoyable and I look forward to Mocking Jay coming out in August. Where I'm sure I'll read it in one day.

What about you? Have you read The Hunger Games or another book that you wish wasn't so fast paced?


Joan Crawford said...

I just finished the Hunger Games yesterday! I then promptly went and bought Catching Fire. I am forcing myself to read it more slowly than I did the HUnger Games. I don't know whose team I am on yet...I like Peeta but Clare's a pretty good guy too.

Christine Danek said...

I'm about to start reading The Hunger Games. I tend to like fast pace novels.

Anne said...

yeah it was crazy fast. But both were really good- hence the crazy pace.

I'm glad i have to wait until August for he 3rd one- allows me to get back to the giant monstrosity that is Stepehen King's Under the Dome.

Christ Stephen- how am i supposed to read it when it's too huge to fit in my work bag?!

Summer said...

I haven't read it yet. Waiting for Mocking Jay before I start.

I'm a fast reader anyway, so I often feel like that. And sometimes, when you're paying 8 bucks for a book, you want it to last longer than two or three hours. *sigh*

SonshineMusic said...

I love these books so much. I probably recommend them about once a day at work. At least. They are very fast paced, but when you go back and reread them you can take them a little bit slower and you catch SO many nuances that you miss the first time - especially after you've read them both. Love. It.

And I think I liked Catching Fire a smidge better too - which surprised me, because a LOT of times the second book in a trilogy is slightly awkward.

And I love that picture!

I think I'm team Peeta, too, but we don't get to see as much of Gage as I would like, so I find it kind of hard to compare them.

And I will end this book here.

Piedmont Writer said...

I'm sorry I didn't read either. I just stopped by to tell you that I'm actually having a "game" of sorts at my blog today and you're one of the contestants. So please stop by and view the rules.

Falen said...

Joan - yeah i didn't even try to slow down with Catching Fire. It was the weekend and i just pumped that baby out

Christine - oooh! I hope you enjoy them!

Anne - that book was one of the reasons i wished i had an e-reader.

Summer - yes i agree. However they were totes worth the cost due to the entertainment value. Plus i bought them with giftcards i had won, so technially they were free!

Sonshine - yeah i've seen you recommend them to peeps on the blogosphere. Speaking of which, you should read The Stand. Right. Now.

Piedmont - Ha! I will go check it our right now!

Alexandra Shostak said...

I got that feeling from both books, too, that the pace was a little too fast to really enjoy the story. Not that I didn't enjoy them. But I would have liked to have a breather between a couple of the "omg!" moments, since they did seem to be everywhere.

And speaking of teams, I'm actually team Gale, BUT I have a whole argument worked out for why Peeta is going to end up being the one. Because I do think Katniss is going to do one of two things: pick Peeta, or decide she's better off alone. I don't think Gale stands a chance. Maybe I just like the underdog :-P

Mary_not_Martha said...

I'm waiting for my son to finish Hunger Games so I can. I read bits and pieces and checked out their website. Very interractive! Catching Fire really got me interested too. Easy to relate.

Joan Crawford said...

Is it Gale? Ha! I called him Clare! Ah, well, I knew it was a girl's name at least :D
That was an impressive display of my goldfish-memory. Apparently, I am team Peeta if I can't even get the other dude's name right.

Teebore said...

Hmm...I shall have to read this "Hunger Games" of which you speak.

I find most of the Star Wars books I read are pretty fast paced. I can whip through one of those, even if just reading over my lunch break, in no time, but that's just because they're mostly plot.

@Anne: I received the massive tome that is "Under the Dome" for Christmas and am working myself up to reading it. It'll probably be my "work" book, meaning I'll only read it on lunch breaks and at B&N, so on that schedule, I have to be prepared to sign over months of my life to it.

Falen said...

Alexandra - yeah i could have really used a breather to do important things like sleep. And shower.
It's not that i don't like Gale, it's just that Gale has a life outside of Katniss, whereas Peeta really doesn't. I could also see her going with neither

Mary - ooh i haven't checked out the website. I'll have to give it a looksie

Joan - LMAO. Too much Lost watching, that's your problem. With crazy jungle hair Clair

Teebore - these will put the star wars books to shame regarding pace. Also it's a single POV whereas most star wars are multiple POVs which slows down pace a bit.
As for Under the Dome, it's actually a quick read as well. It'd just Huge

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I haven't read either book.
I do like a fast pace, but I do know when to take a break.
The last book I ripped through in two days was Jurassic Park. Guess it's been a while!

angfla said...

I'm reading Catching Fire right now and my child is horribly neglected and I'm totally sleep deprived and I don't even care. I also think they are super fast paced, but I don't mind so much because the story is so interesting that at least with Hunger Games I found my brain returning to it again and again even after I finished. I'm hoping Catching Fire is the same. And I'm team Gale, but just because I tend to go for dark and handsome (funny, my husband is blond and blue eyed).

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Of course I LOVED Hunger Games, but I haven't read Catching Fire yet. It's getting closer to the top of my TBR pile, though. Yay! :-)

Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

What an interesting question about pace! Most novels are accused of moving too slow--not too fast. I think it depends on the reader. My friend is a huge soap opera fan. She watches US soaps, but LOVES the Mexican ones. She says not because that's where she's from, but because something shocking happens in almost every episode. She said she can watch a US soap for two weeks and nothing happens, which is why I stopped watching soaps many moons ago! :) So, I think I wouldn't mind the fast pace, as long as the writing is engaging and I don't feel lost by the speed of the novel!

xoxo -- Hilary

Palindrome said...

I have not read Hunger Games...yet. But a few people have been talking my ear off about it... ;)

Oh, speaking of teens fighting to the death, have you seen Battle Royale?? I can't remember if we talked about it before.

Melissa Sarno said...

I love this series, but I agree with you about how fast paced it is. Great point that when you're just trying to devour something as quickly as possible, you may lose a little something from the reading and miss some more subtle details.

Elana Johnson said...

They are very fast-paced. I kinda like it and I kinda don't. I don't think it leant itself to the fleshing out of Kat's character very much. I liked CF for that better, when she's out hunting alone. But I found the second arena fight repetitive. They are both super-excellent books, don't get me wrong. I enjoyed them both, but I really like character-driven stuff, and these were more hurry-up-offense. You know?

Falen said...

Alex - i prefer Lost World over Jurassic Park. Just my 2 cents

angfla - i was so sleep deprived! And don't get me wrong, i love me some Gale, i just think Peeta's the way to go.

Shannon - i would push you to read it RIGHT NOW except that Mocking Jay doesn't come out until August so waiting is probs a good idea

Hilary - some anime can be like that too, where you go 8-9 episodes of nothing happening. So FRUSTRATING! Back when i watched soaps i was a General Hospital girl. So many attractive men...

Palindrome - i'll check with brother and see how far he is on Sookie and if he has a ways to go, i'll lend them both to you as long as you read them before i see you again.
And no, i haven't see Battle Royale, though i did read the book. Do you own the movie? Can i borrows it?

Melissa - so true. At least i'm someone who likes to re-read things though

Falen said...

Elana - i agree. I felt like there easily could have been more Kat characterization if the pace wasn't so fast

SonshineMusic said...

hahaha - all right already. I'm just waiting for us to get The Stand back in stock and then I will buy it! I promise! I'm in the middle of The Last Child right now, and have to finish that first, 'cause I'm borrowing it. But then... The Stand

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

I want Katniss to end up with Peeta so I can have Gale. :)

I also read them both in one or two sittings. Same with Graceling. But I'll go back and read all of them again. Slower this time, so I can savor them.

Falen said...

Sonshine - YES! I LOVE it!

Karen - LOL! yeah i am looking forward to when i decide to go back and re-read them

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