Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Fun Words

Yvie here, for your usual Verification Word tomfoolery.

The weather has been so nice here that we're back to taking walks in the morning. Also we're spending a lot of time in the yard, running around and barking at other dogs and people.

Actually, the other day I had a bit of an accident. I was in the yard, barking at some kids when I saw Mommy inside the house. Well I decided it was time for me to go inside and since it was so nice, I raced really fast across the yard.

We have a porch with one step up into the house, and I thought I judged the jump correctly, but alas, I was wrong.

My feet got caught on the step and my face smashed into the house.

Mommy seemed a little shocked. But I was fine. I mean, my face is already pretty flat.

Nothing was wounded but my pride. And I'm sure the house has a bruise as well.

But that's what it gets, tripping me up like that.

Onto the words!

Splurf - what happens when you smash a smurf

Peppoglu - what they use to keep the pepperoni on the pizza

Mogin - what you say when you want an increase of liquor

Fircons - criminal trees

Hemet - when a male comes across a new person

Conboo - criminal ghosts

And that's all for this week, ape-friends. Have a nice weekend!


Summer said...

Aw, poor Yvie.
Good words this week! I like Fircons.

JustineDell said...

Splurf - LOVE IT!!! The smurfs were awesome.


Matthew Rush said...

God I love these. Are the smurfs still on TV or do you have to pull out your old VHS tapes?

My captcha today: Forti - when a lady is over forty and wants her age to sound more european/classy/exotic.

Shameless promotion:

I have an awesome guest post today on my blog by Cole Gibsen.

This one is pure query/submission gold folks in which she shares the ACTUAL query that landed her an agent and the correspondence that ensued.

Please stop by to read, comment and follow.


Christine Danek said...

Love the words!

Talli Roland said...

Oh yes. Mogin, please. Mogin.

Christi Goddard said...

Splurf - what happens when you smash a smurf

Brilliance. Brilliance, I say!

Lola Sharp said...

Smashing Smurfs! Splurfs! :o)

Mogin, please.

Happy Weekend!

Al said...

Listen you little wolf derivative...
Oh that really isn't a put down is it?


Publish or Perish

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Luvs the words! And I love dogs with smushy wrinkle faces. Yay! :)

Falen said...

Summer - she got over it pretty quickly. Being a klutz she kinda has to

Justine - did you hear they're making a smurf movie?

Mathew - they're probably on some random channel somewhere

Christine - thanks!

Talli - i hear that. TGIF

Christi - thanks! i tried to find a smashed smurf pic, but had no luck

Lola - thanks! You too! (and mogin for all!)

Al - LMAO! i'm totes using that now

Karen - the wrinkles are especially fun to smoosh and play with

Teebore said...

Ha! Great round this week. Mogin indeed.

I think Friday Fun Words needs a theme song.

It's Friday Fun Words...Friday Fun's Friday Fun Words, with Yvie!

(it sounds awesome in my head...)

Falen said...

Teebore - LMAO - you'll have to sing it for me next time i see you

Piedmont Writer said...

Oh Yvie, You've outdone yourself this week. I'm sorry the house hurt you. Bad House!

I loved all your words this week and am still ROTFLMAO.

Have fun in the weather and try not to get sunburned.

Janel said...

Oh, I'm glad Yvie is OK. My fur baby often comes in with grass stains on his fur after crashing in the yard!

Love the words, especially Splurf! Now that brings back some memories, Smurfs!

Palindrome said...

LOL, oooh poor smashed face.

Peppoglu sounds delicious and it's Friday!! We all know what that means

Falen said...

Piedmont - it IS a bad house! LOL. And we've yet to experience sunburn (crosses fingers)

Janel - ahh yes, the infamous grass stains

Palindrome - PIZZA!! We're having our easter ham dinner. MMMM

Lisa and Laura said...

Ha! Love it. And oddly, I'm now craving pizza.

Have a great weekend!

Caledonia Lass said...

Splurf, that's a good one. :D And poor puppy, I hope the house does have a bruise too. It would serve it right.

Shelley Sly said...

Hehehe, mogin had me giggling. I also love splurf.

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I'll take a little mogin right now! I swear, every time I have to type in word verification I now think of you!

If you get the chance, pop over to my blog today. I left you a little something there!

Falen said...

Lisa and Laura - yeah when i picked out that pizza pic i immediately wanted to eat it

Caledonia - LOL i'm sure Yvie will appreciate your concern

Shelley - those 2 were my favs for the week

Nicol - LOL sorry about that. And thanks! I'll check it out right now

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

I'm too busy staring at that delicious looking pizza that I can't come up with a decent pizzzza...

Sorry lost my train of thought. I can't seem to come up with a single sentence using your pizza...

Sorry. I give up. i guess I know what I'm having tonight for pizzzzzzza

(P.S. Poor little Evie. I hope she was okay after her smashy incident)

Falen said...

Carolina - yeah she's fine. Also i looked through quite afew pizza pics and though they all looked delicious, that one took the cake, erm, pizza

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I found your funny, zestful blog from reading Anne's. And I had no idea what a French drain was either. But being a manly man. Ah, well, I try, I couldn't admit it.

As for your furry buddy ... I'm a klutz, too, and sometimes bounces off hard objects are no fun

If you have the time this weekend, come visit my blog,WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS, and check out my murder scene entry in the blogfest or my latest post about my Native American/Celtic fantasy, THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS.

By the way, I have a character that appears in many of my stories and novels who calls herself FALLEN.

AchingHope said...

I can't decide which is more hilarious, peppoglu, or splurf. Haha. Splurf is fun to say. Splurf, splurf, splurf.

Falen said...

Roland - ooh a reoccuring character eh? that does sound intriguing

Aching - i think peppoglu sounds both delicious and gross...

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Yes, indeed, a re-occuring character. As a courtesy only, I am providing a link to an excerpt of a story told through her fallen angel's eyes :

Have only happy surprises today, Roland

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