Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Which I Discuss Poll Results

I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote on my polls last week.

Here are the results and a little history on each question.

If you were to cross a Tyrannosaurus Rex with the Incredible Hulk, would you get a:

32 of you voted on this one and the results were:

25% Tyrannosaurus Hulk
75% Hulkasaurus Rex.

This we a bit of an inside fight between myself and Twin, and Brother. We had been driving together and somehow got on the discussion of mixing the Incredible Hulk and a Tyrannosaurus Rex (this is actually indicative of the discussions we have on a daily basis).

Brother immediately said this would be known as a Tyrannosaurus Hulk. After pondering for a moment I stated that I believed a better name would be Hulkasaurus Rex. Twin agreed. Brother did not. Calls to the family and Brother's friends confirmed that he was in the minority. A minority of one.
Not one to let things go I posted a poll and most of you, gentle readers, sided with me.

See this picture above? What is this game called?

out of 31 votes:

80.6% of you said miniature golf
19.4% of you said goofy golf.

For pretty much all our lives my family has called this game Goofy Golf. Recently, when Brother called it by said name to one of his friends, she thought he was a loon. He did a quick poll of his friends. Could Goofy Golf really be just a familial term?
It turns out that yes. It is.

Scenario: you were eating at a Mongolian BBQ restaurant and the cook added peanuts to your meal, which you most definitely did not want, nor ask for, resulting in a catastrophe of peanut proportions. Better known as:

out of 29 votes:

24.1% said catastronut
75.9 said peanastrophe

This was just another discussion between myself, Twin and Brother. We had no feelings one way or another regarding what the term should be and just wanted honest opinions (though a few of you chose peanastrophe for less "clean" reasons. You dirty birdies)

One of the things that struck me regarding these polls is that quite a few of you found the made up words comical. It's never before occurred to me that perhaps other people don't make up words as often as we do in my house. I just assumed that people make up terms such as peanastrophe like we do.

Clearly this is another familial pattern like goofy golf.
Who knew?

Thanks again to everyone who participated!


Kittie Howard said...

Once in awhile, we make up words that defy spelling but haven't made a fun game out of it like you have...enjoyed your poll. Thanks.

Lola Sharp said...

You never fail to amuse me, Sarah.

Def mini-golf. I've never heard it called goofy golf (though I have heard it called putt-putt golf) and I've lived on both coasts, north and south , and several states in the middle.

Happy Humpday! :)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

So that's why you had the poll. Now it makes sense. :D

Palindrome said...

My famiy is like movie quote central. We love quoting the movies we grew up watching and I try to do that with others and most of the time, I get the blank stare. Other times, I'm hanging out with you and Teebore. Ha!

JustineDell said...

You should see some of the random words my crazy family members make up. I swear, they should have their own dictionary! LoL.

I loved those polls that week ;-)


Falen said...

Kittie - yeah spelling the made up words is a whole nother issue

Lola - yeah we've come to the conclusion that goofy golf was probably just made up by my dad

Stina - yep. totes serious polls

Palindrome - quoting things is awesome!

Justine - ooh good. i'm glad we're not the only ones

Matthew Rush said...

You are such a wordsmith - and I love it!

And by the way, sorry bro, but you're wrong about Hulkasaurus Rex, man.

Summer said...

My husband and I make up words all the time; also, at my job, I give names to things that just seem to stick...

I voted on miniature golf, but I actually have always called it put-put. :-)

Falen said...

Mathew - Hulkasaurus Rex SMASH

Summer - making up names for things is awesome! I once lived in an apartment where the toilet was less than reliable. We called him Lord Toilar.
And i forgot about put-put as an option...

Jaydee Morgan said...

At our house, eggs done sunnyside-up are called "dip-it" eggs. It doesn't always go over so well at restaurants when the kids order their favorite eggs, although the confused looks amuse me.

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Now that's an interesting poll. ;)

Goofy Golf = Put-put where I'm from, so I'd vote for that one.

Erica Mitchell-Spickard said...

I was curious about why you had that poll, now it makes total sense. My family doesnt come up with words more than they do their own phrases. Half of them I don't even understand, and I would post one except I can't think of any that would make sense or are generally G rated. Where I was raised it was called putt-putt, and where I live it's mini golf. Kinda like soda and pop.

Teebore said...

25% Tyrannosaurus Hulk
75% Hulkasaurus Rex.

As it should be!

For pretty much all our lives my family has called this game Goofy Golf

You probably called it "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck" too, though that's less a bit of familial craziness and more of a regional craziness.

though a few of you chose peanastrophe for less "clean" reasons. You dirty birdies

Teehee. Though to be fair, both words could be dirty.

But then, I can make most anything dirty.

I just assumed that people make up terms such as peanastrophe like we do.

Oh, I make up words all the time. Usually by verbalizing nouns, or nouning verbs, or making up adjectives that don't really exist, but should.

My FAMILY never really made up words, but then, my favorite never discussed ways to deal with various apocalyptic scenarios, so we already know my family isn't as cool as yours.

My dad, however, gives EVERYTHING nicknames, sometimes multiple names, and that's a schitck I've adopted as well.

I refer to our dog, Poe, randomly, as Poedog, Poediddely, Poe Puppy, Pup Dog, Dang Ol' Dog, Pig Grunter, Hound Dog...

Man, I feel sorry for my future kids. They'll growup with NO idea what their real name is...

Janel said...

We all have familial quirks. Making up words is more fun and harmless compared to some I've heard!

Falen said...

Jaydee - dip it eggs makes perfect sense to me

Karen - i feel bad that i forgot some people call it putt putt and didn't include it on the poll

Erica - ohhh it's definitely pop...

Teebore - that's because it IS duck duck gray duck.
yeah we give tons of nicknames to our dogs as well. Honestly they get called their nicknames more than their real names. Tula = Toots, George = Porge, Yvie = Bee for most frequent nicknames

Janel - yes. this is very true

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Looks like we gave your brother a beat-down on the first one.
Actually, we always called the golf game Putt-Putt.

Falen said...

Alex - yeah i'm tempted to make a new poll for the putt-putt, but as my dad says Goofy Golf is the only correct answer so a poll between wrong answers is just silly


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