Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Which The Interwebs Makes Me Happy

So normally I try to write a few blog posts on Sunday, so I can be ahead in the week. But this weekend I only wrote one. We spent the rest of the evening playing Halo until our Xbox offered us up the red ring of death again.

Damn you Xbox. Why do you make it so hard to love you?

So then yesterday I was super busy at work which led to a range of consequences:

1. I didn't get to comment on as many blogs as I usually do. Though I did manage to read most of them

2. The super busy amounts of work, combined with crazy dogs that were trapped inside until the lawn fertilizer dried, left me in a super foul mood.

  • Also, co-worker that I don't even know: If I tell you I can't help you with something and I don't know who you need to speak with, don't keep pressuring me to give you a name. And when I cave, certainly don't tell that person I gave you their name.

3. Which in turn left me with no idea on what to write for a blog post. Mostly I just wanted to take a bath, read a bit, and then go back to bed. Steaks for dinner notwithstanding

So what all this means is that today's post is going to be a random post of fun things I like on the interwebs.


Do you read
hyperbole and a half blog? I swear, if you don't, you will regret it. Check out this post which may be my favorite. So. Funny.

We were discussing on Hannah's blog the wonderfulness of The Silence of the Lambs and I mentioned to her the wonderful Lego musical version which she has not seen. So here it is in all its glory.

WARNING: there is language in this video, much like in the real movie. You. Were. Warned.

I know we've talked a bit before about the kind of music I like (rock. A bit of metal thrown in as well). Lately I've been re-listening to Twin's Fair to Midland CD (shhh, I stole it from her...) and I had forgotten how much I LURVE them. Their song Dance of the Manatees is awesome, but my favorite is the below: (unfortunately the video is just the lyrics but you can still hear the song)

Here is Brother's, Twin's and my all time favorite LOLCat

Here's another fav

And that's all I have for today! Hopefully you found something that made you smile.

PS - I'm off all next week from work. Since Twin and I will be doing hella gardening and yard work, I probably won't be as present on the interwebs as I normally am. But I will be back in full splendor the following week.


Anne said...

See that guy in the back right of the Halo screen pic with the Brute shot? That's me >:-)
I told one of my coworkers that we were playing Halo to get ready for paintball and she said that was cheating

Summer said...

Those LOL cats are awesome. Just awesome.

Falen said...

Anne - sure. sure

Summer - yes they are

Palindrome said...

LOL! Yes, that is a great Lego video! I'm going to have to forward that to a bunch of people.

Tara said...

Love hyperbole and a half. And the cats. Oh, that song? Going on the mp3 player this morning - thanks :)

Jaydee Morgan said...

Loved the video as well!

Hmm, I'm thinking we must work with the same types of people - hope today is a better one :)

Piedmont Writer said...

Love the cats!!!

Matthew Rush said...

I went through 3 white Xboxes until I finally got a black one. It has worked for 2 years now.

Just sayin.

DL Hammons said...

My son just elicited the red ring of death from our Xbox yesterday as well. Must be something in the air. I don't suppose there's an easy fix??

B. Miller said...

I like your list. The video made me laugh... Silence of the Lambs as a musical? LOL... I like the name of the band too, Fair to Midland, it's a play on a Southern saying (fair to middlin') so of course it makes me smile!

Hope your week gets better! :D

Erica Mitchell-Spickard said...

Haha! The lego video was hysterical loved it.
x_x Red Ring of Death, we have gone through two of them now, here's hoping the third one is a cliche'd charm.
Hope you have a better day =D

KarenG said...

Cat pictures are the best!

Falen said...

Palindrome - knew you'd like it

Tara - glad to be of help!

Jaydee - so far it's much better, but still busy

Piedmont - i read LOLCats every day. It's like an addiction

Mathew - i wish that was a solution, but our Xbox has always been black...

DL - unfortunately the fix is just buying a new one.

B Miller - who would have thought th at "put the effing lotion in the basket" would be such a catchy tune

Erica - we should probably just fold and get a new one, but we're stubborn. Oh and lazy

Karen - they so are!

Teebore said...

Holy crap, that Silence of the Lambs musical is awesome. I want to see the whole movie done that way.

Falen said...

Teebore - yeah i bet a liver with fava beans and chianti would win a grammy

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Those Lego movies are showing up everywhere now.

Creepy Query Girl said...

Funny video! Miss seeing you around!

Janel said...

I love the LOL cats! I just got a book full of LOL dogs, love it!!

Hope the work week gets better. :)

Lola Sharp said...

Don't you just hate false alarms.

I'm gonna go pour me a glass of chianti.

Sorry about the bad day.


Falen said...

Alex - yeah they are. I think we first saw this one over a year ago, but now they're everywhere

Creepy - aww thanks! I was just at your blog a few moments ago

Janel - i love when you have loldogs and cats in one awesome panel

Lola - thanks. Today is shaping up a lot better. Except for all the rain

Helen Ginger said...

Why is it cats are so funny? I don't have one, but love the pictures of them with silly captions. Love the pooping cat.

Straight From Hel

Zoe C. Courtman said...

Aarrghhh! Not the RRoD!! I'm not sure why the XBox peeps sent out a piece of equipment that so very obviously wasn't ready to be released when it was. We're packing ours up to have it fixed for the second time in 12 months. Blergh. But on a lighter note - loved the lolcats! Great post :D

Jemi Fraser said...

The innocent cat reminds me of several students in my classroom :)

covnitkepr1 said...

I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. I came across it through another blog I follow, and I’m glad I did. I am now a follower of yours as well. Feel free to look over my blog and perhaps become one as well.

Shannon said...

Pff, who needs a plan when you have lolcats? :)

Thanks for the laugh!

Falen said...

Helen - i know, they are hilarious. A dog falls down stairs and you feel bad. A cat falls down stairs and its funny!

Zoe - i don't think we could pack ours up and send it away. I don't think we could live without it for any amount of time

Jemi - Ha! i'd love to see a picture comparison

covnitkepr - thanks for the follow! I will certainly check out your blog

Shannon - i think LOL cats can more or less solve most problems

DEZMOND said...

those cats are such darn cool beings!!!

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Yeah! Fun cat pictures! and links!

enjoy your week :)

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