Monday, August 15, 2011

In Which I Return

Well, I'm back! The vacation was actually over last week, it just took me another week to get back to the Internet grind of things.

This post will just be an easing back in, with a list of what I did on vacay. Wednesday's post will be back to more writerly things (also, are we all ready for Write On Con?! I guess we'll find out later this week)

Anyway, here is a list of things accomplished on vacay (which was actually a staycay, meaning we hit up things to do locally instead of travelling anywhere)

1. Cousin's Wedding
2. Breakfast at Hell's Kitchen
3. Picnic with extended family with kneeboarding and tubing
4. Visit to the Mall of America - hit up Minnesota Sea Life Aquarium
6. Tour of Target Field and lawn bowling at Brit's Pub.
5. Sports Day: Disc Golf, Racquetball, Bowling (I bowled the worst three games OF MY LIFE)
6. Minnesota Zoo
7. Valley Fair (local amusement park)
8. More racquetball, board games.
9. Paintball

Coming up this weekend and next week is the beginning of RenFest and the MN State Fair! I'm going to be bu-sy.

Anything exciting happen over the last two weeks?


aspiring_x said...

ooooh! sounds like you had fun!- busy, busy fun!

Janel said...

Vacations - so much fun in so little time! Glad you enjoyed your time off.

Maria Zannini said...

You forgot to add about putting in your faucet. That was an adventure, wasn't it? :)

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Did you get photos of your paintball excursion?
And I have a new blogfest coming up I think you will dig!

Eric W. Trant said...

My wife would be so jealous you ate at Hell's.

I'm jealous about the Pub!


- Eric

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Aspiring - yes...SUPER busy!

Janel - yeah we really packed it full this time

Maria - to be fair, vacay was officially over at that point. Also, it wasn't much fun

Alex - no we didn't. We always plan to take pics, and then just get caught up on the shooting

Eric - Both were delicious!

E.R. King said...

Paintball? I still haven't tried it. I think it would be very therapeutic!

Hart Johnson said...

I wanna see Aquarium pictures! Glad you had a great time! And welcome back!!!

Caledonia Lass said...

Glad to have you back! Paintball... lawn bowling... I'm jealous. :D

Kristin Rae said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Wow... I haven't been paintballing since high school! I had a bruise on my arm for 2 weeks!

Jamie (Mithril Wisdom) said...

I keep meaning to have a staycation, though I'd likely fall into habit and do what I normally do around the house :P Glad to have you back :)

Talli Roland said...

Welcome back! Sounds like a fab time.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

E.R. - we play a couple times a summer. It's awesome!

hart - unfortunately, i didn't bring a camera. I was bad

Caledonia - i was also on the losing lawn bowling team, but it was 2 out of 3 and we won the first game

Kristin - i still have some brusies on my ribs, and brother has two massive ones on his elbows. None of us can figure out how he got shot there

Jamie - yeah, but, doing things around the house is so much better when you don't also have to go into work

Talli - thanks! I already miss the sleeping in

Teebore said...

1. Hell's Kitchen is awesome. What'd you have?

B. How was the Sea Life Aquarium? For all the times I've been to the MOA (heck, I WORKED there for two summers) I've never been to the aquarium.

III. How were the penguins at the zoo?

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

1. oh just the usual breakfast fare with some extra toast, as well as their fancy hash browns and some sausage bread.

B. It was good. We'd gone back when it was still underwater adventure and i didn't really notice any difference. It's a nice little aquarium

III. meh. I mean, you can hit the como zoo for free and see the exact same thing. Seriously, the penguin exhibit is actually seemed smaller than the one at como, and the majority of the exhibit is covered by climbing rocks so kids can get right next to the glass where the pengiuns sit, so if there's any kids at all, you don't really get to see any pengiuns. So save you money if you're going just for the penguins. But, the Bears of Russia's coast were way cooler.

Teebore said...

so if there's any kids at all, you don't really get to see any pengiuns. So save you money if you're going just for the penguins.

Stupid kids.

We have a membership, so it won't cost us anything (more); we'll just check them out the next we're at the zoo.

I like the Bears of Russia's Coast exhibit, but I really wish that zoo would diversify a bit. We have, like, three different species of bear and seemingly a dozen different otters. How 'bout some giraffes or lions or hippos?

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

is it still just a northern hemisphere zoo? I'm trying to think if they have anything that lives south of the equator.
Yes. The tapir and sloth. At least, i think they're southern hempisphere animals. BTW, we saw the Tapir up close and it was the best thing we saw while there. I want a tapir.

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