Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Which Teenage Alien-Hybrids Don't Know How Good They Have It

So I had a post planned for today, but then, when I went to write it, it kinda seemed like a bad idea. So I scrapped it. Instead you get a mishmash of a post which probably won't make any sense, though I could be wrong about that.

I'm so so close to being done with the WIP. If I'm super lucky, I may even finish the first draft today. That would be awesome. It's taking up so much of my time. I'd really like to be able to get back to doing some of my usual chores on Sundays instead of writing, especially since I prefer to do no writing in the evenings or the weekends. Not if I can help it.

Also, I'd love to free up some time to look through my collection of short stories, to see if anything is even close to being something I can work with. The magazine I submitted Hole Ridden to back in January personally asked to see more of my work. Which, I'm not going to lie, was SUPER EFFING AWESOME!

Or, at least it would've been if I A) had something else prepared for submission (I don't) or even B) had time to write something new (Ha! Yeah right...)

Ah lack of time, my oldest enemy.

THIS is why I want to the super power from Out of The World. You know, where she freezes time, but can unfreeze people by touching them?

example of her powers at 0.53 seconds. Feel free to stop watching after that. I did.

Do you know how much sleep you could get? Or the books you could read?

Not to mention people you could rob.

Just kidding. I'd only rob banks.

So. How's your WIP coming? Give me an update, and I'm serial. I actually/really want to know how it's going.
Don't make me stalk you...


Dan said...

The time freeze power from out of this world would be awesome.

I'm in the dead zone between writing and editing right now on a couple things and I've got a short story I plan on starting in the next couple days.

aspiring_x said...

YAY!!! for almost finishing your first draft!
i've got nothin' right now. stories raging in my head but i sit down to write and ... ... ... nothin' will form into words! ARGH!!!
now i'm super curious on what kind of post you thought was a bad idea... if i were a cat, i'd be SO dead! :P

Talli Roland said...

Fantastic that you've almost finished!

I'm in the editing stage, slashing extra words here and there. Fun fun fun.

Anne said...

it's true- she is not using that power to it's potential. what a waste

Maria Zannini said...

I'd love to stop time--and then be able to speed it up when I'm at the dentist.

Edits are done on the next book. Now it's in the hands of CPs.

LD Masterson said...

Did you ever see the Twilight Zone where a man had a watch that could freeze time (stop and start). He used it do do things like rob banks. Then one day while he had the world frozen in time, he dropped the watch and it shattered.

I'm doing first round re-writes on my WIP.

Anonymous said...

I'm still plugging away on my WIP (that time freeze would come in handy about now). Good luck on finishing up!

Summer Frey said...

It's only my second week of nursing school, and I've been so busy I'm barely finding time to work out and eat. I can feel the writer part of me--it's closed up shop for now and is on vacation. Probably will be until Christmas break. When I'm concentrating 100% on something, my writerly urges wisely give me time to do so. It'll always be there for me.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Dan - yeah it would. For reals. OOh, and good luck on the short story!

aspiring - boo on crappy words not forming. I mean, who do they think they are?

Talli - at least the slashing of extra words is easy, just tedious. Right? RIGHT??!

Anne - i know. It makes me kinda pissed, actually

Maria - ooh, speeding up time would be awesome too! But then i'd probably become even lazier. Yay for CPs!

LD - see, that's a good lesson to learn. Don't trust watches. Like, full, huge rewrites? Or just some scenes here and there?

Tracey - i know! It would be AWESOME for finishing WIPs. Do you know how many novels we could finish in a year?!

Summer - yeah that's probably a good plan. I mean, nursing school won't last forever and the writing is no rush.

Hart Johnson said...

Oh! I hope you finish, too!!! Good luck! And that really IS awesome the mag wants more of your short stories! w00t w00t! (that would be a FABULOUS superpower.

L.G.Smith said...

Yay on being almost done with another first draft. Envious of you.

I'm still in the first act of a new project. Still working on set up and character, but it's moving along.

Congrats on the feedback from the magazine!

Teebore said...

THIS is why I want to the super power from Out of The World.

Or Zack Morris' "time out" power.

Though if you used it too often and for too long, you'd run the risk of aging while in "time out" mode and then re-entering regular time significantly older than when you left.

Anne Gallagher said...

Ha! Which one of my WIP would you like to know about.
#1 - Revisions on Masquerade have stalled because of...
#2 - Robert & Fiona Book 3 of the series. It's just getting good.
#3 - John searching for a wife -- he has no clue
#4 - Jim and Callie on a first date -- something from last year as flash fiction inspired me
#5 - and the latest one, a spin-off on what happened to me on my summer vacation -- it won't let me go.

Still have to have a read-through one last time on the two finished novels so I can put them up on Amazon.

Want to trade?

And hey, congrats on the request from the publisher. YAY!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My money's on you finishing today!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Hart - aww thanks! And yes it would be

LG - hey, don't sell yourself short. Moving along is moving along. That's all it really takes

Teebore - yeah there would have to be expiramentation regarding whether or not your personal clock stops as well

Anne - no. No i don't. That is why i only write one thing at a time

Alex - awww thanks! This morning i would've said that was a safe bet, but it's looking like it'll be tomorrow

Ninja Girl said...

That's great about the request for more and for being this close to finishing your draft!! Good luck, looking forward to that post where you're like "Yeah, so I finished...WHOOP!" ;D My ms is currently out to my editors/my aunts lol, but they seem to like it (but they like everything I write so...). Anyway, I've got a pretty good hook for this one, can explain in one sentence (which was impossible for my other two). Crossing my fingers for you and the time freezing thing :)
Ninja Girl

Lola Sharp said...

Since I'm late to the party, as per usual, welll...?? Did you finish it??? Or did you pin your arse off on Pinterest?? Well??? (email me...we'll talk)

Time freezing super powers FTW! That'd be so badass.


K. Turley (Clutzattack) said...

Freezing time would be cool as long as I didn't age while time was stopped. If I was using up a few hours every day I'd be an old woman by the time I turned 40, and that would suck.

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