Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In Which Not Great Things Happened

We've had a bit of a rocky run in my house the last few weeks. It started with things and animals breaking, then it culminated with a Breaking and Entering. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

So instead, here is a list of bad things that have happened in my life over the last month.

Miggory Sow Guinea Pig has injured eye.

Resolution: Trip to the vet and eye drops fixes her corneal ulcer after a few days

Harriet B Suit Guinea Pig has injured eye.

Resolution: 3 trips to the vet in two weeks. Eye drops, ointment and medication all finally get her eye back to normal before the vet is forced to remove it.

Yvie Crazy Cakes (yes, Crazy Cakes is her middle name. Which makes perfect sense if you get to know her) comes down with UTI.

Resolution: Trip to the vet for meds which fixes her up in a few days.

Ceiling in brother's bedroom starts to have water spots and mold.

Resolution: Problem caused by sweating AC ducts. Twin and I have bought duct insulation and will insulate ducts and replace ceiling tiles.

Mice in basement ceiling have become bolder, crawling on Brother's wall scrolls while he sleeps and making mice nests in workout room insulation.

a mouse was here ...

Resolution: Plan trip (once the finances recover and we actually find time) to nearby natural pest store

Kitchen faucet leak becomes so bad that cupboard below is flooded and warped.

Resolution: Twin and I once again use plumbing talents to replace kitchen faucet.

Dishwasher breaks.

Resolution: Plumbing skills only go so far. We're forced to buy a new dishwasher (and are able to get the above beauty only with financial help from our awesome parents)

AND, the most recent and worst bad thing:

House is entered by stranger while we are sleeping. My phone, Twin's purse and TWIN'S CAR are stolen. Burglar leaves all garage doors open and George escapes Saturday morning before I realize something bad has happened.

this is how he/they left the doors

George says there's nothing in the world that will convince him to stop once he escapes outside

Resolution: I managed to catch George after five minutes of panicked running around in my PJs. Police came and, like us, don't know how someone got into our keypad locked garage to then make it into our house. A few hours later a neighbor found Twin's Purse and my phone ditched under their apple tree, but so far Twin's car (named "Jeepers" because she's a Jeep Liberty. She even has a vanity tire cover with said vehicle name embroidered on it) has not shown up.
Locksmith has come and rekeyed house locks since burglar now has Twin's house keys.

So. Lots of crap. Still, I'm really hoping we get Twin's jeep back. After the police left and the insurance was called we went to Renfest, because we were dammed if we were going to sit around moping all day. Even though we're broke, I still spent some money at Renfest, because shopping therapy sometimes helps. But that will be a future post.

And, on the plus side, it was Brother's birthday yesterday. We plan on doing our usual family meal and gifts this weekend.

So, how have things been for you lately? Good? Bad? Just Mediocre? Share!

UPDATE: Police came to our house in the AM to tell us that a neighbor's garage had been broken into, a door handle on their car was busted and the to put this politely...took a shit in their garage. BUT, while the officer was poking around he found a ticket issued for Jeepers two days after Jeepers was stolen. The ticket was for expired tabs (which is hilarious since Twin's been putting off paying for them due to said above expenses). The officer said he would link our case and their case.

UPDATE 2: The police recovered Jeepers!! They found Jeepers, but unfortunately the guy wasn't driving her at the time. BUT, after a bit of investigation, they found the guy with Jeeper's keys in his pocket. He was arrested for first degree burglary because he entered our home and will be going to jail. He was also linked to other burglaries in our neighborhood. So Yay! Everything turned out OK. And seriously, how dumb a thief can he be that he just drives the jeep around like it's his car and he hasn't stolen it. Especially after he already got one ticket.


Maria Zannini said...

Glad they caught the scumbag. And glad no one was hurt.

Anne said...

i'm anxious to see if all my stuff is still in Jeepers and what kind of condition she's in.

Anne Gallagher said...

Oh My God Sarah. When you said you had some 'horrible' I never expected anything like this. I'm so glad you and Twin and Brother are okay. You could have been...I won't even say it.

And the piggies and Yvie and George. Good Lord, you have had a horrible time of it, haven't you.

However, I am exceedingly glad that everything has worked out all right, and the cops found the a$$-hole jerkface that broke into your house and took Jeepers.

And I love the new dishwasher. Very sexy.

Summer Frey said...

That's a killer bad luck streak. I've been following the action on FB, of course, but I'm still so glad that you caught George and the po-po caught bunghole! And that he's going to jail! And that you went to RenFest anyway!

I'm melting into a pile of anxiety and stress, but that's about it. There's a black kitty hanging around, coming into our carport and eating Monty's food. I'm wondering if this is the cat he fought. Looks like an older kitten still, maybe 8 mos or so. Can't get close enough to tell sex.

Dawn Kurtagich said...

Wow, what a hectic week! I hope next week is smoother!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, you've really had a tough time of it lately. I'm glad all worked out in the end the culprit caught for the break-in. You're definitely do for some good things now!

LD Masterson said...

Whoa. Seriously sucky August. I'm glad most of it turned out okay (beasties are better, Jeepers recovered, a$$hole caught)but I hope your September is a major improvement.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Maria - indeed. I was way more mad about the danger to the dogs than i was about the stolen property

Anne - well, judging by his intelligence level, i'm betting a lot of the stuff will still be in there. I mean, he didn't steal anything in our house he could've pawned

Anne - thanks! And the new dishwasher is AWESOME! You can adjust the height of the top shelf. GENIUS!

Summer - boo on anxiety and stress! Send that crap away from you! And what are you going to do about the kitteh? Trap it?

Dawn - things are already looking better

Tracey - i definitely feel like we've used up a lot of our bad luck

LD - Things have already gotten brighter since they recovered Jeepers

Janel said...

I hope all of the fur babies are feeling much, much better! Boo for criminals. Yay for STUPIDITY, for once. So glad you guys got Jeepers back!!

Teebore said...

Yeah, I've been following the drama on Fb too. Glad to hear they caught the guy. I seriously LOVE that he got ticketed for expired tabs. Talk about procrastination paying off!

He clearly doesn't sound like the brightest bulb, on several levels, much to your betterment.

Ninja Girl said...

Holy...goodness, I'm so glad you all are okay! You've really had a tough go of it lately :( I'm sorry, Falen. I'm sure things will be getting better soon (already are I guess with that guy getting caught). And your poor animals! I'm happy you found George immediately; that would've freaked me out, too (actually it did, years back when our Gus got out and was nowhere to be found. Mom called his name, sobbing, and he came bounding through the houses into her arms :) Very much a Kodak moment) Anyway, I'll be praying for you guys, really hope things turn around and can't wait to hear about your shopping therapy!
Ninja Girl

Lola Sharp said...

OMG!! Dude. Scary. I'm so sorry you guys have had to deal with all this.

I'm usually all love and rainbows and stuff, I really am, but I totally want to kick the guy's ass! Like, hurt him, make him cry and beg for mercy. Many nut punches. I am horrified that he broke IN your house while you were all there...sleeping! (my dogs would bark like crazy...I'm surprised your dogs didn't.) I feel violated for you.

Thank goodness they found him and he gets to spend some time in prison being someone's bitch. I hope he learns to be a better person in there.

A couple things: I hope you guys come up with some stronger home security. And, I'm glad the a-hole didn't take a (ew ew EW!) dump in your house/garage. (there's a silver lining.) THAT would be the straw that took me over the edge. Them's fighting turds! His house'd be getting (quietly) flung with dog crap...lots of dog crap.

I hope all your pets are on the mend, love. And I wish you many good and happy days and things from this moment forward. Hugs to Twin, too, and I hope her Jeepers comes back in good condition.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Janel - thanks! And, right? I mean, usually stupidity peeves me off, but not this time

Teebore - the ticket for expired tabs was hilarious. Because anne's been driving with them for like over 2 months, then bam, he steals the car and gets ticketed. karma.

Ninja - aww thanks! Yeah, things are looking a lot better now. I knew they would, sooner or later, just took a bit longer in this case than i thought. I think the shopping therapy post will be next week.

Lola - well, the police didn't say there was any damage to jeepers, so we're assuming she's fine. We should find out for sure in a couple hours. And how sucky would it be to have to clean up the poop of the guy who broke into your home. What an capitol ass

Hart Johnson said...

What a pile of poo you've had lumped on you! (thankfully, not literally in your case)-- We had a string of expenses like that.... car car vet broken stuff car... really undermined our efforts to get back on track. But that break in thing is horrible! I would feel so violated! I'm glad they finally caught the bastard and you got your stuff back.

Talli Roland said...

OH my GOD! My heart jumped when I read a burglar entered when you were sleeping! How scary - and how glad am I that you, Twin and George are all okay -- and even better, they caught the tosser. Stay safe!

LisaAnn said...

Found myself thinking about you today, and realized I hadn't heard an update about any of your submissions, etc, for a little while. Came by for a visit, and whoa! Your week has been crappy like my week!

Glad they caught that idiot, and so sorry about all your bad news...

TL Conway said...

I can't believe the dude took a crap in the neighbor's garage! HAHAHAHA!! Sorry, that's kind of funny to me right now.

I'm impressed with how you and the twin handled all the crap life threw at you this past week. The burglary sounds TERRIFYING! I'm glad no one was hurt!

Congrats for the Jeep being back to its rightful owner as well. What good ending to an otherwise unhappy story!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Hart - yeah i thought of you at one point, because i remembered all the bad luck you'd had as well. It must be going around

Talli - Hah! "tosser" i need to use that word more often

LisaAnn - aww thanks. But things are looking up now, so hopefully the bad stuff is all done

TL - yeah, everything ended up more or less OK, so now we can just wash our hands of it

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wow, that is way too much! Glad they caught the guy and he WILL be prosecuted. So often they get away with it...
Sarah, hope September is better!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Alex - god i hope so. It would really suck if it got worse

E.R. King said...

Oh my! What an awful month. Good news though, TOMORROW'S SEPTEMBER! You can start fresh with a brand new month. Yay! Glad to hear your Jeep was recovered and they caught the jerk!

Caledonia Lass said...

Good grief! Taking a dump in your neighbor's garage? Doesn't DNA mean a thing to people?
I'm glad they caught the guy and that Jeepers is safe. And the dogs and I'm glad your guinea pigs are doing better. Now to just get rid of those mice. :(
Have a better September!

Lindsey R. Loucks said...

Oh, wow. I'm so sorry all of this has happened all at once! But I'm happy things are looking up!

julie fedderson said...

Holy crap! You need to buy a lottery ticket because your luck must change soon. I am so glad that you and twin were not hurt--to have someone enter your house is such a violation, I hope karma bites him right in the ass.
On a lighter note, your guinea pigs need goggles.

aspiring_x said...

holy crapola!!!!!
that's a TERRIFYING thing to happen!!!!


i'm sosoooooo glad they caught him... if they were on csi they would totally have dna evidence from the load in neighbor's garage! YUCK!!!

and at least you're keeping the vet in business! :)

Jamie (Mithril Wisdom) said...

That's a hell of a week! I'm really glad that they caught the guy though. I agree with Julie; goggles are the way forward. Steampunk pet goggles :D

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Lindsey - i'm hoping we've used up out bad luck quota

Julie - clearly. i mean, we've had piggers for years and never had scratched eyes before, then two in less than a week? Cray cray

Aspiring - well, they did swab DNA from Jeeper's steering wheel, which was kind of wierd because it sounds like the guy is cooperating

Jamie - oooh, i wonder if there's a market for that?!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

ER - September here we come!

Caledonia - yeah those mice are cheeky buggers. We're hoping we can find some natural repellent

Lisa-Marie Jordan said...

Oh. My. GOD! How scary, but I'm glad to hear they caught the guy and recovered the stolen items! Take care!

K. Turley (Clutzattack) said...

Oh that is so scary. I don't think I'd be able to sleep for a month, or without a security system if something like that happened to me. (I'm so paranoid about that sort of thing since my husband travels a lot and I'm often alone at night.)

LisaAnn said...

Your amazingly sweet post on my blog literally just made me cry. In the car. While waiting for my prescription at the drive-thru pharmacy. And that's saying something.

Thank you so much. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Lisa-Marie - thanks! Yep, everything is back, including everything inside Jeepers

Clutz - you know, i thought i'd be really bothered by all of that, but surprisingly i'm not. Go figure. I guess i never really felt in danger

LisaAnn - well, i hope it helped some. ((hugs))

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