Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year, A New Blog

Well here we are at the beginning of 2010 and I suppose there are a lot of new little blogs popping up. Just like this one! But this one is important. You know why? Because I said so.

Mine will have stuff about writing. Mostly (I hope anyway). There will be sentences ending in prepositions, sentence fragments, random Letter capitalization and other rule breakage. Mostly because it’s a blog and who’s counting, right? But also mostly because I’m lazy.

There will also probably be talk about foodstuff. Because I like food.

And my frenchie Yvie has already expressed interest in being an occasional guest blogger because I love dogs, but more importantly I love MY dogs and do whatever they want me to do.

And yes there may be some other guest bloggers, as well as an occasional contest and tons of nerdy and geeky references (because these are all things I like on other blogs).

So here we go, once more into the breach. I will try my hardest to update a few times a week.

I've done my research and noted that first blog posts are always short and sweet so I think this about covers it. I would just like to throw a few shout-outs to some people/blogs:

The first is my writing buddy Teebore who is one of the main contributors of the Gentlemen Of Leisure Blog. This is an awesome blog that centers around TV and comics. Fun times!

Second is Kristy Sweetland over at Stark Raving Zen blog – for all of your Zen needs (complete with awesome photography and awesome dogs), who was nice enough to urge me via facebook to get a blog up and running.

The third is Sharon Mayhew over at Random Thoughts blog who was also nice enough to send a complete stranger (moi) an email stating that she thought their bio was funny and that said stranger should start a blog.

And last is my Twin sister (who I plan on referring to as “Twin”, at least until she finally caves and makes herself a profile) for being the queen of harping on me to do things that keep her entertained (like writing, or starting a blog). She will be a frequent mention on the blog since I live with her (and therefore, cannot escape the harping).

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

FIRST EVAR! Mwaaahahahahah!
i'm just glad you didn't call me the Harpie.

Falen said...

No, I'm not that mean

Sharon Mayhew said...

WTG, Falen! I know you are going to be great at this. Happy blogging in 2010 and may all your desires come true for you.

Terri Tiffany said...

Welcome to the blog world!!! Happy writing in this new year:))

Falen said...

Thanks everyone!

TechnoBabe said...

Good for you to start your new blog. Enjoy writing and reading comments. Happy New Year.

Stark Raving Zen said...

I have to say I am SO excited about this!!! I just know that we're all in for some very entertaining and worthwhile stuff here. Thank you! and... FINALLY! ;) - Kristy

Teebore said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Falen; hope you survive the experience!

Thanks for the shout out; I've added you to our blog roll.

Looking forward to seeing what you've got in store, and whether or not Twin will ever get a proper profile.

PS I am jealous of your steampunk writing hat. So jealous.

Falen said...

It's awesome - and I bought it at the awesome Excalibur leather (they were hidden in the back, as they were anachronistic (ps i love that word) and all that...)
I gave her a taste of her own harping and suggested she just bite the bullet on the profile. We'll see what happens

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