Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In Which My Query Is Critiqued


You know how when you work out for the first time in a long time, and the next day you're in a lot of pain? But you know it's good for you - it's a good pain - but that still doesn't change the fact that it hurts when you laugh?

That's how I feel.

I submitted my Query to Evil Editor for it to be critiqued (Face-Lift 723). After two weeks of anticipation (and Twin checking every day) it was finally posted. And of course it was posted when I was having a negative attitude day (don't worry, I fixed that by cramming my gullet full of macaroni and cheese and tackling the dishes)(Also by watching Intervention, because it makes me realize things could always be worse...).

I thought my query was pretty strong, and I guess looking back on many of the other Evil Editor Queries (like Face-Lift 721...) I still feel it was pretty strong.

I just need to tighten up some areas, and loosen others.
After all, I do love an excuse to edit and revise things...

Back into the breach!


Nicole Ducleroir said...

I clicked the link and read the whole page -- wow! I thought your query was strong, and it interested me in the story. Then I read through the comments you've been receiving and I'm amazed at how insightful the feedback was. With the ideas you've been offered, you know exactly where it needs to be tightened up for maximum effect.

Best of luck with it! I'm beginning to appreciate how difficult it is to clear the query hurdle. You can do it, I know you can!
((hugs)) Nicole

Anne said...

I think you can judge how good a query is on EE by how many comments you get. 26- with 3-4 discussing the working title, means it's pretty strong- they couldn't critique too much.

Piedmont Writer said...

Hey that's great, isn't it? I mean 26 people commented. That's pretty good. I only got 5 or 6.

But at least you now know what you need to do, whereas I fell on my face.

Congratulations! You have just made it through hurdle #1. Good job. Keep on plugging.

Lynnette Labelle said...

At least you're on the right track.

Are you a twin? If you are, we kind of have something in common. I'm the mom of twin 4 year olds. Plus, I also live in MN.

Nice to "meet" you. I saw your comment at Roni's blog and agree with you.

Lynnette Labelle

Teebore said...

You go girl!

It's easy to say when it's not my query, but I think you escaped without too many dings. Even the Evil Editors comments were more humorous than scathing, and the critiques in the comments were, generally, helpful.

I should nut up and submit my query...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey, you were brave enough to submit it to the Evil Editors!

Falen said...

Thanks everyone!

Nicole - thanks - i thought i had cleared that huddle, but apaprently i may have stumbled on my way over

Anne - not to mention the 7 or so discussing whether my characters were people or animals

Piedmont - yeah, but i had 4-5 of my own responses in there, so it's more like 20, and out of those only 7-10 are actual useable critiques. so it kind of evens out

Lynette - i am a twin and it is awesome. As is living in MN, of which i'm sure you are aware

Teebore - yeah i found his comments the most helpful.

Alex - It took me a long time to work up the guts to send it in but another blogger recommended it and i like to do what people tell me. So there you go.

Teebore said...

not to mention the 7 or so discussing whether my characters were people or animals

That was hilarious, btw. And thankfully, Evil Editor owned up to it being a joke in the first place.

i like to do what people tell me

Give me money. ;)

Elana Johnson said...

First off, subbing your query to public scrutiny takes a lot of courage! So congrats on that. And second, every critique makes us better, right?

Um, right. Let's go with that. Although it is really hard to hear sometimes.

Falen said...

Teebore - isn't is you who owes me money...?

Elana - it does make us better though. Even if the critique weren't helpful it would still help us build up our tough skins. Which is a requirement

Teebore said...

Heh. I do, don't I?

All the more reason for us to schedule another meeting.

Or to avoid it!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

I think if I were to submit a query to the Evil Editor, he would rip out my heart and eat it in front of me. And THAT would not be funny. Can you submit anonymously?

Yours was great and with the Evil Editor's help you will make it great-er.

(word verification: cessin - a container for cess.)

Falen said...

Teebore - yeah i want to get together so bad, but still no car...

Palindrome - yeah it's all anonymous and you don't have to comment as the author or anything. And i'd be happy to critique anything you wanted to post first, so i'm sure there wouldn't be any heart eating (though you should ask Anne about her Evil Editor dream...)

Terri Tiffany said...

I am proud of you that you weren't afraid to submit it there! I'd cringe at the thought even if I thought mine was the best!! Pat yourself on the back for putting yourself out there!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

OOOH, Evil Editor dream. Anne, you better fess up!

Yeah, I'll probably have you, Piedmont, and Teebore trash me first so I have thicker skin. Then when the EE tries to take my heart, he won't be able to!! haha!

Falen said...

Terri - Thanks! But i'm still too much a chicken to submit it to Janet Reid at QueryShark

Palindrome - Kali Ma!

Sharon Mayhew said...

Falen--If you want me to look at your query I will. I'm not expert, but I seem to be able to get responses to my queries...skmayh at q dot com

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