Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 Posts!

Can you believe I already have ten (eleven if you count this one) posts? I hope I can keep it up since I'd like to think blogging every day is something I can accomplish (with perhaps weekends off) but I'm just not sure. I guess I'll just keep at it and see what happens.

Also i'm excited about my followers - eleven in less than a week. Awesomeness.

One of my bestest pals in the whole world started a blog.
Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome started up Musings of a Palindrome where she will discuss things such as books, TV, movies and other awesome things. Check it out.

Palindrome is a member of my writing group along with Teebore over at Gentlemen of Leisure blog. We've been in our writing group (dubbed UMWADS (for United Midwestern Writing And Drinking Society)) for over 5 years now. Fun!

Also, since there have been a few questions (OK it was one question, but still...) here is a pronunciation guide to some of the things on my blog.

Falen - The first half (Fal) should rhyme with 'pal'.

Yvie - her name is pronounced like the letters EV. Though you can always just call her Miss B.

Ahiers - this is my real last name - it's pronounced 'Airs'.

And that's it for today class!


Joan Crawford said...

You have the last name of a timeless, fancy, character from literature. Lucky.

Congrats on 10 posts! I really like the new layout but am completely unable to change mine. I can't even figure out how to put links up. Stupid computers.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

10 posts!! woo-hoo!!! I hope I find enough things to talk about in mine. I'm shooting for a couple of times a week...low standards and all.

I will be checking in daily!! Keep me entertained!!

Teebore said...

Congrats on your first ten!

New look, more followers AND a post a day? You really do put me to shame. I'm happy if I can get 2-3 a week done.

Color me impressed!

Stark Raving Zen said...

Love the new look, Sarah! Your blog is so damn fun! :)

Falen said...

Joan - don't fret - it took me like a whole day to change mine, and much fretting before that.

Palindrome - i really thought i'd have nothing to write about, but once you start it becomes easier. I find i come up with a lot of topics in the shower

Teebore - yeah, but your posts require like research and explaining stuff. Mine are just "blah blah blah, picture, blah blah blah poop jokes"

Zen - Thanks! Yours was one of the blogs i looked at when i was thinking about how i wanted to zazz mine up

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