Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Fun Words

Yvie here! To bring you your weekly dose of new definitions and words drawn from Blogger Verification Words.
But before that, you'll never believe what I did on Sunday.

It was actually why Mommy was gone all day on Sunday and then had to scramble to write a blog post.

I... went to a casting call!

That's right! Yours truly may one day be a print model!

Perhaps you'll be looking through a Target ad and there I'll be, all beautiful and gorgeous and adored, as I deserve to be.

The Animal Connection had an open casting call for dogs at a local obedience center. There isn't a specific client, but this way if a client needs a dog for an ad, they can look through the book of dogs and pick one they want.

We had to wait, like, four hours for our turn in front of the camera. After about an hour and a half I was FED UP with all the other cute dogs there. But then Anne showed up with Tula (since she wants to model too. and things got a little more entertaining.

Anyway, when I finally got my chance in front of the camera, the photographer took TONS of pictures, way more than most the other dogs, because she thought I was just so cute. She told me so.

Tula didn't do as well, cuz she's all shy and stuff, and only got one good face and body shot (amateur).

I hope I get some work. Mommy says if I do, I can help pay for the hot-tub they want.

We'll see about that, Mommy. It is, after all, MY money.

Onto the words!

Paccing - When Al Pacino wins some money

Abear - ummm... a bear?

Islchar - a burned island

Heeps - Hot peeps. Or as Anne said, a heap of peeps.

Phics - physics for people who only like to speak and write in shorthand

Brasts - when you blast a brat.

That's all for this week! See you next time, ape-friends!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

In Which I Fight A Funk

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. Sure I set myself a goal. But since then, I've done really no editing.

I got my first chapter crit back from Chimera Critiques and I can't even really bring myself to look at it (OK, I glanced at it, but I know I've got to let it sit aside for a bit before I dive in. Got to separate myself from any emotions so I can look at it objectively).

I think my funks align directly with my "day job". If I'm a bit fed up there (like now, because I've got all these projects to do that I'd just rather not) then it bleeds over into real life.

Mostly I just want a few weeks off from work where I can sleep in and relax and do nothing. (I've never had more than 10 days off from any job I've ever held. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have more that two weeks off from work. I bet I'd never want to come back)

In the past I know a cure for a nice funk is just time. If I wait long enough, it will go away. But I feel like I'm just wasting time. I would love to be at the next stage, seriously crafting a query to send out. I'm not even worried about if Foxfire will be accepted or rejected. Obvs acception ( this a word...?) would be AWESOME, but I don't have a problem with trying again if it's not.

Le Sigh. Stupid funks. Messing things up.
I think I'm going to start line editing some of Foxfire. That's an easy revision process that I can just do without any commitment. I mean, I'll need to do 2-3 more line edits later so one right now won't hurt anything.

Then maybe I can tackle some of the bigger changes that have to happen (heightening conflict, making MC Fox as likable and enigmatic as MC Quill, working on that hook).

Is it the weekend yet?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Which I Hand-Write

Does anyone else have terrible handwriting?

Because I do, straight up.

It's one of the reasons I don't hand-write anything (that and it's painful). Every once in awhile (a while? who the heck knows?!) my handwriting will come out all nice and pretty and girly. But mostly it's chicken scratch.

my handwriting looks like drunken cuneiform compared to this

This normally isn't an issue because, like I said, I don't hand-write.

But I do hand edit. Both my stuff and other's stuff. When I know I'm going to edit someone else's stuff I try to write carefully. But when it's my stuff there are plenty of times where I write something (and I'm sure it's something genius and fantastic) and then later, when I go look at it, I have no idea what it says.

Luckily I have a good memory, so even if I can't read my comment I can usually re-read the section and come to the same conclusion. The chicken scratch itself serves as a memory marker for me.

Anyone else have this problem? What's your solution (besides just writing more carefully. Because who wants to do that?)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In Which I Share My Love Of Palindromes

Over at Musings of a Palindrome, Hannah is having her first ever contest. It's an awesome contest with many books to be handed out as prizes. You should check it out.

Why, you ask?

Well for the aforementioned prizes of course.

But also because Hannah has an awesome blog.

Let me tell you about some awesome things about Hannah.

She loves her Snuggie.

She loves the same TV shows as I do (except Bones, though I'm still trying to convert her. DAVID BOREANAZ...need I say more?)

totally got more attractive now that he's older.

Also, I owe her FOREVER for introducing me to the mangst that is Supernatural. FOREVER

She likes dark-haired men (though I prefer blondes)

Dr. Daniel Jackson FTW?

Or the man who's bringing vampire sexy back?

She likes food (

Holy hell... I need to eat all of this food, like, right now...

She reads a lot. A. Lot.
She enjoys awesome movies

Anyone who hasn't seen this movie needs to rectify that immediately

She writes the best metaphors (for reals. I don't know anyone better)
Her blog is fun and funny and has a lot of pictures.

So seriously, if you haven't checked out her blog yet, head on over there and become a follower, not only for the chance at free books, but also for a good time.

Monday, April 26, 2010

In Which I Feel A Word Is Spelled Incorrectly

You know what word I always want to spell incorrectly?


I want to spell it as "in to" - two words. Well not always, but often. I strongly disagree with it being one word. Strongly.

It just doesn't make any sense to me. For example, I'll make up a fake sentence.

"She shoved the head into the box"

Because I feel this sentence could also be written "She shoved the head in the box" (though this way it has a different meaning) I feel that "into" should be two words.

Is this weird? Am I the only one that has this issue with "into"?

I also occasionally have problems with "awhile", though that has more to do with the fact that I saw it once as a while, and I'm pretty sure that was a typo, but now I'm always confused about it.

Does anyone else have a word or words that you feel should be spelled differently?

(Sorry for the short post today, I was out all day on Sunday and forgot to write a blog post. I suspect the rest of the ones this week should be of a normal length).

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Fun Words

Hello ape-friends! Yvie is back in business

Can you believe my jerk brother stealing the show last week? What I guess.

Anyway, I can't even be that angry. You know why?
Because I'm in love!
That's right, the queen of sass has given up her heart!
Sure it may just be a temporary fling, but for now I'm totally committed.

I love you blue ball

I won't let anyone take you from me

I even wrote a little song:

Loving you, is easy cuz you're round and blue
Do a Do a Do Do
AHHHHHHHH! (this last part is howling)

Anyway, onto the words!

Handead - when you wakeup and your hand is asleep

Braptr - a bratty raptor


Dinchive - a dinner herb

Gizmade - rare artifacts made by gizmo

Trigcon - a convention for trigonometry lovers

Anyway ape-friends, I hope you have a weekend filled with love!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Which I (Tentatively) Set A Goal

All right blog friends. I think I am going to set a goal for myself.

I was thinking the other day about how I'm excited for nano 2010 because I'm going to take a crack at that YA Sea Serpent story I can't stop thinking about. But then it hit me that I might still be working on Foxfire then and I don't want that to fall to the wayside.

So! my (tentative) goal for Foxfire is to finish revisions before November 2010. That way I can dive into nano and the new story free of all constraints.

Will it be a difficult goal to reach? I have no idea. I think it might be unless I step up my game a bit (the summer weather has led me to slack off some).

What happens if I fail?

Well nothing really. It just means I'll have to juggle two things at once, which won't be fun.

But, if I do accomplish this goal, well then I may also be able to accomplish one of my new year's resolutions, which is to send out a query.

Exciting? Yes.
Scary? No...?
Intimidating? A bit.

Anyone else set any goals for themselves?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In Which We Hang At The O.C.

So we had the writing/crit group on Monday. It was awesome, as usual. Ever since Nano we've been a lot better about meeting regularly (except over the winter holidays. We tend to go a few months without meeting around then).

We went over the first 10 pages of chapter one for me and hit chapter two for Teebore. Hannah (Palindrome) is in the midst of outlining a new (exciting?) project and didn't have anything to crit this week (though she'd thought she might be able to push something out, but she's been uber busy in the real life).

I was wondering where everyone else meets with their crit group?

We always meet in the bar of a local Old Chicago. It used to be our hangout when we all still worked at Barnes and Noble, so we're just used to it. I just wonder if meeting in a bar is unusual?

hanging out at the O.C.

Do other people meet at homes or libraries or schools?

I don't think we've ever discussed meeting elsewhere. It's pretty central to all of our homes, being as that Teebore and I live in opposite suburbs (northeast baby!)

Do you like where you meet?
Do you ever think about meeting anywhere else?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In Which I Make A Hodge Podge

Is hodge podge two words?
I dunno and I'm too lazy to look it up.

(*Update: I ended up looking it up. Turns out it's hyphenated)

This post is going to be a mix of unrelated weird things, because I'm a bit behind on some other things and not focused enough to concentrate on a "real" post.

Yesterday I forgot to include the pics I took of a few line edited pages, for you curious sort (hey, I'm curious too) so here you go.

Also I had saved this Lolcat a few weeks ago to share and forgot about it.

Last weekend we replaced my old ceiling fan (which only worked on one setting, and in which the light did not work at all) with a new one. I forgot to take a before pic, but here's a middle and after pic.

aren't my baby blackout curtains awesome? (sarcasm)

Here's a dumb question for all you blog techie people. In general, I'm able to figure most things about by using teh googles, but this one has me stumped.

So many of you have beautiful "Pages" attached to your blogs, where I can click and find your contact info etc (as you can see, my pages option is stuck at "Home" for right now)
What I want is a little Facebook icon that, when people click on it, leads them to my Facebook profile so they can send me a friend request if they so desire.

Now I know how to do that with a link, but that's ugly. I want a pretty little blue square with an F in the middle. Like what Roni has over at Fiction Groupie. Whenever I search blogger or teh googles for this, all I find are people telling me how to add a Facebook Share option to my blog (which I already have).

I am accepting help from anyone who is using this little icon.

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on many blogs the last few days., I don't typically travel the interwebs over the weekend and since I had Thursday and Friday off from work, it was like an extended weekend where I didn't really read any blogs.

The same may happen this Friday as well. BUT in between those weekend and "faux" weekend days, I'll be commenting as usual.

Anyone have any good ways or recipes for cooking veggies? We're pretty tired of steaming them or boiling them here. We have a grill as well, but that's new. I will take any suggestions.

Also I signed up for Roni's "Let's Talk" blogfest. I don't participate in a lot of blogfests (mostly because I feel I should be working on other things, not because I don't think they look fun) but I couldn't ignore this one becasue I love to write me some dialogue.

Well that's it for this hodge podge. BUT I suspect this may become a bit of a regular feature from time to time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

In Which I Interrupt My Revision

Well lookee lookee. It's Monday again. How great. I need like 6 months off from work. I think I'd probably spend the first half of that just trying to catch up on sleep.

I took a short break with my revision schedule this weekend. I'm still not quite done with reading through each scene and writing down larger aspects that need to be added/removed etc. But I put that aside to begin some line edits of chapter one.

I want to clean it up a bit before I submit it to Chimera Critiques so I don't look like a huge hack who can't type properly (soooo many typos...)

Also I have my writing group tonight (wOOt!) and they'll be looking at the first ten pages of chapter one as well. So I wanted to be a bit ahead of the game so I can just correct anything they find and then hopefully submit my chapter for my free critique (EXCITEMENT!)

While I was line editing I was wondering how many line edits everyone else does?
I do 2 or 3 line edits of a whole piece. I'll do one kind of early on (but not too early, I don't want to line edit a chunk that's just going to end up cut). Then I'll do one once most all of the other revisions are done. And then I do one last final one, where I read the story backwards so I can really just concentrate on each sentence alone.

How many line edits does everyone else do? It used to be that line edits were the only thing that I did to revise, just read over the story line by line, over and over again until I either thought it was done, or figured that I had had enough. But this time I'm trying something different.

How about you?

I hope everyone has a nice week!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fun Words

...are you there blog people? Hi, it's me, George. I'm whispering because I've snuck onto the computer while Yvie is busy chewing on an antler. She doesn't know I'm stealing her post for this week.

I thought it was about time that someone actually spoke about the real Yvie. Sure she seems all great and poop hating but in reality, she doesn't hate poop at all.

She actually wrote a song about her relationship with poop when she was a puppy. The song was posted on her diary. I actually wrote a counter song, but I'm running out of time so I'll share that one later.

But here's Yvie's "Poop Spots" song, sung to the original Oompa Loompa song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Poop Spots Poop Spots, Why are they here?
Their magic appearance is so unclear.
Poop Spots Poop Spots they make my mom mad.
She sighs then she cleans and she says that I'm bad.

What have I done to deserve all this gripe?
All that I do is go poop in the night.
Then when she's up I go step in the poop,
And watch as my mommy jumps - through - hoops...
When I run around she chases me.

Poop Spots Poop Spots all on the floor.
If you don't see the poop spots it's time to make more.
Poop Spots Poop Spots they are so fun,
My mom tries to clean but there's more than just one.

What do you get when I poop on the floor?
And Mom's not around 'cuz she is such a bore?
I jump all around and I land on the pile
To clean them up will take her quite - a - while...
And then I'll go and make some more.

Poop Spots Poop Spots all on the wood.
If you want more just give me some food.
Poop Spots Poop Spots - You will soon see
That I like my Poop Spots
Poop Spots, poopy on me!
Poopy on me.


There you go, first hand proof that she's not the poop-hater she pretends to be.

Now, I'm supposed to make up some definitions or something, right?

Here goes

Bumet - a small bum. Used typically for puppies. I mean babies. Whatever.

Hypoo - when you're so excited, you accidentally poop

Terdshoal - a sandbank in the bed of a body of water that is exposed above the surface of the water at low tide. Also it is, you guessed it, covered in turds

Redoe - a do-over for deer

Premon - a premature demon

Matoes - nickname for tomatoes.

Hey, this wasn't all that hard! Oh crud, Yvie's coming. Gotta go blog peeps.

* this week's words provided by Piedmont Writer

Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Which I Am Engrossed

Does anyone else get engrossed when reading their own WIPs? I do. Or at least it's something like engrossed. I always start off reading and editing, but then almost always I hit a point where I realize I'm just reading the story and not really paying attention to the edits that need to happen.

This happens frequently when I beta as well, which is why my beginnings are always heavily marked up, but the marks drop off towards the end.

I can't help it, the stories just always draw me in.

The solution, of course, is to read backwards. It helps you focus on each individual sentence instead of focusing on the whole.

Unfortunately I'm not at that point yet, I'm at the point where I'm reading each scene and deciding on any major changes I need to make. So reading backwards doesn't help when you're looking for pacing issues, and plot holes.

Also, it hurts that I've only read the whole WIP once-ish (it will be twice once I'm done with each of these scenes) so I'm not yet overly familiar with it.

Does this happen to anyone else? What are your solutions?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Which I Share News

I got some exciting new yesterday. It came at a perfect time, right when I was feeling a bit frustrated by my lack of effort this week at revising (this is mostly due to the fact that I have Thursday and Friday off from work and have just kind of checked out)

I placed first in Chimera Critique's contest!


I'm so super excited about this!

I've been toying with the idea of using Chimera Critique once I get through my beta readers (you know who you are or will be...(*glares menacingly*)) so now I get a chance to try them out first!

I get a $20 giftcard to B&N (yay books!) and a first chapter critique. I'll have to check to see if there's a page limit on that, because, as we've discussed before, some of my chapters are a bit lengthy.

They also said they could do a query critique instead, which sorely tempted me, but I've pretty much come to the conclusion that my query needs to be rewritten, no matter how much I love it, and I don't want to deal with that right now.

This is just the kick in the bum I've needed to get my revisions back up to speed. I've been slacking a little too freely lately.

Anyone else have any good news they'd like to share?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In Which We Have A Ghost...?

So typically myself, Twin and I (and our Mom if we're around her) like to partake in April Fool's Day festivities. Many a shirt has been soaked by the sink's spray nozzle being rubber banded and no one will forget the "short sheeting incident of 2009" in which a new prank combined with Brother's exhaustion resulted in hilarity.

But this year we all forgot about pranks. Brother had just gotten back from visiting Youngest Sister in Oprahland and Twin was in San Diego for work. I was busy with work tasks and just didn't have the energy to come up with any pranks.

On my lunch break I was feeling stressed and wanted to read something, but not Manuscript Makeover. I decided I would take a break on that and read one of my YA or MG book sitting on my TBR pile.

In fact, I wanted to read Incarceron, which has been sitting on the top of my pile since it arrived in the mail.

So I walked to my room to get the book. Except it wasn't there.
I checked every single book in that pile (even though I had seen it on the top of that pile the night before) and none of them were Incarceron.

So first I was confused. Perhaps I had already had the plan to read Incarceron and had carried it somewhere? (this was highly unlikely as my memory skills are pretty great. My memory for events is almost a lame super power) So I checked the kitchen, the dining room (where things accrue) the living room, even the bathroom, in case I had had it in my head to take a bath and read it.


So then I started to wonder if perhaps Brother had not forgotten about April Fool's Day like the rest of us.
I texted our mom and asked her if Brother had mentioned playing any pranks on us to her. She texted back that she hadn't heard anything and that she, too, had forgotten all about it.

I texted Twin in San Diego, wondering if perhaps she had borrowed it, even though I knew she was reading Under the Dome because it took up so much space in her carryon.


So then I went downstairs and poked around Brother's room, looking for anywhere he might have stashed it.


I finally broke down and sent him a text. I thought about asking him if he had it, but I knew that if he had, indeed, hidden it, he could deny actually "having" it if it wasn't in his possession.

Instead, I asked if he had hidden it.

I didn't expect a response since he was at work, but I had done everything I could. I went back to work, a bit miffed and frustrated.

That night, Twin came home and Brother denied that he had hidden the book.

I argued with him, there was no other explanation. I certainly didn't hide my own book and Twin was hours away.

He pointed out that he revelled in his pranks and certainly would have taken credit for any prank he pulled. Instead, he began to think that I was pulling a prank on him, by hiding my own book and blaming him.

I don't like to play mind games like that.

So I was left with a mystery - I didn't want to believe brother, but he seemed sincere and he would certainly want to claim his prank victory if he had hidden the book.

That night when I was fixing the sheets on my bed, I found the book stuffed underneath Yvie's dog bed. Underneath my own pillow I found my pedegg - it had apparently been missing as well, though I had seen it the night before right next to Incarceron on my nightstand.

I was completely flummoxed.

I mean maybe, MAYBE, I had grabbed Incarceron that morning, planning to read it, and suddenly decided to fluff Yvie's dog bed and set the book on the bed and accidentally put Yvie's dog bed on top of the book, and then forgot all about it. But all those events seem a bit ludicrous.
Also, I certainly wouldn't have stashed a pedegg under my pillow.

So what happened? I have no idea.

If I truly believed we had a ghost in the house, I'd be a bit freaked to sleep at night. And really nothing else has happened in the almost 3 years we've lived here (not counting a time I saw a ghost Yvie...). But I have no explanation as to how the book and the pedegg were "stashed away" amongst my pillows and bed.

hello brown lady of raynham hall

So - anyone have any unexplainable things happen to them? Even though I'm terrified of ghosts, I'm also extremely fascinated by them. So spill!

Monday, April 12, 2010

In Which I Read About Revising

So I (finally) finished reading Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyon. I actually had to take a break in the middle of it and read something else for a bit (Hunger Games and Catching Fire, which of course only gave me a 3 day break).

Overall the book was fantastic. But it was very heavy and not really for light reading.
Still I dog eared many a page to read again regarding Foxfire revisions. I also liked that she had a copy-editing section and also a section on how to write a synopsis and query.

Though she did say in the query section that you should tell how the book ends, which I don't agree with at all. As far as I know, you want to tantalize the agent to read more. If you tell them all of what happens, then they don't need to.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a no-holds-bar book and what to look for when revising. It covers everything from POV to voice to line edits and chapter breaks. It was exactly what I was looking for, especially when the last revision book I read just glossed over things I already knew how to do.

I think I need a break from writing books for awhile. I'm going to tackle all the fiction on my TBR pile first, before I hit another writing book (and I have a few more of those on my TBR pile as well.)

Anyone else read any good revision or writing books lately?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Fun Words

Yvie here, for your usual Verification Word tomfoolery.

The weather has been so nice here that we're back to taking walks in the morning. Also we're spending a lot of time in the yard, running around and barking at other dogs and people.

Actually, the other day I had a bit of an accident. I was in the yard, barking at some kids when I saw Mommy inside the house. Well I decided it was time for me to go inside and since it was so nice, I raced really fast across the yard.

We have a porch with one step up into the house, and I thought I judged the jump correctly, but alas, I was wrong.

My feet got caught on the step and my face smashed into the house.

Mommy seemed a little shocked. But I was fine. I mean, my face is already pretty flat.

Nothing was wounded but my pride. And I'm sure the house has a bruise as well.

But that's what it gets, tripping me up like that.

Onto the words!

Splurf - what happens when you smash a smurf

Peppoglu - what they use to keep the pepperoni on the pizza

Mogin - what you say when you want an increase of liquor

Fircons - criminal trees

Hemet - when a male comes across a new person

Conboo - criminal ghosts

And that's all for this week, ape-friends. Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

In Which I Revise Some More

So revisions for Foxfire seem to be going steady. Not that I've done much "revising" per se (not counting the few scenes I've added). But the preparing for the revisions is going steady.

I've come up with a better conflict and purpose for the antagonist, which was literally non-existent in the first draft (me and my passive characters). That will really make things tighten up nicely, I believe.

Here's a pic of what I'm doing right now.

I've taken each scene and posted them on one of my notebook pages. I title the page with the chapter and scene # (Chp 4.1 etc) and then I read through the scene. Anything I come across that needs fixing, I write it on the page next to the scene post it. My thoughts are that I can then highlight each piece of editing I've completed for each scene as I go.

Also this way I can do editing scene by scene instead of trying to do it ONE WHOLE NOVEL AT A TIME... no thanks. Not for me.

All the scenes have a repeating list of revision bits which include (but are not limited to) things such as: Line Edits, First and last scene sentence revision, POV check, SDT check, Conflict, Action etc.

I'm really really interested in how everyone else goes about editing and revising whole novels. Which is, of course, why I keep posting about my own process. Because I figure if I'm curious, surely others are as well.

Anyone else written blog posts regarding their specific revision processes?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In Which I Have A New Idea

The other night I had a dream. Now I know I've posted on how I have troubles writing full stories based off my dreams, but this time, the story is almost complete.

To be fair I think much of the story came up while I was sort-of half awake and trying to fall back asleep. But that doesn't matter!

This story seems like it would make a good YA trilogy. I've never overly considered doing something YA before, until now that is.

I'm actually quite excited about these stories (the dream covered books 1 and 2. But I'm a trilogy person so there would have to be a third one) and may start the first one for NaNo 2010.

What's it about? That's a closely guarded secret. The only thing I will tell you is that it involves a war.

Oh, and Sea Serpents.

Anyone else have new story ideas?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In Which I Go Shopping For Technology

So I finally got my tax money which is awesome. Since Twin and I bought our house, the tax breaks have been much better.

This year I decided that I should buy a new laptop. I haven't had a brand new computer in over 10 years and my current laptop was refurbished when I bought it around 7-8 years ago.

Old laptop perks:

Stylish NaNoWriMo sticker
Familiarity = ease of use-ability
Keyboard molded to my fingers = less typos
All my music stored

New Laptop perks:

Speakers that work
Mouse that works
Shiny and new
Full keyboard so I can use the number pad
Wide screen monitor so I can easily update blogger layout
HDMI output so we can hook it up to the TV and watch the laptop stuff on our awesome TV
Nice video card = Sims and other PC game compatibility

Sunday evening we started up Sims and made a new family. It was fun because while one of us played, the rest could watch on the TV.

Ah Sims. Will we ever break free from your clutches?

All signs point to No...

Monday, April 5, 2010

In Which I Search For Pictures

I did something last week that I've never done before. No it wasn't skydiving.
I looked up people pics to try and find ones that look like my characters!

I know a lot of people do this, but it just never occurred to me as something to do. I know what my characters look like in my head.

But then on one of the blogs I frequent (can't remember which one) she had posted a pic of her main character and I realized hey, I could do that too!

So I spent hours pouring over pics of teens and adults trying to find the closest match to my characters.

It was so much fun!

If you haven't done it before now, I would recommend it. I used a model/actor website and had a lot of luck.

And here we go!

This is my MC Fox. His hair is actually redder and longer and he should look a bit younger but otherwise this is a pretty good match

This what my other MC Quill looks like, she would just have much shorter hair

This is Lisi, Fox's mother

Both Fox and Quill have two love interests (their characters mirror each other a bit)
For Quill we have:




And for Fox there is:




The last two human characters are:



Anyone else ever pick pictures for their characters?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Fun Words

Yvie here. For any of our new followers, I've been charged with writing the Friday posts on Mommy's blog. So I make up definitions for blogger word verification words.

I go where I want!

This week Anne went away for some stoopid job thing, which means I didn't get any kisses or cuddling from her for 3 whole days! Yes, Mommy gave me tons to make up, but still. I require multi human love.

So to teach Anne a lesson, I ate her cupcake.

That will teach her to leave a chair pushed back so I can sneak onto the dining room table.

Oh, and Anne? It was delicious.

Onto the words!

Emoram - an angst ridden, male sheep

Teepie - this is a convoluted word which can mean eating a delicious baked desert in a house made of hide. Other definitions may include a baked dessert made from a warm herbal beverage.

Shesever - when a woman makes a cut

Sturap - when a man called Stuart makes rhythmic music

Eelopa - when a pair of water snakes swim off and get married without their parent's permission

Polludan - when Nate gets tired of doing all the plant reproductive work so he lets his brother Dan take over for awhile

And that's it for this week, ape-friends! I'll be back next week with more words.
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