Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday Weird Call For Submissions!

So, I have an issue.

My laptop crapped out. That is to say, it no longer works with the internet. It's an old computer (I actually blogged about getting it alllll the way back in 2009) and it's been on its last legs for awhile.

I came back from my cabin a few weeks ago and the wireless option is just completely gone.
And because I'm saving money to buy a house, I can't just hop out and buy a new one.

It's not the end of the world because I have my netbook (which is also rough going, but it'll do) but the biggest problem is, almost all of my Wednesday Weird post ideas and plans were saved as bookmarks on my laptop. And because I'm dumb, I didn't back the up anywhere else.

So, yeah. Hence why there hasn't been a WW for a few weeks (and why April has been a crap month for blogging for me. I almost always blog on my laptop)

So what that means, is, until I get my list of WW back up and running, I could use some ideas from you!

Do you have any Weird things you'd like to see my blog about? I've already got a request for Mothman (which I haven't done yet just because there's a fair amount of info to wade through and condense down.)

OR!!! Do you have a weird or strange tale that happened to you personally? I would love to host you as a guest for a Wednesday Weird! I LOVE personal spooky or strange tales more than anything, so if you're sitting on anything like that, I would be my utter delight to host you.

Tell me all your spooky tales!

Anyway, I hope to hear from you either way! And do not fret - this is not the end of WW - it may just be a bit of a hiatus while I get back on my feet.

Monday, April 25, 2016

In Which The Front Row Writes

Howdy pals!

So today starts a new blog series I'm a part of called The Front Row Writes

Look, we have a logo and everything!

The Front Row is a writing group I belong to, made up of my MFA peers, the ones I walked across the stage with in Januray *sniff*

We're called The Front Row because, shocker, that's where we always sat during lectures and stuff.

Awww - look at these awesome jerks

Anyway, I blog fairly regularly and so do my pals, so were tying a new blog series where we take a topic and write about it.

I took Monday, (because it's super easy for me to blog on Mondays) and the theme this time is WHERE WE WRITE.

I used to write kind of all over the place.

Well, I used to write on the couch with my laptop and my pups on either side of me. It was great. But also distracting because the TV was right there and sometimes Brother plays video games.

And, I mean, I can write while watching TV or video games, I just am not very prolific when all that's going on.

And over the last 5 or so years, I've gotten away from writing on the weekends (unless I really have time (which, let's get serious, I never have time for anything anymore. I am busy busy busy)) and I pretty much never write in the evenings (I think the last time I did serious evening writing was in 2009, the first time I did NaNo. I would come home from work, sit on the couch and punch out my 1600 words. But that was back when I had a 1.5 hour commute (one way) so a lot has changed since then)

So now, I pretty much do all my writing at my desk.

Which is good. I love my desk.

I've talked before about how it's an uplift, so I can raise it up to stand if I want.
But it also has a ton of space. I have my little netbook on there, to keep my gmail open (this is a habit I developed during my years of querying and it has stuck fast) my current notebook for whatever novel I'm working on, knick knacks (of course) and a box to the right which is filled both with used notebooks and folders, as well as brand new notebooks and folders for whenever I need one.

Also, the windows are great (except for when it's really cold in the winter, or when the sun hits the screen during a certain time of year) because I can watch the birds at the birdfeeders.

So, yeah. That's my writing space!

Here's the schedule for the rest of the Front Rower's posts:

Tuesday: Josh
Wednesday: Zack
Thursday: Jessica
Friday: Brita
Saturday: Jennifer
Sunday: Anna

Monday, April 18, 2016

In Which I Did An Awesome Reading

Man, it's finally getting warm here and that is so awesome. Put all the plants outside, got the patio furniture out, set up the fountain and might have to think about mowing the lawn next weekend.

Good Times.

Last Sunday I did a reading for Second Story.

Second Story is this great series held at a local writing center here in the Twin Cities called The Loft (it's an awesome place and I'll be teaching a teen class there this summer and I'm SO EXCITED.)

Second Story takes an established author and a newbie author (me this time) and pairs them up. They do a reading, then there's a Q&A and then themed snacks and a signing.

The best part is, it's offered free of charge. And when I started attending the Second Story readings a few years ago, I desperately wanted to be invited to be a reader one day.

And then that day arrived!

I was paired up with author S.A. Bodeen who writes great books about survival situations (being trapped in a compound, being trapped on a raft at sea, getting kidnapped. Check her out, her books are great!)


I even got my own reserved parking space! (I was going to get a pic of that, but forgot)

The reading was fun. I tried something new and read an action scene and that went well. Then I signed books, and after everything I hung out with some friends to do some writing, then we went to a bar across the street for some snacks.

One more check off the bucket list!

How have you awesome peeps been?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Fun

Here we are, ape-friends, the first Friday Fun in April. Soon, soon summer will be here once more and we'll be warm and happy.

This is not what I meant

Until then, let's have some fun!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday Weird: Colorado Flying Men

So, San Luis Valley, Colorado, is a bit of a hotspot in regards to weird things. Lots (so many) UFO sightings, ghosts, Prairie Dragons (I gots to write a WW about those) as well as Thunderbird sightings so it's not much of a surprise that it's also home to the Colorado Flying Men.

It's going to be a bit of a short post today just because there's not actually that much out there about the Colorado flying men, outside of people saying the same few things.

Dozens of witnesses have seen the same thing over, something that they say is a cross between Mothman and Dracula.

(I realize now that I haven't yet written a WW on Mothman yet, so I'll have to rectify that in the future. It would be a big post, though)

Anyway, what they've seen in the skies over San Luis Valley are flying men. Men, flapping with large, membranous wings, and making high pitched hissing or screeching sounds.

Some of the witnesses, too, are considered reliable, including policemen and local government workers,

Not a pic of a SLV flying man but instead of a sighting in Morelos

Over 2 dozen of the creatures have been spotted over the years, soaring above the valley in few view of witnesses.

Thoughts or Theories?

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