Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday Weird Call For Submissions!

So, I have an issue.

My laptop crapped out. That is to say, it no longer works with the internet. It's an old computer (I actually blogged about getting it alllll the way back in 2009) and it's been on its last legs for awhile.

I came back from my cabin a few weeks ago and the wireless option is just completely gone.
And because I'm saving money to buy a house, I can't just hop out and buy a new one.

It's not the end of the world because I have my netbook (which is also rough going, but it'll do) but the biggest problem is, almost all of my Wednesday Weird post ideas and plans were saved as bookmarks on my laptop. And because I'm dumb, I didn't back the up anywhere else.

So, yeah. Hence why there hasn't been a WW for a few weeks (and why April has been a crap month for blogging for me. I almost always blog on my laptop)

So what that means, is, until I get my list of WW back up and running, I could use some ideas from you!

Do you have any Weird things you'd like to see my blog about? I've already got a request for Mothman (which I haven't done yet just because there's a fair amount of info to wade through and condense down.)

OR!!! Do you have a weird or strange tale that happened to you personally? I would love to host you as a guest for a Wednesday Weird! I LOVE personal spooky or strange tales more than anything, so if you're sitting on anything like that, I would be my utter delight to host you.

Tell me all your spooky tales!

Anyway, I hope to hear from you either way! And do not fret - this is not the end of WW - it may just be a bit of a hiatus while I get back on my feet.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Stephanie Faris has been posting weird stuff for the Challenge. So was JH Moncrieff until she had to quit. (She posted last year as well.) Might find some good ideas there.

Nicola said...

I'll have a think about more weird stuff that has happened to me and let you know. Hope you have a great week. Sorry to hear about your laptop.

Rena said...

Oh, I have one, but I'll have to wait for some things to calm down before I go jumping into more trouble.

(also finished your book this morning! Great stuff!)

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