Monday, November 1, 2010

Show Your Space Blogfest

The wonderful, funny, awesome (sexy?) Summer is hosting her first blogfest, a Show Your Writing Space blogfest!

I hopped on that right away, because I love to see where people write (it's along the same lines of why we like to visit open houses and the parade of homes. We love to see the inside of other's homes.)

(On a side note, we checked out an open house on Saturday. Besides being amazingly awesome and making our house look like shit for the same cost, the next door neighbors had a pet fox. For reals. We saw it out in a kennel. The realtor said it lives in the house with them and their small children as well. No fooling, a real fox. Weird)

Back on topic.

I have two writing spaces. One where I do any sort of hand writing (like outlines and editing) and where I make changes on existing pieces. Then I have a space where I actually hunker down and do my writing (like for NaNo).

Here's the actual "sit on my ass and write space":

You can see Miss Bee always has to be close. Often times George will also sit on the other side, but in this picture he's on the right, in that nest of blankets and pillows he created.

It's no big deal. Just a couch, my laptop, my dogs and a TV to the left (I can write and watch TV at the same time. I just get more writing done if the TV is off)

Here's my other writing space, the "editing and outlining space"

This is actually my workspace for my job for "huge health insurance corporation". They let me work from home, and actually provided the furniture.

You can see Yvie's bed on the left where she spends most her time during the day. Tula's bed is on the right.

Here's a close up of the desk.

The notebook on the right is for work. As is the phone and headset. The next one is all that's left for me to line edit on foxfire. The pile to the left of that is the chunk of Foxfire that has been edited but hasn't been updated on the digital copy. Then the huge pile of notebooks contains my blog notebook, My Foxfire notebooks, my short story notebook and a new notebook for NaNo 2010. Then my CDs behind that.

So that's pretty much it, in a nutshell (every time I say "nutshell" I think of the Alice in Chains song by that title. Oh man, SUCH a great song. Check it out when you have some time)

Now, I'm off to check out everyone else's spaces!



Unknown said...

That looks like a great space to write. I just sort of sit down anywhere and hopefully will be able to write.

Good luck with nano.

Summer Frey said...

Oh, I love them! Your work space bank of windows is awesome!

And that couch looks so comfortable. I'd definitely end up falling asleep instead of writing. :)

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous desk and windows, and I love all that natural light. It's so much fun to see where people work/write!

Ann said...

Such an organized desk...oh my good for you. I would not be able to write with the telly on...I must have Mozart or Bach or the such. Classical music just seems to soothe my jittery brain.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Cheree - i need to be a person of habit if i really want to tap into the creativity

Summer - unfortunately the one window right in front of me doesn't close all the way, so even with plastic over it in the winter, it's still super drafty. BUT there is a birdfeeder outside!

Nicole - it IS fun! I love to peek into people's homes

Ann - oh yeah, music is always better to write by. BUT, if someone else is watching tv or something, i can still get writing done after years of practice

Unknown said...

I love looking at other writer's work spaces too! Makes me glad nobody has asked me since my butt is usually sitting in a ratty old recliner that we need to replace. :)

Mara Nash said...

OMG, you have WINDOWS! I would kill for a view of any kind. I'm in the basement dungeon, no windows, cement floor. I'm so jealous of everyone's pretty spaces. Mine's blech. *sigh*

The Words Crafter said...

Oooooooo, the windows!!!!!! I absolutely cannot write with the tv on. In high school, I could do all my homework with the tv and a radio on. What happened? Miss Bee is so cute!

Gotta get busy for nano! Good luck!!!

Lola Sharp said...

Love that desk spot with all the window viewage.
You're so organized.

You have a 'blog notebook'?? Man, I'm a slacker.

A FOX??? That *is* weird.

I lov Alice in Chans, and that song. :)

Happy Nov. 1st!!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Janel - yeah, but i bet that recliner is super comfy...

Mara - the windows are nice, but also sometimes they are distracting

Crafter - ahhh highschool. The time of multitasking heroes

Lola - mostly the blog notebook is for friday fun words, but also occasionally a blog post idea or two.

Lydia Kang said...

I love seeing other people's writing spaces! Looks like you've got a good system going here!

Austin Gorton said...

I'm jealous of your view. I have a nice view from my downstairs when I'm writing/working from home, but there's no way to get a nice, constant look at like you do.

I totally need to get one of those couch desk/table thingees. I can write while I watch Tv too, but if I'm on the couch, my laptop heats up my legs and I have to fight off pets, whereas sitting at the kitchen table gets hella uncomfortable after awhile.

C R Ward said...

Your spaces are awesome! That's pretty cool to have one space for writing and one for editing.

Your dogs are cute too!

Katie Anderson said...

Love those huge windows over your desk - though I feel that they might be a little bit distracting! (I seem to waste hours staring out of windows when I should be being productive...!)

Hope you're enjoying the blog hop, I am :)

Hannah said...

I wish I had windows to look out when I'm writing. I can't wait until I move so that I can redesign my workspace. I would prefer to sit on the couch with my laptop but my keyboard is broken so I have to use a cordless one. Le sigh. Not so easy to transport.

Talli Roland said...

Wow, so much light! Gorgeous space!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Lydia - i think it looks and sounds more like a system than it is. It's just whatever works easiest for me

Teebore - you should just pick a lapdesk up at the Barne. You can get pretty cheap ones or nice ones. They make it so much easier

C R - thanks! and it didn't start out like that, but it is what it is

Katie - oh they definitely can be a distraction. Especially when cute dogs walk by

Hannah - what the heck is a cordless keyboard?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE seeing people's writing spaces! And yay Nano!!

Southpaw said...

I like your two spaces. They seem like opposites allowing you to work where it feels right.

Melissa said...

I like your writing space. I need to get one of those wood tables where I can rest my computer!

C. N. Nevets said...

All the wood finishes would make me feel all authory all the time. :)

Jennifer Hoffine said...

Aww! Love the puppy! So cute.

Hannah said...

You've never seen a cordless keyboard?? Weirdo.

Hart Johnson said...

I love the Yvie equipped space! Looks great! She just makes me happy.

Len Lambert said...

Hello Sarah! I love your windows!!! What an awesome writing space!!! :) Thanks for sharing. I'm now following your blog! :)

Unknown said...

Love the windows... love the space... love the dog.

Just Another Sarah said...

I like the coloring! Very nice space.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Kristy - me too!

Holly - yeah i guess it just kind of worked out that way

Melissa - the lap desks are awesome and totall worth it. You can typically get both cheap and nice ones at Barnes and Noble

Nevets - huh. I never thought about that before. I will have to try and take in the wood more

Jennifer - thanks. She likes to "help" me write

Hannah - nope. Also, i don't know why that would be an issue for the above problem

Hart - LOL on "Yvie equipped". And she definitely has that affect on people

Len - thanks! And thanks for dropping by!

Jen - yeah i have to say the best part about the writing space is the dog

Sarah - we like the colors too. They were like that when we moved in and we voted to leave it

Roxy said...

I love your desk and windows. It's a perfect spot to be inspired. (The adorable dogs are also a big plus!)

Luna said...

Beautiful space! Miss Bee is so adorable...:)

Good luck with NaNoWriMo!

Jamie Gibbs said...

Very nice :D I love the amount of light you get in your 'hunker' room :) I wish my spaces were as organised :P

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