Monday, January 6, 2014

In Which I Look Back At 2013 Goals

Another year, another list of goals met or failed.

Looking back at this time last year, these were the goals I'd made for myself for 2013:

2013 GOALS

  1. Revise All That Remains
  2. Query All That Remains
  3. Take at least one writing class before querying ATR
  4. Start another novel
  5. Lose weight
  6. Read 62 books
  7. Revise Break Free (again)
  8. Seriously consider getting my MFA

1. CHECK (mostly). So I did revise the crap out of it. Then I started sending it out. But, as these things work, I'm back to doing some revisions on it. All for good, exciting reasons, but still.

2. CHECK. I did indeed start querying ATR. On Halloween as a matter of fact. It's going really well, though I did take a short hiatus over December and probably won't start again until after my residency (or maybe not until I hear back from some agents. We'll see)

3. DOUBLE CHECK. I took 2 classes this year, a YA novel class and an advanced children's writing workshop. I met some great new people which has been one of the best parts of the classes

4. CHECK-ISH. I've written 15 pages on my next WIP. So, not a lot, but still. It counts I guess.

5. UNSURE Probably I should have written down my starting weight somewhere... But probably I haven't lost anything significant

6. HUGE CHECK I smashed my goal out of the water. As of writing this post I've read 103 books and I'm on schedule to finish 1 or 2 more before 2013 closes out.

7. CHECK It was just a small revision, but I still got it done.

8. BIG CHECK I considered it hard, applied and was accepted. My first semester and residency begins on Thursday, the 9th. I'm so excited! My workshop faculty for the 10 day residency includes Anne Ursu, which will be awesome. And I'm excited to see who I get paired up with for a mentor.

So, looking at all that, it seems 2013 was pretty successful. I have to think on some goals for 2014 (and the next few days/weeks could change things one way or another) but once I get back from the residency I'll make my 2014 goals list.

How about you? Did you meet your 2013 goals? Are you making goals for 2014?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If you didn't write it down, then it can't be denied either, can it? I'd say a perfect score!

Maria Zannini said...

You outdid yourself in 2013. Well done. Congratulations!

Slamdunk said...

Congrats on a successful 2013, Sarah. Your #8 is very impressive and I hope you have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I am so impressed by your reading rate! Especially as you've fit so much writing in too - I normally only really get deeply into reading (as in more than a novel every few weeks) when I'm between projects. Respect!


Matthew MacNish said...

I've been trying to lose weight and I don't even own a scale. That's kind of silly, I suppose.

On everything else: CONGRATS!

Hart Johnson said...

Excellent job on those goals! Well done and congrats! (though yes, any goal about change, you DO need to record where you start)...

Jennifer Kirkeby said...

Way to go, Sarah!

Jennifer Kirkeby said...

Way to go, Sarah!

Colleen Muske said...

I'm just chalking 2013 up to experience and moving on. I'm happy yours went so much better! Although our class WAS excellent :)

Nate Wilson said...

Wow, 7 (or perhaps 8) out of 8. That's a fantastic year. Congratulations, Sarah! (And by "congratulations," of course I mean "damn you for making the rest of us look bad.")

Sarah Foster said...

Wow, congrats on getting so much done!

Crystal Collier said...

Super awesome! Way to work like a bulldozer! Here's to an amazing 2014, packed full of cheese.

Patti said...

One year losing weight will not be one of my resolutions. I haven't made any specific goals. Just general. I'm waiting a while to see which ones I'll break down and really focus on.

Ninja Girl said...

Congrats on meeting/smashing the crap out of your goals lol!!! That's awesome. And also good luck with your residency; I can't wait to hear more about it :).
Ninja Girl

Elizabeth Twist said...

Wonderful goal-smashing! Good show. I got a lot of stuff done this year, most of it more writing-fundamental than writing-to-put-stuff-out-there, which sounds lame but I felt like I needed it. Can't wait to do more with marketing and completing stuff, which will be major focuses (foci?) this year.

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