Monday, February 2, 2015

In Which I Make New Yearly Goals

Last week I wrote about my goals I accomplished. Which means it's time for some new 2015 goals!

Yes, we're in to February already, and probably I should have made goals before this point.

But HAHA!! I DID make goals before this point! I just didn't have a chance to write them up, yet. Until today that is.


1. Write not one, but TWO novels! *GASP*. Yes, this is a pretty big goal to reach for. BUT, I think it's doable. One, because I have to write book 2 for HarperTeen in the next few months here. And 2, because I'm going to be working on a MG fantasy for school. The kicker is whether I'll be able to actually write all of that MG fantasy, but I guess that's what we'll find out.

2. Read 100 books. Yes I read 140 books last year, but I also had my MFA reading list I was completing and a lot of those books were picture books and graphic novels or shorter kidlit. Now that I'm done with the reading list, will I be able to still hit 100? (I can tell you that the year has started out slowly, anyway)

3. Buy a standing desk. You know, the kind that you can transform into standing or sitting. I've been thinking about one for awhile, and then a few months ago I was like "what am I waiting for?" I sit too much during the day, so hopefully this will help. Also I can take my current desk, which is very nice and sturdy, and give it to twin so we can throw out her computer desk (which is the old rickety desk that also used to be mine) But the standing desks are not cheap. And it's not easy to switch out furniture in our office

4. At least partially re-do the upstairs bathroom. Our medicine cabinet has the lights for the bathroom and room for four bulbs. But it's old, and every time a bulb burns out, we're either unable to get the bulb out, get a new bulb in, or if we do, it no longer works. Of the 4 original lights that work, we are done to one. As soon as that bulb burns out, well, it's time to get a new medicine cabinet and light fixture. And if we're going to do that we might as well get a new vanity to match, etc. We should also reeeeeally do a new, updated floor, but that's a bigger commitment that involves tile and I dunno if it's something we really want to commit to at this point.

5. Try really hard to teach a query writing workshop for my MFA. This is a bit of a cheap goal because it's kind of out of my hands since I'm not in charge of scheduling. All I can do is keep expressing my interest to the powers that be and hope they put me on. (On the plus side, it seems likely it'll happen at some point, but we'll see. You never know how scheduling can go)

And that's pretty much it.

How about you? What are some of your goals for 2015?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Seems odd a standing desk would be more expensive. Unless they are charging for the taller legs.
Two books - you can write them!

Elana Johnson said...

Those are amazing goals! I'm sure you can get your words down and read all your books! Go you!

Josh said...

Do you have a picture of the standing desk you're going to get? My biggest goal in life is having an office to do my writing in. I keep getting these prints to put on my office wall, but I don't have an office.

Also, I hope you get to teach that query class. I want to go to it.

Hart Johnson said...

Sounds like a good set of goals! Best of luck! Those kangaroo desks are sounding like a better and better idea to me. I sit WAY too much...

David P. King said...

I really want to look into this standing desk idea. Maybe even those treadmill desks. But first, I need a treadmill... :)

Maria Zannini said...

I like those standing desks.

Back when I had a pinched nerve I used to prop up my monitor and keyboard on a box and work standing up. This was long before it was trendy and my office mates always gave me odd looks. LOL.

Luckily, I'm short, so I didn't have to raise my computer very high.

Rena said...

Funny you mention the standing desk, I am literally in talks with my SO about doing the staning desk thing. I'm very excited.

Zan Marie said...

Good luck on your big goals! Mine are entering a few contests, polish my WIP, and find an agent. Yeek!
Thanks for dropping my my blog on Blitz Day!

Stephen Tremp said...

2014 was filled with all kinds of bad things. So I've declared 2015 the Year Of Steve. My goals are to be a smashing success in every endeavour, or come as close as I possibly can.

And thanks for stopping by today!

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