Monday, October 4, 2010

In Which The Fest Is Over

October is an awesome month for many different reasons. Halloween, fall, pumpkins etc., etc.

One sad thing about October, though, is that it signals the end of the MN Renaissance Festival season. Sad boosh.

So for this week, my posts will be full of photos of the awesomeness that is the Renfest. I will be posting Monday-Friday this week in order to fit it all in.

Today, I will showcase the delicious, delicious food, since it's Monday and I'd rather look at nummy pics than do work or whatever.

Because we go every weekend we have plenty of time to try tons of different foods. There are a few things we get every time (cheese curds, berries and cream) but in general we zazz it up every weekend.

Onto the food pics!

beer cheese soup in a bread bowl. A staple on any cooler days

turkey leg

Florentine ice. It will make your lips red

beef on weck. Twin and I don't like it, but Brother gets it a few times a year

scotch egg. YUM

banger sausage

berries and cream. I wish I had some right now

fried cauliflower and mushrooms

cheese curds. drooooool. I like these better than the MN State Fair curds, regardless of what Hannah says on her blog

spinach pie. I eat this every weekend and this year I bought a whole pie, frozen, to eat later this winter

ribs. We just found these this year. DELICIOUS

roasted boar. SO. GOOD.

Chicken on a stick.

Tomorrow, the awesome costumes that can be found


Maria Zannini said...

Damn the calories. I am so hungry.

Our state fair started last week. Our Renaissance fair is in May.

I'll have to get my turkey leg at the state fair.

Hannah said...

BAH! Cheese curds are far FAR better at the fair!!

And why does the berries and cream look like 1000 times better this year than last year!! NO FAIR!!!

mmmmm, spinach pie. I lurve spinach.

Emily White said...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It all looks good!

Lola Sharp said...


I love eating the turkey legs...I feel all barbaric. Plus they're yummy. (minus all the tendons)

Anne Ahiers said...

i feel like there are other things to eat that you didn't post pics of...

oh, popover with honey butter
and turtle on a stick
apple tart

Sarah Ahiers said...

Maria - aww, May would be an awesome time for a renfest! But sometimes May is still cold here

Hannah - berries and cream was so good this year. And i don't know if you've had Renfest curds enough times to make a fair assessment

Emily - food is so delicious. I LOVE IT

Alex - oh it is. I already miss it

Lola - yeah we had one this year that was by far the tastiest but it also had the most tendons. Sad

Anne - i don't know why i didn't get turtle on a stick since we get that almost every time.

Unknown said...

We went to the Ren fest here in Michigan for the first time yesterday. Sadly, we didn't try any of the food. We were too distracted by the sights and sounds and, oh yeah, the MUD! It had rained Saturday, so everything was so muddy and slippery and messy! We'll have to go again next year!

Tara said...

*drool* I. Am. So. Hungry.

I may have to google a recipe for that beer/cheese soup. Yum.

Talli Roland said...


You have made me SO hungry! Awesome photos!

Summer Frey said...

I haven't had breakfast yet....uhhh...

We're going to the North Carolina RenFest in 2 weeks; I can't WAIT to gorge!

Southpaw said...

This was a yummy post!

Kelsey (Dominique) Ridge said...

I now crave a florentine's ice.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Meika - ooh yeah, we have that problem occasionally with our fest as well. So much mud...

Tara - it is by far the best beer cheese soup evah!

Talli - i've made myself ravenously hungry as well

Summer - OOH! Take pictures if you think of it! I love to see other renfests!

Holly - it was yummy food too!

Dominique - at this point, i'd eat pretty much anything

Sage Ravenwood said...

I haven't been to the Renfaire in years. Your pictures made me drool. (Hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...

Now I'm hungry. The berries and cream look delicious!

DL Hammons said...

I think I just gained five pounds reading this post!!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Indigo - yeah, i'm sure there's a lot of drooling happening right now

Kelly - oooh they're so good! Blue berries and strawberries mixed with nummy cream and topped with whip cream and chocolate. SO GOOD

Mr Lonely - i'll check you out

DL - yes, the weigth gain is an unfortunate side effect. Is it worth it? Yes. Yes it is.

JournoMich said...

Wow! That is some serious food! I had no idea so many crazy-yummies could be found at a Renaissance Fair.

Thanks for sharing.


Austin Gorton said...

For whatever reason, I don't eat as much at Renfest (unless I'm doing Feast, at which point I eat until I explode).

I get my soup if it's chilly and a few other things, but I haven't explored all the culinary avenues you have. I'll have to rectify that.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Michele - so many delicious foods!

Teebore - well it's easier when you go every weekend. It's not like we eat that stuff all in one day. Typically i get my roaste boar, spinach pie and berry's and cream and that's it. Often we split soup and curds and stuff between the three of us

Matthew MacNish said...

I can't believe I missed this. I love the food there but never saw some of these. That roasted boar looks especially tantalizing.

Lots less stuff on a stick than at the state fair too.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Matt - yeah, less sticks, more eat with your hands. The roasted Boar is only at one stand and it is DELICIOUS

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