Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In Which We Find Awesome Costumes

Today I continue with my MN Renfest posts. For the post regarding all the delicious food, check out yesterday's post

The MN and the TX Renfests are the biggest in the nation. One has the most land and one has the most attendance. I forget which one has which. Either way, both are awesomely huge.

One of the best things about the MN Renaissance Festival are the myriad of awesome costumes you can find. I personally own three different costumes, and Twin and Brother each own two.

Typically we just wear our current favorites and use the others to lend to friends who want to go dressed up. Dressing up is awesome because you don't get hassled for "modern clothing" and junk. Also it's fun.

Here we are with our current costumes:

Me, Twin, Brother

I'm always jealous of Twin's ability to look good in hats, and therefore her ability to buy awesome hats.

Twin says "how dares you take a photo of me..."

But she says she gets jealous of my ability to buy awesome hair pieces.

The key to looking really authentic (blending in with those who work there) are the little pieces. For example, here's what I carry on my belt:

my pouch

fox tail

wooden bowl with wooden spoon/fork

wooden mug


here's a close up of the inlay

Here are some pics of street performers and the occasional visitor with fun costumes.

mug shot

the best pickle guy

I rushed over to take a pic of this baby since I love babies in period accurate costumes, and then when I got over there I realized I knew this guy. Hannah, Teebore and I used to work with him at Barnes and Noble. Awkward...

This little girl was too adorable not to take a picture of her


This fairy (one of many...) blows bubbles with her fingers

The king got married this year. This was before the ceremony (held at the renfest, of course)

nose flautist

Brother's eyes look freakishly pale in this pic.

I LOVE this faun!

she really gets into character. But not in a creepy way like some people. More like an adorable way

she (Twig) gets into character in a creepy way. Does she look familiar to you? She should. She's my drunken muse, just sober. To be fair, the kids love her

mud girl

she made it hard to take pictures of her

Beer harpist


Buddy Christ

Buddy death?

The Queen Marm

If you pay this guy $1, he'll kick himself in the back of the head

It's as amazing as it sounds

That's all for now - tomorrow, the myriad animals that can be found


Cruella Collett said...

LOVE these pictures! I got to go to one of these things in Maryland last year, and it was absolutely AWESOME. I'd like to go back sometime, and to have more time there (and, if I get a little braver, to go in costume).

We should have more of these things in Europe...

Maria Zannini said...

Terrific pictures!

I think there are two Renfests in Texas. I used to go to the one outside Houston all the time, but there's also one in north Texas (May, I think.)

The most 'interesting' character I ever saw at a Renfest was a man in a leather loincloth. A very SKIMPY loincloth. He wore a leather cape too, but when he strutted, it didn't hide much.

He caused such a stir wherever he went that security finally asked him to leave.

Much female sighing and cursing ensued.

Hannah said...

Damnit!! I'm totally rocking my costume next year. Sigh. And my hat!! The hat!!!! OMG!

You took some awesome pictures! How is every shot clear and colorful? If it were me taking the pictures, you would have thought your drunken muse stole the camera.

You guys look like had fun...as usual.

Christi Goddard said...

I'm a Rennie, through and through, as is my whole family. Up at my dad's place, there's this bedroom that's devoted to nothing but Ren clothes and accessories. In Texas, there's several Ren faires, just some are more popular than others. Texas Ren Faire (TRF) starts this weekend, I think, and it's the biggest. I can't go for a couple weeks yet, so I'm not sure when 'opening weekend' is. My family (parents, 3 sisters and their kids and husbands, my own lot) drags down camping trailers and we stay on the property all weekend. The faire ends each day with a firework display, then we all go out to the campgrounds and play drums, blow fire, and dance around a giant blaze like a bunch of imps. It's great fun.

Anonymous said...


That is all.

Oh, and I could also use one of those wooden mugs, just in case I happen to stumble across someone tapping a keg randomly in the street sometime. That would be awesome. :D

Now that is all (I think).

Misha Gerrick said...

Renfests sound so awesome! I wish I could go to one.


Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

That looks like so much fun! Now I'm even more excited to go to the Annapolis RenFest in a few weeks :) :)

Emily White said...

Great pics! That guy playing the flute with his nose was a little disturbing, though. I hope that isn't an instrument he shares... :o

Anne Ahiers said...

@ Christi- i don't think we have fireworks, but there's definately a drum fest at closing every night with lots of drunken dancing and fireblowing

@Maria- that sounds hilarious. I think the craziest costume i've ever seen was the woman with the giant cock codpiece. It stuck out like 3 feet from her groin. I kept thinking- what are you trying to say with this outfit?

Sarah Ahiers said...

Cruella - i'm surprised europe doesn't. I mean, it's not like the US actually had a renaissance

Maria - HAH! Was he attractive? I hope so. I'd say there's a high percentage of man candy at ours. which is a plus

Hannah - next year fo sho you have to come. And the pictures look good because i own an expensive camera that makes it look like i know what i'm doing

Christi - we'd love to do that, but we can't justify spending the whole weekend there when we have work during the week. Also Twin works on Sundays. Sigh

Simon - i thought you'd appreciate the flask. They come in many different sizes and different inlays. I wanted one for years and finally spent the money a few years ago. i totes love it

Misha - if you ever get the chance, go. It's totally worth it. Many a story have come out of me spending time there

Sara - oooh! Exciting! You should take pics and tell us how it is

Emily - yeah it's a little creepy. And he does it all the time

Anne - if you spell "definitely" with an "A", you're definitely an a-hole

Summer Frey said...

I'm not one for costume wearing at these, but I would SO wear that faun costume if I could find it! So COOL!!!

We're going to one in NC next weekend, and I'm really excited! I haven't been since I was a little kid. They're always in the dead of summer here, which is hell, but the NC one should be nice and cool!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Summer - yeah, ours starts in august so we typically have a few days in the high 90s, and those days suck. But if you're lucky an early fall gets you a couple weekends in the 60s, and that's AWESOME.
Take and post pics!

yokohamamama said...

Thanks for posting so many awesome photos! I've never gotten to go to a renfest (big pouty lip), but it was fun to vicariously experience one through your pics. It's a good thing I wasn't drinking coffee when I scrolled down to Buddy Jesus...:)) Oh--*loved* your gorgeous hair ornament! That's the only thing I miss from time to time about not having long hair--cool hair ornaments like that (more pouty lip). *So* glad I didn't miss this post!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Yokohama - yeah, but i bet with your short hair you could wear some awesome hats! Which makes me super jealous

Austin Gorton said...

You just had to put up a picture of Twig, didn't you?

Was that Ben with the baby? Like...the Ben who used to "hang out" in the Annex a lot?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Some of the ladies were rather sexy in their costumes.
The guy with a flute up his nose was not attractive, though.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Love the pictures! You must have had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, with a new family addition, this year I won't be able to go to the Pa Ren Faire so I'm already thinking about next year's.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Teebore - yep. it was. Kinda freaked me out. I hadn't seen him there in a few years so i thought maybe he didn't work there anymore

Alex - yes there's plenty of eye candy of all genders

Nicole - next year can't come soon enough!

Matthew MacNish said...

Oh my god. I am SO jealous. I really miss MN and Renfest. I also love your costumes, especially Brother's but also especially your accessories. One thing is needed though: more weapons.

Unknown said...

Fantastic pics!! My daughter was surprised to see another person playing a recorder with his nose. (She thought she was the only one!) And I loved the quilt under those flasks (:D) and Buddy Christ (<-- too funny!!)

Thanks for sharing!

Lola Sharp said...

We go every year to the Pa renn faire...it's a fabulously fun FREAK SHOW!! I've never seen a faun before. Her costume (the shoe-hooves!) is badass.

And you're right, it's the little accoutrements that make the costumes look real. (we don't dress up...too hot here, and too lazy.)

Nostril flute dude is SKEEVY.

Lola Sharp said...

We go every year to the Pa renn faire...it's a fabulously fun FREAK SHOW!! I've never seen a faun before. Her costume (the shoe-hooves!) is badass.

And you're right, it's the little accoutrements that make the costumes look real. (we don't dress up...too hot here, and too lazy.)

Nostril flute dude is SKEEVY.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Matt - we have some weapons, we're just too lazy to get them peace tied so we tend to leave them at home

Nicole - LOL that's just my summer bedspread. Soon it will have to be put away for the winter one

Lola - I would love to see some pics. And yeah, that faun is rocking. And she's effing adorable up close with all these cute freckles

Austin Gorton said...

@Falen: we have some weapons, we're just too lazy to get them peace tied so we tend to leave them at home

Lazy? They tie them for you at the door. All you have to do is stand there. And after having it done once, you could just leave them tied for the season.

Christine Danek said...

I love Renfestivals. So much fun. Love buddy Christ. I cracked up. Looks like fun and what a nice day.

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, these are fantastic! I love them all, though the Queen Marm is possibly my favorite *snort*

Love all your accessories--you're right, they do make the costume.

Southpaw said...

That is an awesome hat but I do love the pretty hair piece too. Great costumes.

mamasmental said...

Thats it!! Next year family King will be visiting you for Renfest to dress up as a fairy a centaur and an historically accurate baby... choose which order you think we'll come as!!!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Teebore - pshaa, not always. Sometimes they peace tie them to your belt. Also, they always have to check over you, even if they're already peace tied. It's just easier to say "no weapons"

Christine - Jesus is pretty awesome. We see him a couple times a year. Sometimes he walks around with a Cardinal

Hart - Quuen Marm is awesome. He/She often has her dressed accidentally tucked into the back of her bloomers

Holly - yeah i love her hat

She Ra - HAH! I want charlie to be the Centaur and you to be the fairy. Which only leaves one costume...

Nate Wilson said...

I've never been to a Renaissance Festival of any sort, but I did attend a wedding that looked much like your photos. (There were fewer hand puppets, but more weapons and a boa constrictor.)

Excellent pictures, Falen!

Anonymous said...

I want to go to a Ren Faire! I've never been, but am convinced I would love it.

You all have such great costumes. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Nate - HAH! That sounds like an awesome wedding

Kelly - i'm sure you would love it too! There's very little not to love

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